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Romar talks about his big brother

Resigned to the fact that what’s ours is ours and what’s his is ours, Lorenzo Romar being making public appearances again this week, showing up on ESPN Seattle and talking about how things went down with the whole Terrence Jones’ situation.  The big ESPN, detailed his time on the little ESPN here, including this excerpt comparing what is going on in Lexington to something else.  Something big!  Something huge!

Here’s what he had to say:

When you look right now, this reminds me of the era of the Fab Five when the Fab Five came in, although the Fab Five, they went to the championship game two consecutive years. People about forget that. But I remember being an assistant going out on the road recruiting, and the top guys all were excited about Michigan because they saw how much notoriety they were getting. They were always on television. They were a little different. They had the baggy shorts. They were in vogue. They were the happening program at the time. It was fun.

I remember one of the guys that we were recruiting went on a visit to Michigan and got to hang out with those guys and just came back saying, ‘Wow this is the greatest. These guys were down to earth,’ and they saw those guys were in college a couple of years — a guy like Chris Webber — and they were out. And they were being recruited that way. You can come here, play a couple of years, and you can go on to the NBA and they were the flavor of the month at that time. And that reminds me of what’s going on there now. You have to admit, they’ve been on television quite a bit. You always see them. Their coach, Calipari, is always in the news. He has an NBA background. They just had five guys go to the NBA, several after one year. So that’s the appeal. Not to mention that all their games sell out and there’s 24,000 people there. It sounds like I’m a recruiter for them maybe, but I’m not.

The interview then ended early when Romar said he had to get back to Lexington by 4 pm in order to finish cleaning up the mean and nimble one’s poop.

Article written by Thomas Beisner