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Russ Smith expected to announce his return today


KSR has friends in the Louisville media and Louisville fan base, believe it or not, and they’re telling us Russ Smith will return for his senior season. Despite Russ Sr. announcing plans for the NBA immediately after the NCAA title game, Smith is expected to announce his return to Louisville today. If and when he does, Louisville will be a Top 3 team in the preseason polls and that game in Rupp Arena will be even bigger than it already is. The Cards will return everyone from the championship team minus Siva and Dieng, with a very good point guard coming in to fill Siva’s shoes.

Is Russdiculous making the right move?

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

169 Comments for Russ Smith expected to announce his return today

  1. Pitino
    10:43 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Yes, I blackmailed him into staying. It only took 15 seconds.

  2. chipper3381
    10:45 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    what move ? he has no move ? the NBA doesn’t want him … not projected to be drafted .. pretty easy to decide when there is only one fork in the road .. he will ship off to Europe after next year .. then end up back in Louisvilel selling Insurance or Real Estate I’m sure ..

  3. Duuuuuuude
    10:45 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    U of Smell will be very good next year. Louisville, Florida, NC, Michigan State…… the entire basketball landscape will be sooooo good next year. As a basketball fan, you have to be excited. I don’t automatically believe we win 40 games, or a championship but I like our chances.

  4. chad spalding
    10:46 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I believe with the often mentioned weakness of the draft, this will be the only chance (a NBA undersized 2 guard) would have to be drafted in the first round

  5. Bobbum man
    10:47 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Don’t see how his stock gets any higher given the talent next year and the fact that he’s a guy who’s too small to play 2 but isn’t a true point and definately has some control issues… I also don’t see him ever getting that high in the draft for said reasons so I think he probably should have gone but doubt he costs himself a ton of money or anything

  6. RealCatsFan
    10:48 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Hard to say if he is making the right personal decision, as that is his business only. If he enjoys the college experience enough to pass on a paycheck next year in the NBA, then good for him. From the angle of his pro career, however, I do not think his draft stock is going to be any higher than it is now. Several potential first round players elected to come back to college this year, so all of those guys will be in the draft next year, plus you will be adding this year’s crop of super freshmen to the list. Unless RP lets him play the point next year (highly unlikely) and he blossoms at that position, he will fall towards the middle or end of the second round next year. Maybe he just wants a “last hurrah” in college before he has to break out that Rosetta Stone!

  7. Russdiculous
    10:49 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Can’t wait to play a home game in Russ Arena vs. UK! Bwahahahaha!

  8. B-man
    10:50 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    2) Kind of agree with you. Russ is not a point guard and he doesn’t have the body for an NBA shooting guard. He will play pro ball overseas somewhere. With that being said, he may as well stay one more year to get a degree…the overseas option will always be there for him. Also, I’m sure that with him returning, he feels the Cards have a chance for a repeat (we know better).

  9. [email protected]
    10:51 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Good, let him come to Rupp so idiot Louisville cans will see that it’s only Russ Arena when he isn’t playing UK. What’s his record in Rupp vs UK? 0-1, tards.

  10. [email protected]
    10:52 am April 24, 2013 Permalink


  11. Forrest
    10:52 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Stupid is as stupid does, sir

  12. H.A. Milton
    10:55 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #7, You really don’t know what you are in for, do you? Condolences. After that game, I only hope you won’t be so emasculated that you aren’t able to set foot on a basketball court again, that would be a shame.

  13. Correction
    10:55 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    We have TWO great point guards coming next year: Rozier/Jones

  14. Jus Sayin
    10:55 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    He is a 22 year old, 6’1 SG coming off a championship season and is projected as a early second round pick in an HISTORICALLY WEAK draft. Bad move… bad, bad move.

  15. Ryne
    10:56 am April 24, 2013 Permalink


  16. Russdiculous
    10:58 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #12 – You think Russ Smith is afraid of twins???? Russ Smith wouldn’t be scared of quadruplets, Russ Smith can score in traffic versus 5 defenders fool!

  17. louisvillecardinals2013nationalchamps
    10:58 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Cards preseason #1!!!!!!

  18. BobbaLoo
    10:59 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    His only shot at making the NBA is to sign on with a team and work his way up through the D-League. Why not stay another year and try to get another little piece of the glory? It might be interesting to say you lost to Kentucky in the Final Four twice in your life.

  19. Fake Oscar Combs
    11:00 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Why would BBN care one way or the other. Tired of seeing Louisville related posts on here.

  20. Kristen Geil's Abs
    11:00 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    This is basically saying, “I’m giving up on going to the NBA. I just want to improve my salary overseas.” This is the only year he could have gotten an NBA contract.

  21. Russ-crap-ulous
    11:01 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Two reasons he should go! AAron and Andrew! The Sammy Davis Jr. look alike has no chance next year aginst the twins and J. Young as our all american back up!

  22. Catpapa2525
    11:02 am April 24, 2013 Permalink


  23. Wiggins
    11:02 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Man that makes me happy cause I’m going to shut is ass down next year.

  24. Ehh
    11:02 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Andrew harrison at 6’5 with his size, can play at all paces the kid is a stud, think deron williams with a little drose. Stein and randle combo cud be lethal, randle more physical tjones n better jumper i think of zach randolph with him. Calipari has thr roster maybr thr best hes ever had, pieces galore.

