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Robinson Gunning for that #1 Spot

See if you can spot Anthony Davis and Thomas Robinson…no, keep looking, I promise they’re there

You guys know Thomas Robinson, right?  He’s that one guy on that one team who DIDN’T win the national championship.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a helluva player who has, personally, been through a lot more than many of us.  But Alex Kennedy spoke with him today, and Thomas Robinson thinks he can take that #1 draft spot away from Anthony Davis.  Don’t hold your breath, T-Rob…

Robinson meant no disrespect to Davis, but I do find it tough to believe that anyone would pick any player in this year’s draft over Anthony.  In fact, I’ll go ahead and guarantee it doesn’t happen.  I’ll even bet my entire KSR salary on it!  Robinson will be a great NBA player, and word is that he has improved his jumper enough to wow some scouts.  But no matter how much he impresses in the combine and workouts, it’s going to be impossible to overshadow the potential and unbelievable freakishness of our very own Anthony Davis.

All the prospective outlooks on the July 28th’s NBA say that Davis will go #1, but projecting Robinson’s draft spot is much more difficult.  Obviously the lottery drawing on May 30th will allow each team’s position and needs to dictate the media predictions, but for now, the Robinson is predicted to go second overall in the HOOPSWORLD/USA Today’s latest mock draft.  Climbing from #2 to #1 doesn’t seem that hard, but plenty of people don’t see Robinson as the likely second pick.  Take a look at CBSsports’ Jeff Goodman’s draft prospect rankings:

1. Anthony Davis (UK)

2. Brad Beal (UF)

3. Harrison Barnes (UNC)

4. MKG (UK)

5. Andre Drummond (UCONN)

6. Thomas Robinson (KU)

So it looks as if Thomas Robinson could go just about anywhere in the early lottery at this rate.  I will say that I’m a bit surprised at Goodman placing Brad Beal so high, although that kid will be a baller from the wing in the pros.  Just like the rest of you, I’d really like to see Michael Kidd-Gilchrist climb up to that #2 spot.

Either way, Anthony Davis won’t be moving from that #1 spot.


Article written by Chris Thomas

22 Comments for Robinson Gunning for that #1 Spot

  1. David
    9:38 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Lol. Good one TRob. This guy will always be #2 to Davis. NPOY, the ‘ship, #1 draft pick, and in the NBA.

  2. BBN
    9:39 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    He must be smoking with Mario Chalmers. No way that’ll ever happen

  3. Weiner McJackson
    9:46 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Any team that passes on MKG will be firing their GM in a few years. Barnes is the softest puss I’ve seen since Joel Pett bent over to pick up a penny. Beal is ok, but he is nowhere near the Ray Allen clone everybody has been saying.

  4. Lolst
    9:47 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Maybe Mary ho can land one of them too

  5. ShanghaiCat
    9:52 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Stop trying to make this reddit.

  6. nassau65
    9:52 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Seems to me, the time to claim that #1 spot would have been during the season/tournament. Maybe he’s just trying to increase his standing by talkin it up. Guess i can’t blame the kid for that. Either way, i wish him the best.

  7. ltylerj
    9:53 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Alright, you got me. I been looking for that unibrow and manly physique of TRob(No Homo) in that pic for 10 minutes now…Oh hey, what’s this blue print below the picture?


  8. kyrgaines
    9:54 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Brad Beal?? I know he can play but he never left a top-5 impression imo… Thomas Robinson is a man. However, he can stop lick’in his chops at #1 draft pick. No way Davis will be passed up….

  9. BUCats
    9:55 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Didn’t T-Rob make a similar dumb statement prior to the championship game? In other news, this post reminded me of this:

  10. SKat
    9:55 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    I like T-Rob, but sorry. AD is a once-in-a-lifetime pick. With Robinson and others, the strengths of their game have been displayed. With AD, you’re betting on potential that has intergalactic reach! Davis is developing every day. He will grow into the League over time and be great. With MKG you’re betting on a playoff mentality and a will to win that can propel your team to a championship. I don’t often call the shots for an NBA team, but when I do, I pick AD-MKG 1-2.

  11. The draft is...
    9:58 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    June 28….thankfully. Have a huge party scheduled.

  12. Captain Obvious
    10:03 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    I bet by July 28th I’ll be able to tell you EXACTLY where all are going. I have deep connections and GMs always make sure I know these things.

  13. Harlan Man
    10:14 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    TR’s definitely optimistic, Davis can help him become realistic! AD # 1!!!! not.. even… close

  14. yeterdays
    10:25 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    Beal fits better with a team like the wizards. Wall and MKG just dont fit together. Neither can really shoot that well and teams would just sag off. Wall and Beal? Now thats a better combo. My dream scenario is that somehow the Wiz end up with the #1 pick. I think MKG fits better with Kyrie Irving. Kyrrie Irving isnt the great athlete Wall is, but hes a better shooter and MKG would compliment him better than he would Wall.

  15. TheProfessor
    10:42 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    NO WAY im taking Barnes ahead of MKG! Barnes has BUST written all over him…Soft and fades in the clutch!!!

  16. Catfan23
    10:58 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    The only way Robinson gets drafted before Davis is if the Blazers somehow get the #1 pick…

  17. 44 Stitches
    11:04 pm May 22, 2012 Permalink

    T’rob needs to put the crack pipe down. Not the blunt filled with good good but the crack pipe down!

    College basketball is my favorite sport b/c of UK but the older I get I’ve noticed I watch more NBA games than college games. I told my friends back when Rondo was a Cat he was taylor made for the NBA. It took a little bit of a learning curve witch is expected but Rondo now and has been a beast. MKG is only 18 yrs old and a young 18 yrs old. MKG will end up being a beast in the NBA 4 to 5 yrs. Davis will be a allstar multiple times but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if MKG has the better career over the long run.

  18. gog8ors
    6:57 am May 23, 2012 Permalink

    Nice to see Beal getting some love from those predicting the draft order. This should go a long way in proving that UK isn’t the only place that a recruit can choose to go to school if he wants to be one and done. Kasey Hill and hopefully Chris Walker will follow in Beal’s footsteps in choosing Florida and then jumping to the league.

  19. James K
    7:53 am May 23, 2012 Permalink

    Can’t really gun for something that’s been determined for over a year.

  20. Jax Teller
    9:24 am May 23, 2012 Permalink

    What Robinson didn’t say is he and Jeff Gillooly have conspired to take out AD’s knee before the draft. That’s the ONLY way he’s not going #1.

  21. Anthony Davis Has A Posse
    11:22 am May 23, 2012 Permalink

    Not a chance for T-Rob.

    In my opinion, Beal and MKG are pretty much neck and neck – just depends who gets the pick. Beal is the total package with the size and skill set of a prototypical NBA wing, MKG is the better athlete with the best attitude. MKG is a can’t miss in the sense that, even if his offensive game never improves, he will always get minutes because of his athleticism and intensity. Both could be very good for a very long time, and both have very high floors.
    I would think Barnes would be a little behind – he is a very good player but what does he do exceptionally other than shoot it?

  22. KB
    6:53 pm May 23, 2012 Permalink

    Horse racing fans will appreciate that Robinson is Sham to Davis’ Secretariat.