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Roseanne’s Saturday News and Views

I’ve got a treat for all you males who loyally read KSR. Tonight’s news and views are dedicated to America’s sweetheart Roseanne Barr. She turns 60 years old today.  She doesn’t look a day over 72 if you ask me.  Roseanne is married to Tom Arnold and won an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for her starring role on “Roseanne.” I don’t know if it was a good show or not. My mom wouldn’t let me watch it due to Roseanne’s crassness.  However, thanks to Young Money and Gucci Mane (1:01) I do know that her son was soft.

Okay, enough about Roseanne. Let’s get to some news. And views.

**In concerning news, Anthony Davis left tonight’s Hornets game after being elbowed by teammate Austin Rivers. Generally, teammates don’t try to elbow each other during games so I’ll assume this was an accident. Davis was being tested for a concussion. Results are unknown at this point. Upon leaving the game Davis had 8 points, 6 rebounds, & 2 blocks in 14 minutes of action. We wish the big guy a quick recovery. Austin Rivers, this is why you can’t have nice things.

UPDATE: Davis suffered a mild concussion and will not travel with the team to Chicago on Saturday.

**Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had his NBA debut tonight for the Charlotte Bobcats against the Indiana Pacers.  It didn’t go well individually for Kidd-Gilchrist, but his team won 90-89. As we know, winning has always been the most important thing to MKG so I’m sure he is happy. He finished with 2 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 1 assist in 20 minutes of action. Tyler Hansbrough had 15 points for the Pacers. No word on if UNC paid for his mother to be there.

**The football team kicks off against Vanderbilt tomorrow at 12:00 EST. It will be televised on ESPNU. There is a high of 50 degrees and a 30% chance of rain. This is Joker’s best remaining opportunity for an SEC win and that weather could force us to run it more, which Rashawn thinks is a way we can win the game. I hope a good crowd shows up to support the players.

**Larry Vaught interviewed Howard Schnellenberger about the UK football program. Matt details what was said here. Most notable is that he says UK’s facilities shouldn’t be an issue in having success.  I don’t know if I agree. I’ve seen Alabama’s facilities, and they do pretty well at college football.

**Darnell Dodson was drafted by the Fort Wayne Mad Ants in tonight’s D-league draft. KSR favorite Lukasz Orbzut was once a Fort Wayne Mad Ant. Dodson was the 12th pick in the fourth round. This is great and all, but I just wish he could have made a couple of threes against West Virginia a few years ago.  As Matt alluded to on twitter earlier, I’m sure Darnell is sky high with excitement.

**Tom Crean attended the Justin Bieber concert at the YUM! Center tonight. That’s the joke.

**In the first half, Eric Bledsoe has 6 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist in 7 minutes of action for the Clippers against Jodie Meeks’ Los Angeles Lakers. Meeks did not play in the first half.

**6 days ’til Brooklyn.

That’s all we have for tonight, be sure and tune into the KSR pre-game show on 630 WLAP in the morning as Matt, Drew, and Ryan will be on the air bringing you whatever ridiculousness is happening and getting the #FreeRyanLemond movement in full swing. If you don’t know what that is, tune in and I’m certain it will be discussed.



Article written by Aaron Flener

John, I was first team All-State. I can put the ball anywhere I want to. I'll make it rain out here.

28 Comments for Roseanne’s Saturday News and Views

  1. Jumbo
    11:52 pm November 2, 2012 Permalink

    Rosanne is my favorite show of all time.

  2. MG
    11:57 pm November 2, 2012 Permalink

    Really mailed this one in.

  3. Ukalum
    12:07 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    All Schellenberger was saying is that you can have a few special seasons with the right people in your programs coaching staff. The facility upgrades come with success, success comes with a coach. Look at USC ( the California one) there is zero reason they should EVER lose to a PAC 12 team, not even oregon. They are a huge university with great tradition and facilities and there located in the highest populated city in the US with plenty of donors. The only way they could have more of a natural advantage is if there weight room was made of pure gold. Yet kiffin managed to lose to Arizona and Stanford. The coach means EVERYTHING. When Barnhart is looking for a new coach he should have Schellenberger and coach cal make the calls. Between Schellenbergers football experience and Calipari’s salesmenship we could have the best applicants considering the uk job maybe even jon Gruden (that scenario would never happen but it’s still fun to think about how Knoxville would riot if they kept Dooley and Gruden ended up at uk)