  25. Harv
    11:02 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    He would be making a huge mistake to leave. He is destined to play in europe so he may as well exhaust is eligibility. Also, he has a dumb looking face.

  26. bilbo
    11:02 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    19….don’t read it then….duh

  27. kramer
    11:02 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I hope UL is preseason #1 and getting all the hype, be that much sweeter when UK beats them.

  28. Pitino lies
    11:02 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Once again pitino thinking of himself! Where’s the media on this one? They would roast Coach Cal if he did that… Listening to pitino over his dad…? Amazing!

  29. Russdiculous
    11:02 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

  30. John Ellis
    11:03 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Both Smith and Behenan should go for their own good, but Rick when he says they play for Louisville means they play for Pitino. Given his record with injured players, don’t be surprised to see Ware ‘transfer’ in the future. Like Pitino did with Swopshire, who got booted off a title team after giving so much to the school. In Hollywood terms, Pitino is a ‘killer’.

  31. Russ-crap-ulous
    11:03 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Why do Louisville fans troll this site! Theres nothing more Little Brother then that! HAHAHA UofL is a Joke!!!

  32. Catpapa2525
    11:03 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Also his mouth looks big enough to take a bite out of that entire stack at one time…

  33. Rae
    11:03 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    13. Pitino needs time with point guards. Siva was no good his first year. JUCO guys have even tougher transitions than freshmen sometimes.

  34. cgivens21
    11:06 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Guess someone else will be filling that vacancy at Taco Bell, at least for the next year.

  35. Russ-crap-ulous
    11:07 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Louisville Doesn’t Exist just like whenever Russ goes to NBA or overseas! He won’t exist! Bench setter in D- League

  36. Al B. Frank
    11:09 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I like it. One less excuse for UofL to cry about when we beat that @$$ this season!

  37. James
    11:10 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Good for Louisville, bad for Russ. He is barely cracking the second round in this year’s draft, what the hell does he expect to do next year in one of the better drafts in recent memory? I think he is getting some bad advice from Rick Pitino.

  38. MustacheMan
    11:10 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    It is a good move solely because he has no place in the NBA. He would be out of the league in 3 years either way, may enjoy college for another year where he is (sort of) famous. Of course, when he trys to go to the league next year he won’t be picked anywhere near the 1st round.

    11:13 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    The amount of louisville posts on this site is disgusting. stop writing about them, WE DONT CARE

  40. I Say
    11:14 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    24 Im not so sure about your Julius Randle and Zach Randolph comparison. In all honesty Julius reminds me of Lebron. Thats a big thing to say but I can definitely see it.

  41. RICK
    11:14 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    He might as well enjoy college, the nba doesnt want him because he has been coached by Rick and isnt ready for the nba. Thats why all the big boys are going to KY now. Rick hasnt had any luck getting guards to the nba.Archie would be taken before him and the only reason is CAL.

  42. H.A. Milton
    11:14 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Russ-dic-less,looks like you wre Syphered for Pitino’s own personal gain. Sorry to hear, now go clean your self up and get ready to be reminded of what a championship team looks like…Not a UCONN’esque, won becuase we didn’t suck as bad as the other teams type of champ.

  43. noel
    11:15 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    31 – Because they are still little brother….trolling around while looking for big brother’s approval. Unfortunately for them, CAL is still 4-1 against Pitino since he took the UK job and we still have 8 titles to their 3.

    We have also won 4 of the past 6 football meetings and now that Stoops is here UL will take their normal spot behind us in football too. They may be out of the Metro Conference or the Big East, but they are still in a mid-major again for next season.

    It must be awful to have a worse basketball and football tradition than your Big Bro.

  44. MemphisCat
    11:15 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Glad he is returning, he will need the degree, since he will not play in the NBA. Hopefully, after he graduates he can get the Asst. Manager position at Italian resturant in the ville, heard Rick is pulling some strings for his job.

  45. RICK
    11:15 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Any way Rick doesn’t want him to go, he wants all the glory.

  46. UKRN
    11:18 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I feel this is the wrong decision. I can’t see Russ improving his draft status staying in college basketball next year with the talent many teams will have. Unless Pitino promises to make him point guard to help. Oscar retweeted a U of L source saying ne needs to improve his shot, body, assists to turnover ratio etc… Well that’s just about everything … I feel The Cards have the old mentality ..stay and get better..what else can he prove but look worse in a better college basketball landscape than what 2013 was when he was a 3rd team AA? I don’t honk he’s gonna grow taller.

  47. Russ
    11:18 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    You little smurf @#@! ain’t even on my level, I’m gone let my little homies ride on you #@[email protected]!

    Anton Gill, Chris Jones and Terry Rozier hit em up!

  48. Random
    11:21 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #13 Maybe you should look up the definition of the word GREAT. John Wall for example was a great college PG. I’m sure you’ve got two good players coming in, but they’re not great.

  49. dave
    11:23 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    if behanan leaves then russ smith will have made a huge mistake. no siva, dieng, behanan with ware out most/all? season will mean russ either leads team by himself all year or his stock gets killed…..

  50. Tony calipari
    11:23 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Aaron harrison or james young start at thr 2? Also you think poythress n young will split time at the 3 or you see young at the 2 more? This will change if wiggins commits and poythresd wud back him up at the 3.

  51. Rick
    11:25 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #48 John Wall went to the Elite 8 and got smoked cause he couldn’t break a 1-3-1 zone. Siva won a championship and a final four. John Wall is a great NBA player but in the college game he didn’t have the stats to even be average.

