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Rondo slaps Chris Paul with new contract

Not really sure if this is the best move possible for Rajon Rondo, but it appears he decided to take his new contract security and go after the best point guard in the NBA, Chris Paul.  The two got tangled up in a game Sunday, and were assessed technical fouls.  What exactly was said after that is disputed, but some reports have Rondo screaming at Paul:

“I’ve got an NBA ring, and you’ll never get one.”

After the game, Paul had to be held back from going towards Rondo during post game pleasentries.  And some reports also have Paul having to be restrained from going to the Celtics locker room.  It is known that Paul said one of the most vauge insults imaginable:

“He is gonna respect me as a man.”

My question is, how exactly do you respect someone as a man?  Do you admit to Paul that he has male genatalia?  Do you agree to not slap his girlfriend around?  Do you agree that his brain is bigger than the other sex?  Because I think all of those things go without saying.

Nonetheless, I think we all can agree that Paul would have won a ring or two if he was the point guard of the Celtics.  But I guess technically, Rondo is currently correct in his insult.  I just really don’t hope Paul doesn’t make it a point to embarass Rajon during later matchups, because at this point in their careers, Paul has a slight advantage.  Of course, Rondo does have 55-million reasons to not care about Chris Paul.

Article written by Bryan the Intern