  4. C'on man
    12:25 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Amen #3. What he’s saying also is our facilities are good enuff to have us competitive with the teams we should be. Bama, LSU, and Flordia are not in the same level as most schools. No dought their facilities are top notch and we aren’t going to be close. We should be more along the lines of Mississippi. Missou, and Vandy. Those are the schools we should be competing with for recruits. If we get a good coach who has the program better I’m sure the UKAA will upgrade more. It’s hard to expect the donors to give money to a doormat program in these economic times.
    I really wish Mat and Drew would have a post about just how much money it takes to make some of the upgrades everyone wants. Where the money would have to come from and how with title 9 and other rules in play how the money coming in has to be spent. It’s just not as easy as some think. Mitch can’t just write a check for a new recruiting room as some think. Some one even said on here that the money from tickets will pay for the upgrades. Ticket sales is a SMALL drop in the bucket when your talking multimillion dollar upgrades!

  5. bigredbleedsblue
    12:41 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Do you think Santa Clause and the tooth fairy could also help in the search for a new coach? My goodness I love my fellow cats fans, but howard snell is a has-been coach not our ressurected savior. I love our football, well not so much lately, but you can’t actually be serious about having Cal do anything other than coach championship basketball.
    I am sure some of ukalums rant was out of desperation for a new coach, but c’mon people!

  6. Wu tang
    12:48 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Mad ants is a cool name for a team from fort Wayne. Fort wayne was named for Anthony Wayne, known as ‘Mad Anthony’. He was a revolutionary war hero who later led a US force ( which included many Kentuckians) to defeat a British backed Indian force at the battle of fallen timbers. This led to the treAty of Greenville which allowed Ohio to be admitted into the union. You read it. You can’t unread it.

  7. voteroseanne!
    1:31 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    No mention of Roseanne’s run for President? She will be on the ballot. True story.

  8. BPsycho
    1:34 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    She “was” married to Tom Arnold. I think she would punch you in the junk for saying that she still is.

  9. checkurmath
    1:44 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Aaron… the game in Brooklyn is 7 days away by my count

  10. Aaronsucks
    2:08 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Worst. News and views. Ever.

  11. Ukalum
    4:31 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    5) I wasn’t seriously suggesting that Cal and Howard look for a new coach. Even though coach cal would probly bring in 3 to 4 five star football coaches every year, but then we would have to deal with the critics bout whether you can win a championship that way. But all joking aside that post above is about the administration hiring a kentucky guy to coach rather than the best dang coach available. You know what happens when you hire a (insert school name here) guy rater than the best coach available. You get a mess like we have or like Colorado has(they are worse than UK since hiring a CU guy). Remember Alabama before saban when Shula(an Alabama guy) was coach. He had two 6-6 seasons during his four years and went to the music city bowl and independence bowl. Granted there was a 10-2 season with a cotton bowl squeezed in between those seasons. But Alabama realized their mistake fired the Alabama guy and hired the best dang coach available in nick Saban. I wonder how that turned out for the Alabama program. Now some one will make a comment about how UK isn’t Alabama and I agree but the is zero reason UK should have below a .500 record every year. 3 of our opponents every year aren’t in the BCS, and Louisville should always be a win considering the fact that our TV money from the SEC is SIX times what Louisville gets from the big east.

  12. john
    7:15 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    #8 is correct. They have both been divorced and re-married to others since they were last together…and they do not particularly care for each other apparently.

  13. Man
    7:42 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    See what happens when you don’t let your kid watch Roseanne? He listens to crap “music”…….way to go Mom. Somebody get this boy a joint and some Floyd, stat.

  14. Invisible Obama
    8:01 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Rosie and Tom have been divorced twice as long as they were married. They both got fat on low calorie ice cream bars and Tom couldn’t stand the fact Rosie’s penis was bigger than his.

  15. Invisible Obama
    8:02 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Nice call, 13 (man.) I’ll take some of both.

  16. Saturday morning
    8:16 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    So Aaron, to be clear in your comments regarding facilities; Alabama winning is due to their ‘second-to-none’ facilities and has nothing to do with some guy named Nick Saban? I suppose we could hire Nick Saban and still not win and Joker could go to ‘Bama and be the best coach in America??

    I never knew!

  17. 3 fan
    8:23 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Glad MKG got paid cause he is gonna really struggle in the league, not as bad as Teague though

  18. BurnerTurner5
    8:28 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    #13 Are you suggesting that people who listen to Pink Floyd are stoners? A.D. has a mild concussion. All the more reason to dislike Austin Rivers.