  52. Harrison Twins
    11:26 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    47 – Yeah, we’re shakin’ in our high tops at the thought. Your narrow little ass won’t get six shots off over us.

  53. Random
    11:26 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #49 Where’s all this Behanan talk coming from? He’s not projected anywhere. Why would the NBA wan’t a 6’6 power forward unless he’s Charles Barkley. (Well, I’m sure Cardinal fans have convinced themselves that he’s BETTER than Barkley.)

  54. Ricky 3 stacks
    11:28 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I love Russ, but I love Karen Sypher more. As you can see from the pic, I only gave Russ ONE stack.

  55. Slick Rick's Crisco Hair Gel
    11:29 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Rick always has been and always will be about Rick…and ego? just to squeeze his giant head into the KFC Barf Bag, they have to bring Rick in through those same giant doors that the elephants come through when Ringling Bros. comes to town…and even then they still have to Crisco his hair down to slide him through…what’s left of his hair anyway…are those plugs? ewwwwww!!!!!!

  56. Random
    11:31 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #52 Won a championship as a Senior in a weak year. Do you honestly believe that the #1 pick in the NBA draft after his freshman year wouldn’t have dominated college basketball if the had four years of college to improve his game?

    Didn’t have the stats to even be average? lol Are you high or just stupid?
    Let’s compare.
    Freshman Wall: 16.6 PPG, 6.5 APG, 4.3 RPG
    Senior Siva: 10.0 PPG, 5.7 APG, 2.4 RPG
    Wall was much better than Siva is now as a freshman, and Wall would have been a senior this past season. Do you honestly think that match up wouldn’t have been embarrassing now?
    And it must be easy to break a zone when you can tackle and hack players all game without a blown whistle.

  57. Battletide
    11:33 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I’m glad he’s coming back. This way when we smack em in RuPP Arena and maybe again in the tournament they won’t have lame excuses about being able to beat us if they had Russ. Bring it!!!

  58. Bad Move
    11:36 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I think this is a bad move on his part. He is projected to go in the middle to late 2nd round of a weak draft. I don’t think he is a true NBA player but he had a chance to try and slip in an do his best to impress them. He will not have the chance in next year’s draft.

  59. Raging Against the Machine
    11:37 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I wish their whole team was returning. That way when they get waxed in Rupp and UK goes undefeated, they’d have no excuses.

  60. Oogie
    11:37 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    If he has a strong reason for wanting to get his degree – maybe a broadcasting career or getting into coaching down the line – that’s the only benefit I can see from staying. He’s risking injury – especially given the reckless way he attacks the rim – and I don’t see how his draft position could be better next year than it would be this year. But maybe he’s one of the few who is thinking about life after basketball.

  61. JustSaying
    11:39 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    U of L fans probably wouldn’t visit this site as much, if they didn’t constantly post stories about U of L. Totally destroys the Louisville Doesn’t Exist slogan.

  62. Rick
    11:40 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #56 If we are comparing who is a better COLLEGE basketball player then we have to compare their TOTAL college stats. Sive has more total career, points, steals, rebounds…than wall in COLLEGE and he won it ALL

  63. Rick
    11:42 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I hope all you CAYUT fans that say you’re going undefeated come back and eat your crow in a year when your freshmen play like freshmen once again and have a crappy year. You got lucky with Anthony Davis, the guy was a freak.

  64. Random
    11:47 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #62 No, that logic is laughable. There are tons on mediocre college players that stayed all four years and will have more points than Wall had in a year. That doesn’t mean that any of them were better players while they were in college. Hell, Wall played for a better team than the Louisville team that won the title this year. They lost because they shot 2-30 or something from 3, that would beat anyone. Louisville lost 5 games in the weakest year of college basketball in recent memory.
    If you asked any neutral fan who was better in college, John Wall, or Peyton Siva? Well, after 9 out of 10 of them ask, who’s Peyton Siva? They’ll answer Wall.

  65. Lpool03
    11:47 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Lol I love all the hype from uofl fans about next season. All I have to say us good luck, even with smith you won’t have 1 single advantage on the floor when you come to Rupp… I won’t even get to hear the hackneyed “our strength is that we go 10 deep” next year since we will be 10 deep with future NBA stars. If Cal manages to land wiggins that game will get ugly in a hurry.

  66. RahRah
    11:48 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Silly decision, in my opinion, led by RP and for RP as usual.
    He wouldn’t have gone high this year but he will certainly be lost in the shuffle next year. Whatever…

  67. Random
    11:49 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #64 Yep, guess we got lucky the three seasons before that when we spanked your ass four times. You act like last season has been the norm for UK. I swear, if you’re a troll you’re a pretty crappy one.

  68. RealCatsFan
    11:51 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    63, glad you thought Davis was a freak, because the Cats have a few more freaks to throw at the Cards next year. The team this past year was inexperienced and thin – next year’s team will rely on a lot of freshmen, yes, but they will also be deep at every position with some experience coming back. UofL will probably have a good season, but don’t expect a repeat of this season – ain’t happenin!

  69. tanya
    11:51 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #64, lucky? really? you don’t know much about basketball, do you? Wait you are a Louisville fan, questions answered.

  70. Mr. Nevins
    11:54 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Playing the pros at Rupp is the closest he’ll get to the NBA anyway. 100mph, through the legs, spin move, off the shot clock, fall down, make 1 out 5 times, RUSSDICULOUS!

