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Rupp Arena could be “reinvented”


Gary Bates of Space Group believes Rupp Arena could be reinvented if the Lexington Convention Center is moved. Space Group is the architecture and urban planning firm chosen by the Arena, Arts and Entertainment District Task Force’s Planning and Design Committee. Bates, one of the firm’s founders, presented the option of relocating the Lexington Convention Center in order to expand and renovate Rupp Arena. Building a new Lexington Convention Center would be a lot easier than building a brand new arena, so the idea is attractive if Space Group can really put a solid plan together.

Bates believes it is very important to maintain Rupp Arena’s history. He “gets it” – as Coach Cal would say.

My only suggestion for the committee is to keep those ice cream cones in Rupp Arena. Whether Rupp stays or a new facility is constructed, they have to keep those ice cream cones.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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21 Comments for Rupp Arena could be “reinvented”

  1. kentuckyfan
    11:59 am August 28, 2011 Permalink

    They guy doesn’t “get” anything. Renovationg Rupp means we still have a worn out arena with a new coat of paint. The building is old and will continue to be old no matter what they do to it. Why don’t they come to their senses and realize that a new arean is the only reasonable answer to this problem.

  2. Holden McGroin
    12:01 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    stupid auto play video sound kicks in everytime. annoying

  3. Eric
    12:22 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    why are they still trying to debate a new arena or to renovate rupp.

    We need to build a new arena, it’s not a hard concept to grasp. It’s been over 30 years, other schools are going to start building new arena’s too.

    I don’t want UK to turn into Vandy and have an old ass arena with weird benches.

    New arena, let’s move on.

  4. Billy Gillispie
    12:33 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    Your rookies keep posting embedded videos that autoplay. Learn to blogroll children… then you can sling the mustard.

    Rupp Arena should die. It served it’s purpose. Name the new one THE WOODSHED.

  5. Billy Gillispie
    12:49 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    You think you could show just a hint of toughness… um k?

  6. D$
    12:56 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    To do the renovations needed to Rupp Arena, will require the Cats to play elsewhere during construction. Where would they play?

  7. FED UP
    2:04 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink


  8. serdi
    2:24 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    Too bad this site was not up and running 1970s. Nobody was worry or wanted to talk about Memorial Coliseum’s History…MC, still the best basketball facility in the country prior to restructuring.

  9. BigBlueBrock
    2:26 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink


    Not interested. Next!

  10. Jerry Mathers
    2:31 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    @6 has a good point. A new venue would be swell. Seems like a waste to dump Rupp Arena though. Never liked the venue from day one. I got nose bleeds. Freedom hall would be a good option during reconstruction; plus other places in Cincy, and regionally. It’ll work out.

  11. siestakeycat
    2:47 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    This may be the best solution IF it’s a total revamp of Rupp Arena. Plus, the article says they may add more seats. Sounds good. This question would remain, however… Where would UK play for two years?

  12. Ezblueish
    3:04 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    A new arena helps us do what again….recruit, attract a high quality coach, um….UK does that already

  13. UKGoBigBlue
    3:38 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    They’re doing nothing but wasting money & time.

  14. tyrus
    4:22 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    Been going to Rupp to see various forms of entertainment since it’s conception. I find it to be a sterile environment. There’s nothing special about the freaking place. That’s why they’ll tear it down and build a new multi-purpose arena. Right now, it’s lining up the sources of funding, state, local and private and how much each will contribute. One doesn’t announce plans until funding is set. Sentimental feelings have no place with this endeavor so sell the naming rights to the highest bidder. Hoping Tally-Ho’s steps up and goes after the naming rights.

  15. bosshogg24
    4:40 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    Build a brand new arena and build it bigger and better than the Chicken Bucket in Louisville. Get started now, it’s the only way!

  16. false story
    7:34 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink


  17. false story
    7:38 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    without luxury boxes it’s pointless

  18. siestakeycat
    9:15 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    Never can see comments. This site gets worse and worse every day.

  19. Johnny Blue
    9:33 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink


  20. Stray Cat
    10:09 pm August 28, 2011 Permalink

    They should turn Rupp Arena into a litter box so I can find a place to piss other than Mitch Barnfart’s lawn.

    Maybe we could talk about how stupid the people who are making the decisions are. You thought George Bush was a goof, you should see how much money these buffoons waste and on all the people they hire to do their job (cause they are in over their head).

    So eventually the new arena will be designed by people who know were born 1000 miles (or more) from Lexington who have no pulse of the town, the people, the culture, or the basketball.

    I say let Calipari design it (with assistance of architects). I bet he’s been in more arenas than all the city and UK admins combined.

  21. devok
    8:46 am August 29, 2011 Permalink

    Again, I think UK needs to build a bigger and better Carrier Dome and keep Rupp Arena so the basketball team can continue to blow away the attendance record, continue to use Rupp Arena for lower profile games, and the football team can use the facility as well.