  19. Ruppeat Offender
    9:07 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Aaron Fleener’s Friday night:
    Sooo…let’s see – I guess I’ll just repeat the stuff that was on the site earlier today and add in some poorly researched/inaccurate crap about Roseanne Barr. That should be good enough for the News and Views requirement. Done and done. Man, that’s really got me in the mood to blast some Gucci Mane through these Beats – but there’s a Sex and the City marathon on Bravo. Decisions, decisions.

  20. Scott in Tally
    9:22 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Wow, no mention of that nutjob Barr running for President with another nut job Cindy Shehan as VP? They are running on the I Hate America platform. Sadly some poor delusional fool will actually vote for these two idiots.

  21. Kevin
    9:28 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    They got divorced in 1994. That’s 18 years ago… Somebody forgot to tell you?

  22. unreconstructed
    9:30 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Roseanne = liberal white trash and future nut house inmate.
    # 20, you’re spot on!!

  23. cracka
    9:36 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    roseanne sucked … a show that said it’s funny to be fat and trashy … she was never in a good show or movie imo … she’s not married … her third marriage was to someone not famous and ended 10 years ago, her marriage to tom arnold was over in the mid 90s

  24. UnknownFan
    9:45 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Fat Faced Trailer Trash ought to stay inside her doublewide until she croaks.
    “Most notable is that he says UK’s facilities shouldn’t be an issue in having success.”
    UK has NEVER been a contender in the SEC,facilities do not matter one bit. The Pipe used to play in a parking lot behind the cow barns at KFEC.
    And he managed to win more games than Choker.

  25. Head Bussa
    9:56 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    23 — Roseanne’s show did not suck. It was very successful ratings-wise and had a long run. John Goodman is one of the better actors of our time and his inclusion made the show very good. I didn’t think the show said it was “funny to be fat and trashy.” I just thought it was incredibly reflective of so many families across America. I personally didn’t grow up like that, but I had some friends who had houses and families that reminded me of that.

    Aaron — that’s pretty weird of your mom to not let you watch that show. I bet you weren’t allowed to get sugar-filled cereals at the grocery store either, huh? It wasn’t like Roseanne was an HBO-show or anything.

  26. just saying
    10:12 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    those that think facilities are the issues, have no clue. Does ANYONE think Joker phi;;ips would be successful as Alabama or LSUs coach (with all those facilities and money)? Gillispie had the same facilities as Calipari (at UK), but there seemed to be a difference in results, hell Gillispie did worse than Tubby (with same facilities). Football schools like Michigan, Note Dame and hell even Tennessee have the best facilities in the world, and they have had horrible success as of late, it wasnt until ND and Mich got new coaches that they are now seeing on the field results, and so will Tennessee. Look at UK….CWS was a disgrace, and then here comes Hal Mummee and after 2 years of winning games we expanded the stadium. It works like this, get a coach, win some games, boosters will donate, ticket sales go up, and THEN build facilities.

    Building Joker Phillips the TajMahal of football stadiums wouldnt change draw plays of 3rd and 15, or the fact he simply can not coach. Dont put the horse before the carriage. You cant go out and spend 125million on new upgrades and training rooms when season ticket sales are sinking and the boosters have pulled out. Its about the coach not the gym. Does any one actually think having the Yum center could make Calipari a better recruiter, or coach?

    11:26 am November 3, 2012 Permalink

    Have to agree that this was one of the worst posts in a while.

    1. If you are going to put something about a celebrity, at least take the 30 seconds it takes to view their Wikipedia page to make sure what you are saying is correct.

    2. I’m not sure that Schnellenberger’s assessment is completely correct, but to say, “I’ve seen Alabama’s facilities, and they do pretty well at college football,” reminds me of the West Wing episode “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” (After it, therefore because of it). I don’t think their facilities are why they are good at football, they have great facilities because they have great football.

    3. I know KSR is all about “the most ridiculous manner possible” but kind of sick of hearing people gripe about Austin Rivers. He’s Anthony and Darius’ teammate now. I for one am focusing a lot of attention on the Hornets simply because of that fact. To whine about Rivers simply because he played at Duke is dumb – and makes us look like a bunch of whiners instead of intelligent basketball fans. If you want Anthony to do good, why would you in essence root against his teammate and/or try to stir up controversy in his locker room?

  28. MoronBuster
    3:46 pm November 3, 2012 Permalink

    WHERE is the IDIOT who predicted a UK VICTORY today??????????????????????