  71. Rick
    11:56 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #64 It doesn’t mean they were better “players”, but it does mean they were bettter COLLEGE players, or else they wouldn’t have better COLLEGE stats.

  72. Random
    11:56 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Wall beat Siva, Knight spanked Siva in the Yum Center, Teague beat Siva twice. They were all better than Siva. It took going up against an average PG in Siva’s senior season for him to pick up a W against UK.

  73. UK2K
    11:58 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    JMO but if Richies jersey comes down then also Pitinos should come down based on his actions also

  74. Random
    12:00 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #72 They have better stats because they stayed 3 more years!!! Oh my god, you dense motherf*cker. How much of a Card homer are you? Just because a mediocre player finishes with more points in a four year career doesn’t make them better than a player that was 2nd in the NPOTY race that season.
    Siva probably finished his career with more points in college than Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony, but that doesn’t mean he was a better player in college than they were either.

  75. lolcats
    12:02 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #LouisvilleDoesntExist really loses it’s meaning when KSR has a louisville post every week, and there’s close to 100 or more comments on every article lmao. Stay Salty BBN

  76. JP
    12:03 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    71 – So you’re saying every college player who has more stats than Michael Jordan did while he was at UNC was a BETTER COLLEGE PLAYER than Michael Jordan?

    By that same logic, every NBA player who has more stats is a BETTER NBA PLAYER than Michael Jordan? More does not equal better. That’s a very simple concept.

    Since I can last longer than 15 seconds when I have sex, does that make me a better lover than Rick Pitino?

    Wait, it does. Maybe you are onto something afterall…

  77. Rick
    12:03 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #72 Wall didn’t beat Siva by himself… Wall, Knight and Teague’s teams beat Siva’s first teams with rosters loaded with Lottery picks. Then Siva’s team beat a UK team with more NBA prospects this past year. See this proves my point… Wall, Knight and Teague are better Overall players, but they weren’t better COLLEGE Players.

  78. JP
    12:04 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    75 – That “louisvilledoesn’texist” thing from a few years ago really got you all hot and bothered, didn’t it?

    Hang onto shit much?

  79. Random
    12:05 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #77 No, no it doesn’t. Kentucky had ONE player that was truly ready for the NBA last season. But it’s just easier to call you stupid and go about my day.

  80. Rick
    12:06 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    @76 My original argument included all stats, so your right. I will restate:

    A player with better overall stats in College is a better COLLEGE player than someone who has less but has a longer NBA career.

  81. Big T
    12:06 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Down year for college bball perfect storm for a little bro to win. Reality is comin. Russ who?

  82. Random
    12:06 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    If they were smart, they wouldn’t be UL fans to begin with. I’m done trying to argue with them .

  83. JP
    12:07 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    77 – This year’s UK team had four likely NBA players. 5 if Wiltjer gets lucky and someday makes it to the league. You’re telling me that Louisville’s team this year does not have 4-5 NBA quality players on its roster?

    I can name them for you if you’d like: Dieng, Russ Smith (if he went right now), Chane Behanan, Wayne Blackshear, and Montrezl Harrell.

  84. Random
    12:07 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #81 Whatever, tell this crap to anyone outside of Louisville or any sports experts and tell me what they say.

  85. Rick
    12:08 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    @79 Actually according to most mock drafts Goodwin, Noel and Cauley Stein could’ve gone pro….

  86. The Give
    12:08 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I think Pitino made a selfish decision here. The draft is poor this year and will be very strong next year. His stock will not be higher. Pitino doesn’t have a shooting gurd this year and is protecting himself instead of looking at what is best for Russ. JMO

  87. JP
    12:09 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Oh, I could probably add Kevin Ware to that list since we’re talking pre-injury, when UK and U of L played.

  88. Rick
    12:10 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #83 As of right now: Russ (in one mock draft), and Dieng are NBA ready. Montrezl, Wayen and Chane were not based on this past year’s performance.

  89. Rick
    12:11 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    @87 Now your just talking crazy in what bleeping mock draft was Kevin Ware ever projected as going pro?????

  90. NotBiased
    12:12 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    First of all Louisville exists. This slogan is only funny when UofL sports suck. But they are currently very good, if not better than UK’s (since the 2000’s). Secondly, Russ may not get drafted either year. But he does average 20 points, 5 rebounds, 2.67 steals and 1.33 assists against UK over the past two seasons. 10 pros (not counting Wiltjer) played on those two UK teams. Smith also averaged 18.6 points per game against Syracuse and Duke, both of which feature plenty of NBA talent. He was also Ken Pomeroy’s 2013 player of the year. Yeah he is 6’0 feet tall and weighs 165 pounds. But he’s fast, shoots a high FT%, his strength is underrated (benched 185 lbs. 18 times) and is a great on ball defender, which is a novelty. So in my opinion, it would make sense that Russ could play in the NBA. Just because someone is not drafted (eg. Chuck Hayes, Kellena Azubuike) doesn’t mean he won’t have a successful career. So if he isn’t going to get drafted either year, coming back will only help him become a better player. Good move Russ Smith Jr..

  91. Random
    12:12 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #86 Thus why I said “ready” for the NBA. I didn’t say no one else could have gotten drafted off of future potential. But Noel was the only player who was already good.

