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Saturday Down South Weighs In On UK’s Quarterbacks


With fall practice under way and the official start of the college football season just a few weeks away, the inevitable chatter of fall has begun. Not only are fans already plotting plans for road-trips and snatching up their season tickets, but they’re also giving their take on who should start at quarterback for their favorite squad. Fans around the Bluegrass are no different, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have their preference on who should be starting quarterback for the Cats. Jon Cooper of Saturday Down South has an opinion too, and he let it be known today in his SEC QB Battles article.

Kentucky: Jalen Whitlow vs. Max Smith vs. Patrick Towles

Mark Stoops and Neal Brown aren’t singling out any of the quarterbacks competing for the job. The Cats scrimmage this week, and Stoops said he’d have a better idea post-scrimmage. Nonetheless, Jalen Whitlow looks like the quarterback for this team. He’s the best athlete of the main three, and he gives the offense the best chance to move the ball in its current state. He looked solid during Fan Day practice last week. We’ll wait to hear more from Stoops this week.

Cooper, among a growing number of others, believes that Whitlow will be the guy going forward for Kentucky. His entire article, which compares the quarterback situations for a variety of teams in the SEC, can be found here.

Article written by Jonathan Schuette

19 Comments for Saturday Down South Weighs In On UK’s Quarterbacks

  1. Jeff Garlin
    8:36 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    I wonder if any of these QB’s transfer if they’re not QB1

  2. Joe B
    8:52 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    Agree about Whitlow. To these untrained eyes, though, based on the Blue White game and Fan Day, Phillips looks to be the second best quarterback.

  3. deWildcat
    8:54 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    Transfer??? To the big time? Alabama, LSU or to EKU? Morehead State?

  4. bigbluelush
    9:06 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink


  5. hmm
    9:06 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    I thought towles was suppose to be bigtime? What happened to him?

  6. whitlow
    9:18 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    After last season, I can’t see how this guy will be a superstar…sorry

  7. Kyphil
    9:29 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    Lsu vs uk football game (07)!!! I was there!

  8. niaps
    9:34 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    The coaches are there everyday and see who moves the team best. The receiver position must be really in bad shape if we are to have a basically runnng QB. The run game is fine but run oriented teams are not top tier teams. Gotta have a very efficient QB throwing the ball and a QB running is not effective throwing the ball. Also who backs up Whitlow? All the other QBs are pocket passers and the offense changes totally from what the offense practices most.

  9. real talk
    9:47 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    Wonder way people want to say Whitlow can only run when hes out passing all the QBs all spring and camp. Whitlow did not go to spring last yr came in camp with only few weeks with no reps with ones or twos and from a running offense in high school out played passing highly recruited QBs Towles and Morgan. Sanders had a two yr learning curve offense and he didnt fold. Max had two yrs in offense. Whitlow is out passing Max and all the others all spring and camp by all on lookers. Whitlow is about to set some records so get behind him people

  10. Fanfan
    9:52 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    Why is he out passing everyone if hes a running QB. So that running QB threw for 200 yards in a quarter and a half in spring. Was the sharpest and most accurate. Guess they are all running QBs.

  11. cracka
    9:52 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    there’s not a lot from any of the 3 from last year to look at, but smith was 68.7% and whitlow was only 54% … I want an accurate qb more than an athlete to run the air raid … in neal brown I trust, though … can’t wait to run petrino’s boys outta nashvegas

  12. Andy
    10:09 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    How come some ppl have a hard time understanding the term dual threat ? Johnny Manziel, RG3, Colin Kaprernick all are dual threat Qb’s that use their legs if needed, which is what Whitlow has done. He has out passed all the other QB’s and used his feet to pick up yards when the pass was not there. Last year he was thrown into the fire with some lousy coaching but got much needed experience. If Max still has not secured the spot, that means JW is doing something right.

  13. real talk
    10:10 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    Get the stats Whitlow more accurate in spring and camp. More TDs also. WKU is about to ran off the field. We win these games: tenn vandy mizu wku mi-ohio Miss st UL and FL . Maybe South Car or Georgia

  14. real talk
    10:14 pm August 11, 2013 Permalink

    We will beat Florida and UL if we are healthy

  15. BigBlue
    3:54 am August 12, 2013 Permalink

    How is Towles not further along? He was a big recruit.

  16. niaps
    7:28 am August 12, 2013 Permalink

    Ok calm down all. Spring football and even practice now against a weak secondary means little till you get in a real game situation against a real opponent. I am all Whitlow all year long if he is the pick. I really hope his arm is stronger and more accurate than last year as he was really pathetic at passing the ball last year even till the end and he got all the reps for 2 months. Neal Brown knows how to run an offense and UK will score points one way or another.

  17. cdc_uky
    8:56 am August 12, 2013 Permalink

    I think we get 5 wins this year and are well on our way to becoming respected. However, I do not think we will beat FL or UofL. We do not have anywhere near the talent they are bringing to the table this year. Give it a few years and we will be in the mix…

  18. Rqa
    12:07 pm August 12, 2013 Permalink

    #11…Let’s compare apples to apples…

    Max Smith his freshman year completed 84 of 153 (54.9% ) passes 4TDs, 4 INTs 819yds… And lost 109 rushing w/0 TDs.
    Jalen Whitlow as a freshman completed 87 of 161 (54.0% ) passes 3TDs, 2 INTs for 801yds …and gained 206 rushing w/3 TDs.

    You want to compare Smith’s sophomore stats to Whitlow’s freshman stats… most everyone who has seen the two side by side NOW sees Whitlow as the better of the two.

  19. real talk
    2:01 pm August 12, 2013 Permalink

    18 remember Max grey shirted a year to learn the offense. whitlow was a true freshman and no spring. case closed