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Sam Houston State’s Thursday News and Questions


I will admit that I dont know a lot about Sam Houston State. The picture above suggests that it gets very hot on campus, but besides that fact, Sam Houston State is a bit of a mystery to me, both as a college basketball team and a school. The school was of course named after Sam Houston (or at least we hope it is), a 19th century statesman that hold sthe distinction of being the only person in American history to have been the Governor of two DIFFERENT states. In addition, one of our major American cities is named after him (I am guessing it is Seattle), and he is a legend in Texas, much like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. As for the University, it is actually not located in Houston, but rather in Huntsville, Texas. It has very few famous alumni, but the two that do exist are legendary. Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather and WWF professional wrestler, “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn, are both graduates of Sam Houston State and are known to spend many holidays together due to their common interests. And if you arent down with Sam Houston State coming into Rupp Arena, well I got two words for you….

Because we have pretty much gone over the news of the day extensively already on the site, here are the five questions that will be worth following through the day:

1. What Will Tobias Harris Do?:

This question has likely already been answered, even as the general public has not been given official word as of yet. The 2010 recruit had to have his LOI sent in by tonight, so chances are the schools already know where Tobias is headed. But for the rest of us, Harris is supposed to announce tomorrow on that awful ESPNU show that I will not watch no matter how much you make me. A number of sources have claimed today that Harris is down to Tennessee, Kentucky and Syracuse and it looks as if the smart money is on Tennessee. He took a surprise visit there for their bludgeoning of the Mexican Jewish national…I mean UNC-Asheville and thus most believe that is his likely final destination. Nevertheless, no one has said definitively and UK still wants him…so we shall see. We will let you know as soon as there is news to report and if it doesnt link before the tv show (which it will), you can watch it and tell me what happens.

2. What Does Calipari’s Doghouse Mean for Dodson?

Most talk today has been about Darnell Dodson and the rumors of his problems within the UK basketball program. While one website claimed he was suspended for a set number of games, Calipari didnt put it that way in his press conference, rather saying that Dodson was in his doghouse and needed to give better effort to see the floor. Whether we will see him against Sam Houston State remains to be seen, but Calipari left the door open on both Dodson and Liggins, and thus one cant say definitively whether either sees the floor. It has become clear that Calipari simply wont talk about player issues to the media, a policy that will frustrate the media, but is probably best for the team. So expect more of the waiting, which as Tom Petty once said, is the hardest part.

3. Will John Wall and Eric Bledsoe Play Well Together?

Because of the oddities of the season and John Wall’s missed two games early, we havent yet seen John Wall and Eric Bledsoe click in the same game. While Wall has seemed to play well in each contest, at least early, Bledsoe has done better when Wall was not playing. For this team to be very good however, both players must play a lot and do well together. They are by far the two most talented players on the perimeter and they are great friends as well, so I expect them to click eventually. But with the potential lack of shooting if Dodson misses Thursday, they need to have a very good game together tonight, so as to make UK’s offense run efficiently. To me, that will be the story of the game Thursday and is the key to a solid performance.

4. Will the Legend of Cobb Grow on Saturday?

It was a major bummer when Papaw Brooks told the media the news that Cobb was questionable for Saturday’s game. While the news probably surprises no one, as Cobb has taken a great deal of punishment this season, it does severely hinder any chance that UK might have of pulling a shocker in Athens. In talking to fans over the last few days, the belief has slowly grown that Georgia could be vulnerable and Kentucky’s relatively good play against Georgia over the past few years, makes an upset well within the realm of possibility. It is hard to imagine winning without Cobb, but it is also hard to imagine him not playing. The guy is a warrior in the best sense of the term and keeping him out of the game would seem to be almost impossible. But wiht the travel day on Friday, his status might be cleared up today and the Big Blue Nation can slowly exhale if need be.

5. Will Cats Pause’s New Blog Feature Put Any Readers to Sleep, Causing Loss of Work Production?

In case you havent seen it yet, the notion of producing news in a “blog format” has been sweeping the other news sites in the past year. After mocking the whole idea of “blogs” for our first three years of existence, now these news organizations have come to the dark side and realized that if you cant mock into submission, join them. Everyone ranging from your friendly hometown Lexington Herald to the best UK news from South of the Border have fiddled with “blogs”, to varying degrees of success. The best of the bunch is probably John Clay’s but somehow mysteriously his link to our site disappeared this past week, so we must now officially give it “Dick Gabriel” status, which means to ignore due to irrelevance, which is a shame since we once truly considered John a friend of the site. The newest entries are those from the writers at the Cats Pause, who are giving “premium” blog content to their subscribers from Darrell Bird and Matt May. I took a glance at the blogs today and found them…well, lets put it this way. Of all the blogs I have ever seen, they sure are two of them. We do however have a helpful suggestion…we will trade you Brian the Intern for an autographed picture of Jeff Drummond straight up. Consider it and get back to us.

More all day as we get ready for a battle against Sam Houston State…..

Article written by Matt Jones