  92. Sgt. Jimmy
    12:13 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    When did BBN become such NBA fans or such draft experts? Who cares? As far as Russ Smith goes, a family friend plays in Isreal and loves it. Does not make NBA money but has a free house, car and other perks not enjoyed in USA. Also gets to lead normal life. The culture surrounding the NBA and their players would scare the hell out of most UK fans.

  93. Random
    12:15 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #91 He can get a little better, but the draft is much stronger next year. People were only bringing that up because this was his chance to be drafted. His draft stock will never be any higher. And yeah, but he also shot 40 percent from the field this year and went 1-2 in those Kentucky games you speak of.

  94. Rick
    12:16 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    This past year Uk had 4 players listed by mock drafts as being NBA prospects and UofL had two according to just one site:

    1. Noel
    2. Goodwin
    3. Poythress
    4 Frankenstein (WCS)

    1. Dieng
    2. Russ

  95. Common Sense
    12:21 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    He’s not projected to even go in the first round this year, so, I guess it doesn’t matter. He will be a force at U of L, though. GO CATS!!!

  96. Bmac
    12:23 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I have to admit, when pitino gets ahold of a bunch of kids who aren’t good enough to go to the NBA, and he gets an easy draw and gets the advantage of some upsets and injuries clearing the path and the stars align just right, that guy can put together a heck of a run.

  97. Not Biased
    12:24 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #93 – He actually shot 41.4%. And those 2 losses were against a UK team that lost 2 games the entire year. So your first point was a statistical error and your second point doesn’t add to your argument about Russ Smith as a player. Just helps you forget the 2012-13 season and reminisce on one of the greatest teams to ever play college basketball.

  98. Random
    12:32 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #97 No, it also states that no matter how well he played in those games it didn’t effect the outcome of two of them. Oh, silly me, a whole 1.4%, he’s the next Ray Allen with that kinda shooting.

  99. Matt Jones
    12:35 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I really love this guy. I also love to talk about the Cardinals a lot because it’s hard to try to get hype for an unrealistic good Uk football season and it’s easy to say the uk basketball team when they will probably underachieve with Coach Cal. So, I guess GO CARDS!!!!

  100. Anthony
    12:41 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Where was he going to go? The NBA? April 1st was over 3 weeks ago.

  101. rj
    1:00 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    its probally a combination of russ having yhe same IQ as that stack of waffles in front of him and pitino caring more his legacy than his players. also as far as that chris jones is concerned being the number 1 juco player dosen’t mean anything, its a lot different playing D1. I remember about 10 years ago having antione barber who was the top JUCO player in the nation, came in with all sorts of hype and was average at best. plus the kids only 5 foot 10, he’ll be able to tell us how andrew’s ball sack taste.

  102. Tom Blevins
    1:02 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I want to make a prediction about Russ Smith. If he eats a stack like that or a regular basis, it WILL hurt his quickness.

  103. rj
    1:04 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    corrections-the not yhe and left out the word “about” between “more” and “his”

  104. ProspectMike
    1:06 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Siva was the brains, eventhough his decision making was suspect at times. Ole Russ can’t get them involved as Siva did. Bad move for him to stay because he will be exposed for more of his weaknesses without Siva.

  105. PlanoCat
    1:07 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Louisville won by 3 points last year, by looking at these idiots on here you would think they won by 50. One of the draft guys said the Louisville guards would have to forget everything the learned at Louisville and start fresh or they would they would foul out by half time every game. Two of the biggest thug players I’ve ever seen.

  106. Jor
    1:07 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Really? Have a press conference to say you are staying in school? How lame. I guess all of the other guys in college that are staying should do the same thing. I have a suggestion for Smith, forget the presser and get back in class.

  107. Sammydog
    1:08 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    People, Russ would not be drafted so he isn’t turning down a paycheck. His Dad obviously thought he would be a pick because of all the attention he got during Lville’s tournament run. He is a great college player but he is not NBA material. This year’s draft is so weak and he is still not listed on any board. He may even be too small to play overseas. He needs to get his degree.

  108. rj
    1:16 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    russ wants to stay in louisville because after he finishes school he has a job waiting at IHOP.

  109. Wow
    1:18 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink


    He will definitely make his money playing professional basketball. It may not be in the NBA, but he will definitely be successful in the Euro leagues if that is where he ends up.

    We act like this is a bad thing, if someone offered me 200K out of college to play a sport that I love in Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, etc. then my head would explode.

    I am pretty sure Kyle Kuric is loving his life.

  110. [email protected]
    1:18 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Dear trolls: please stop it w the argument that if KSR didn’t post about Louisville so much you wouldn’t be on here. It doesn’t make sense. How would you know KSR is posting about you if you aren’t on here? I don’t have a clue what Card Chronicles is posting about UK bc I never go to that crappy site. Even if a Louisville fan told me they posted something about UK, I’d never be desperate to go see what it is or even comment…bc I don’t care what you morons think about us.

  111. Wow
    1:19 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    @ #109

    Maybe he can get a job at Richie Farmer’s accounting firm….

    or Demarcus cousins Women’s clinic

    the possibilities are endless, really

  112. rj
    1:20 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    yeah 107 he’ll be able to put that degree in home economics with a minor in pottery to work.

  113. Wow
    1:21 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    @ 111

    Mike Rutherford is the best writer of any of these sites, and if the authors are being honest with themselves they would admit that to you.

    Keep calling us lil bro, we will keep being crowned the most successful basketball/football program over the past year.

  114. Wow
    1:22 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    You guys are clowning on what Russ’s degree would be in…..

    What degree do your guys graduate with? do you guys remember what a graduation is?

  115. Louisville1Cal4
    1:23 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I like Russ, he’s a good kid, I wish him well in whatever he does.
    Having said that though, the Twins are going to beat him & that juco kid to death in Rupp next season. They are 6’5 a piece, that’s even big for an NBA PG, small guards don’t match up well with kids like the Harrison’a & UofL’s guards will be small with only Russ having experience in Dv. 1 ball. Before you say anything, I know, the twins have no college experience, but their talent is so much greater it more than makes up for it. Just like how Siva was always worse than Cal’s usual freshmen PG’s we’ve had (except Harrow, you finally got us there).
    P.S, we’ve already got more talent individually starter wise compared to who UofL returns & also have a ton more coming off the bench. Experience helps, but not when you are overwhelmed with superior talent, we’ve proven that 4 out of 5 times so don’t kid yourself thinking otherwise little brother.

  116. Ryan H.
    1:24 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Of course Russ Smith is making the right decision. He is just a college kid (yes kid) who not only wants to further his education but also help his TEAM win another national championship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as big a UK fan as the next guy but when these players of ours leave after one year it kinda hurts. Basketball is a team sport and the kids play on a team the represents a university. Us Kentucky Basketball fans love to use the term “La Familia” but do real families have members if it that get up and leave after just a year if being together? Sometimes I have to wonder if the players are playing for the name on the front of of their jerseys or the multi million dollar earning names on the back? So whenever we have players like Darius Miller, Eloy Vargas, Jarrod Polson, and Jon Hood sticking around for 4-5 years make sure you show them just as much (or more) love as the star studded All-Americans Cal brings in every year. #BBN

  117. NotBiased
    1:26 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #98- Since you have the words “no” and “also” in the same sentence, you contradict your point. By saying “also”, you are agreeing with me. It’s sort of like saying “I don’t agree with you. But in addition to your correct statement…” So I thank you. And no he’s not the next Ray Allen if he shot 41.4% because Ray Allen shot 51% his junior year at UCONN, which means he is better than Russ. Invalidity. Keep ’em comin’.

  118. Kevin R.
    1:35 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Russ Smith= Mateen Cleaves

  119. UofL fan
    1:40 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Uk fans complain about UofL fans coming to this site and writing comments, but yet why does KSR always put articles on their webiste about UofL. hmmmmm, jealous much…………….LEAVE US ALONE and we LEAVE YOU ALONE. it is as simple as that.

  120. Goggles
    1:41 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    @ #96 I just saw your comment and can not believe the ignorance. In what way have we had a lucky break with injuries? Losing Marra for the season? Losing SVT for the season? Losing Rakeem Buckles’ career? Peyton Siva playing through a high ankle sprain? Gorgui breaking his wrist? Kevin Ware breaking his leg?….. get real.

    Also- an easy path? The midwest region was considered, in a landslide, to be the toughest bracket in the tournament this year. Our final four run last year – we were the 4 seed and had to go through underrated teams in the early rounds and then Michigan State and Florida. Know your facts, clown.

    what does it say that we can win with 1 NBA player on our roster and you guys can’t even make the tournament with at least 3? your argument is only detrimental to yourself and your team

    @ #115 Don’t get ahead of yourself buddy – I really have not been terribly impressed with that I have seen from the twins, and while length will help you, being 6’5 and trying to get as low as Russ and Chris Jones will be when driving will be a tremendous challenge. It is why undersized DE’s are successful in the NFL…. LEVERAGE. The twins are bigger and stronger, but Jones and Russ are much quicker and faster. Not to mention our guys have done it at a high level. We also have 5 star PG Terry Rozier coming in who is 6’3

    I would also take Chane Behanan over Randle and Wayne Blackshear over James Young. The PG remains to be seen, but if you give an advantage to Aaaron Harrison over Russ – who will be one of the leading contenders for national POY after the year he just had, than you are just plain ignorant.

    Ryan H, is the only person on here making any sense, other than me of course.

  121. rj
    1:42 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I want russ to come back, that way when we stomp a mud hole in their ass they won’t be able to cry “if we would have had russ, things would have been different, whah!,whah! wHah!”. also our guys don’t have to worry about degrees when their sittting in a 10 million dollar house in south beach.

  122. Goggles
    1:45 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    @RJ keep that last comment in mine when you are trying to make fun of someone who actually has a degree… you idiot.

    I also look forward to Russ putting up another 30 in HIS ARENA!! and showing all you little babies how overrated the twins are.

    The speed and quickness of Russ and Chris Jones are going to infuriate them and then they will start fouling and crying. It will be like when you guys had Demarcus Cousins.

  123. Russdiculous
    1:49 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    There are some real jerks on this website. You all can’t appreciate a kid going back to college to actually earn his degree. shame on you all. If you actually call yourself basketball fans, then appreciate the fact that Louisville and UK are going to have an epic battle next year at rupp, and both programs are going to have excellent teams to represent our state, which some of you are doing very poorly right now.

  124. rj
    1:50 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    120,faggles, none of those guys had one tenth the talent of noel, and as far as your run ,you where down by double figures in two of those games, one of them being team barely considered D1.

  125. Cousins Fake Tooth
    1:52 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Worse draft in 15 years, and everyone and their mother is returning. Dumb move IMO. This years 10 pick is like next years 25 pick.

  126. lonnieb
    1:54 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    @120 googles
    You technically had the toughest bracket but it was upsets everywhere and the overall path to title was weak…..not to mention college bball in general was weak

    You all have 5 NBA players on your roster
    Dieng, smith projected 2nd pick in 2nd roud on espn by chad ford, behannan and blackshear when they decide to leave, and herrel is by far your best NBA prospect. If you are saying UK had 3 NBA prospects then you have to count your prospects as well.

    Who knows how good the incoming class will BE?

    Do not count on the translation from juco to D1; ask antoine barber 30PPG at wabash valley with national title, and about 3 PPG at UK) the kid would not be in juco if his game was as good as the louisville fans talk…..wont argue with you about blackshear as I think he has stud potential and really like his game……but randle to behannan is crazy…huge difference in ability in all areas of the game

    I actually think if jones is as good as advertised then russ coming back will hurtmore than help as we all know he is the best player for both teams at any given moment.

    Russ will never win POY shooting 40% from the field (not 3) as a 2 guard

  127. Goggles
    1:55 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I have a gay crush on russ smith and I wish he would harlem shake all over my naked body!

  128. Otis
    1:56 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Cal said you have to think like kings.

    I think he means Sacramento Kings

    For sure these new kings will be better than first round NIT losers

  129. lonnieb
    1:57 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Just FYI for everyones knowledge…….the only team to win a title with less than 5 eventual players that signed an NBA contract was syracuse in 2003 with 3……..I wasarguing with some other dummy who thinks UK is the only team that needs NBA players to win

  130. RJ is a clown
    1:58 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Gorgui does not have 1 tenth of the talent of Noel??? haha Gorgui knows what offense is, buddy. Gorgui will be 10x the pro that Noel is. Noel will be like Javele McGee, nothing more. Gorgui plays more like Kevin Garnett.

    We were down by double figures, that is right. Who won?

    You call Wichita State barely being considered D1…. but at least they made the tournament! And they beat the #1 seed in their bracket, and Ohio State, among other in order to reach the position they did.

    SEC had its weakest year in the past decade and UK STILL could not make it to the tournament. “But, But Noel got hurt!” yeah…. arent you guys heralding how good Cauley-Stein is going to be though? That does not seem to make sense. Seems like 1 NBA player should be able to step in for another and at least help the team make the tournament in the WEAKEST YEAR OF THEIR CONFERENCE, which is already one of the weakest major conferences as is.

    We were down by 12 to Whichita State and won…. you guys lost by 30! to another team that ALSO did not make the tournament in Tennessee.

    Got anything else?

  131. Coach Cal
    2:00 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Don’t worry I’ve paid for good talent this year and all we have to do is win 22 games and we’ve had a better season than this one. Go Cats!!

  132. RJ is a clown
    2:00 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    You guys also lost to Duke by double figures while at full strength…. and we beat them by 20 with Kevin Ware’s bone sticking out of his leg. And lost by 7 with Gorgui out with a broken wrist.

  133. Goggles
    2:00 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    my arena is connections in down town louisville!

  134. Don't matter now
    2:01 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Russ is back, we will see about all this 40-0 talk from Lessington!

  135. Linda Taylor
    2:01 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    It’s too bad Russ Smith wasn’t either smart or dedicated enough to get his degree in three years like Patrick Patterson and Jarrod Polson did at UK. With all the summer school classes these kids take it is very possible to accomplish this task if a student is serious about their studies. Smith could be leaving for a professional basketball career with a degree in hand or coming back to get an advanced degree that would make him a more attractive job candidate when he is finished playing basketball. There can be no doubt this was his best chance to go to the NBA and now it is gone. I hope he doesn’t regret this decision and I hope it wasn’t RP’s selfishness that brought it about.

  136. rj
    2:03 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I forgot about kevin ware, next year he will have a leg up on everybody.

  137. Russdiculous
    2:03 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    louisville starting 5 is better than UK’s starting 5 period. LOUISVILLE brings back 73 percent of the scoring from last year. UK starts all over every year and all you all can say is that these freshman are gonna be better than dudes who just won a national championship!!! no logic there at all just pure hopes and dreams that you all are going to beat louisville at Rupp.

  138. rj
    2:06 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    gorgui broke his wrist while jerking off in six different languages.

  139. Russdiculous
    2:07 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink


  140. [email protected]
    2:10 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    122 you’re right, it will be like when we had Cousins…the outcome of the game will be the same…Loserville loses! 1 victory over us in 5 tries and you all think you own us? [email protected] again. We’ve had one bad year out of 4 and now you all think this is the norm – that’s Tard logic for you.

  141. [email protected]
    2:13 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    139 hey pot, meet kettle. trolls = losers. again, how would you know that KSR was talking about Louisville if you weren’t on here sweating us to begin with? Hey you guys had a great year in a down year…congrats. Next year isn’t a down year, and we go back to beating your asses like we did the previous 4 times, and like we have a majority of UK vs UofL games.

  142. Russ Smith
    2:15 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    That’s right bitches, I’m coming back. Unfortunately for me, I will not be winning another title, but I get to play in Rupp again and that’s what dreams are made of.

  143. RealCatsFan
    2:16 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    139 – really? You are going to call someone out when you are CLEARLY TROLLING ON A RIVAL FAN FORUM? Wow, some people apparently have nothing better to do. Sad, really.

  144. Ricky Pee
    2:18 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    131, don’t worry, I begged Russ to forfeit his future and come back to play for me because I need a shooting guard for next year. Players first? The hell with that – it’s ME first around here, beotches!

  145. Russdiculous
    2:21 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I dream of showering with louisville starting 5, that way I know what it feels like to have a athletic bone in my body!

  146. Karen Sypher
    2:21 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    144 Can you send me some money? I need some groceries up in this cell. If you don’t send me cash, I’m going to tell everyone the rest of the story. You don’t want it all out do you?

  147. Cards4Life
    2:22 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Yo dawgz we be beatin you renecks once in the last 4 seasonz and we be better than you. Even tho you beat us more than we beat you, we still be better. L yeah. L1C4 ya heard!

  148. Russdiculous
    2:38 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I hope to god it’s UK vs UL National title game next year, forget the game in rupp who’s gonna hang that banner is what it’s all about.

  149. UKBlue1!
    2:54 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink


  150. KYKiller
    2:57 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Now when we beat the cards next year in RUPP
    we will let DREW do to RUSS what RUSS is doing to that CUP

  151. CATS
    2:59 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    More delusional card fans… Some things never change. If no NBA team wants a 6′ shooting guard, you go back to school–Simple
    loserville even after winning–proving to be losers… Can’t say I’m surprised—win 5 more & come back to run your mouth. Oh wait–it won’t happen…
    CATS #9 IS ON ITS WAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  152. KYKiller
    3:00 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    With highly educated syntax such as yours, YOUZ SHURE KANT TALKZ BOUT UZ REDNEKS!

  153. PikeCountyCats
    3:04 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    147 typical Louisville educational system dropout

  154. We won the 2013 National Championship while you lost to Robert Morris in the NIT!!
    3:12 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Russ is coming back and WE WILL Repeat as National Champions!! Suck on that one you bunch of 1st Round NIT losers!!!
    The reason UK will NOT win the National Championship is because of all the inflated egos on next year’s team…It will be every man for himself in Lexington, and I will be laughing at every glorious moment of UK sucking and losing!!!!!

  155. Axe Cop
    3:24 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    154. How’d that work out for the 2012 team? I think all those “egos” did pretty well. UK beats UL and wins a title next year. One 6’1″ guard doesn’t change that.

  156. RealCatsFan
    3:26 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #154 – HaHa – dream on, loser!

  157. We've won 8 National Championships while you've only won 3
    3:38 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    154 it took Rick around 12 years to win one there, it took Cal 3 years here. I like our chances.

  158. cats fan
    3:41 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    If you guys are really wondering about A U of L fan site the most popular is CardChronicle

  159. L1C4 is LAME
    3:59 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    120 just u sayin u would take behannen over randle shows ur an idiot!!! I couldnt read the rest of ur post.

  160. L1C4 is LAME
    4:04 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    I know 130 didnt compare dieng to kevin garnett lol. They really r the most ignorant fan base ive ever seen

  161. Louisville
    4:08 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Lmao! The kitties mad..who cares. LOSERS

  162. L1C4 is LAME
    4:11 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Y do these losers think we r scared of fn russ smith?? If I jacked up shots 25 times a game I could average 18 a game. They never cease to amaze me. Bunch of morons.

  163. Louisville
    4:11 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    Uk needs 1000 NBA players to win. Louisville does it with less baby! GO CARDS

  164. IRS
    5:07 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    His decision to return was probably a little bit of both, Pitino and Russ being selfish. Pitino giving him more money than he could earn on his first NBA contract, which in return makes the both of them happy.

  165. Really
    6:17 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    How could any coach advise his player to return knowing the kid will be drafted higher if he comes out this year?? Oh, yea… We are talking about Rick Pitino. The most self centered coach in America.. Its still all about Rick !

  166. We won the 2013 National Championship while you lost to Robert Morris in the NIT l
    6:42 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #157 I always laugh when UK claims to have won 8 National Championships!! Anyone with any knowledge of college Basketball knows the NCAA Titles in 48,49,51 and 58 were NOT National Championships. In the 1940’s and 1950’s the National Championship was the winner of the NIT. The NIT was a bigger tournament, Had TV coverage, and had more teams. btw, Louisville won it in 1956!!
    I still laugh at this years UK team!!!! 1st round NIT losers to Robert Morris!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. L1C4 is LAME
    6:46 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    The mop of the final four is a scrub. When was the last time some1 like that got mop? Shows u how bad 2012/2013 season was.

  168. c boy
    8:50 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    who ha sha da better 4 years 2 final 4’s and 1 title or rick the same… but o of l 4 tourney apps. or ky 3 apps… ky 15 1st round draft pics ….uof l 0 who has did the most with what they have had……….. also liked how cal wanted to play the hoosiers in lucas oil because thats where the regional was going to be and cal wanted to get the players use to where they would play in the regional……………………………uk played their post season in a high school gym……..robeert morris

  169. c boy
    8:56 pm April 24, 2013 Permalink

    last year……… ky preseason #3…..3 or 4 1st round draft pics… in a weak con…. sec……… put all the stars on the court before you say you are going 40-0……………….also 2 of your final fours you had to win 1 game to get there……….2 more of your final fours you had to win 2 games………………plus rupp couruption…………..please