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Robert California’s Friday News and Views

For nearly three months, fans of The Office waited with a little bit of anticipation and a little bit of dread for the debut of James Spader’s “Robert California” character, who was sent to replace the now departed Michael Scott.  After one episode, I can say with no reservations that I hope the writers of the show take next week’s script, put California in every scene and let him become the face of the show……and then shove it up their butt.  He’s the worst.

A few notes…. 

 – This will be your only conference realignment note and we’ll move quickly, I promise.  I’m just as sick of it as you are.  Two days after the Birmingham News reported that Missouri had “informally” agreed to join the Southeastern Conference, the schools’ chancellor held a press conference and said the Tigers are committed to remaining in the Big 12.  Matt thinks – or at least his Twitter account does – that this means the SEC will now shoot for Virginia Tech or be content in settling down as a thirteen-team conference.  Some people reported that Navy might be targeted as the fourteenth school.  Those people are morons.  Punch them if you’re brought in close contact.  Regardless, Missouri is now apparently off the table as a potential SEC school and Mary Jo Perino’s heart can remain divided without conflict.  What’s that?  The chancellor said “anything is possible” when asked if Missouri would leave should the Big 12 not find a compromise?  Nevermind then.  This stuff is ridiculous.

 – Also, it now appears that Texas A&M’s move to the SEC will not be contested and they’ll be ready to go next season.  That was the second conference realignment note.  Sorry for lying to you.  It won’t happen again.  Unless it’s convenient.

 – Kentucky’s football team has a game with Florida tomorrow night, though you wouldn’t necessarily know it right now based on fan interest.  There’s no question that Florida is a much better football team than Kentucky.  You don’t need to look at a line that jumped ten points in less than a week to know that.  But UK fans still generally find a bit of optimism when it’s time to face the Gators and that seems to be lacking this year.  Most everyone seems to be expecting a blowout and that’s not a feeling that’s been very prevalent for quite a while in this program.  And it sucks.  The Cats don’t need to win the game to pull some of the fans back from the ledge and the doom and gloom that three poor performances have brought, but they need to put up a fight and keep from letting Florida paste them early with big plays.  If the Gators blast out of the gate from the start and Kentucky sputters on offense, the crowd might get ugly.  But if they can play inspired football and keep themselves competitive, that might just be the spark they need to break the funk of the season’s first three games.

 – On a somewhat similar note, it seems like the football staff has started to sense the frustration and backlash this week and has gotten a little defensive.  Joker Phillips stood before everyone Monday and confronted criticisms head-on, saying that he loves the program as much as anyone and pointed out that the Cats were 2-1, not 0-3.  Thursday he called out a Courier-Journal report about their play tendencies and questioned the accuracy of it and even offered up what he’s tracked himself.  It could be coincidental, but it’s almost seems like Joker is starting to get defensive and that’s generally not a good thing for a coach when there’s a potential battle in the court of public opinion.  Again, a lot of things can be fixed with a better performance this week, but if the Cats come out and play poorly against Florida, the frustration will only RISE and those types of questions will continue to come his way.  I’m not sure if that’s the best way to handle it.

  – Cal was in Chicago doing what Cal does best.  He checked in on Jabari Parker, who some think might be the best high school basketball player in the country, regardless of class.  The last time people said that about a high school junior, his name was Michael Gilchrist and that worked out pretty well.

 – If you’re looking to put a wager on which story will be told the most this weekend during the game, bet on this one about Ryan Tydlacka that was Tweeted out by Samantha Steele:  “I have eaten 130+ wings, a bowl of ice cream & slice of cake in single sitting & was still hungry.”

 – They celebrated on our field and now they’re brainwashing our kids.  Lexington Catholic quarterback Kyle Bolin committed to Louisville Thursday night, proving that good kids can sometimes make bad decisions.  The deliciously named JC Shurburtt says Bolin is rated as a four-star player, which makes him pretty darn good and gives the Cards a nice piece to their 2013 recruiting class.  Kentucky is settled in pretty nicely with Patrick Towles in 2012, so nothing to get too bent out of shape about.  Bolin also had an offer from Illinois and was getting looks from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss, UNC, Notre Dame and Tennesee.

 – How about that Matt Moore?  We’re all Yankee fans this weekend.  Only two games out.

 – In case you missed the radio show, you should know that Ric Flair will not be appearing on KSTV.  That wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun requested $750 for five minutes of Skyping with our very own Matt Jones and we already had that money budgeted for Matt’s haircuts next month.  I thought the monetary demands would be the surprising part of the story, but then no less than 20 people contacted us offering to contribute money in order to get him on the show.  I love you all, but what the hell is wrong with you?  Seriously.  

That’s it for now.  Make sure you stick around all day as we get ready to finally snap a 24-year streak of futility against the Florida Gators.  Matt will be by to get your weekend started with Kentucky Sports Radio on Talk Radio 1080 at 10am.  In the meantime, just know that this is coming to a television set near you…


See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

48 Comments for Robert California’s Friday News and Views

  1. Oliver Simmons
    12:37 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Radio ronnnnnnnn.

  2. Joker sucks
    12:45 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    First things first: Florida will kick UK’s rectum. They have done so for 25 years straight and now that we have the worst coach in America, they will kick it old school like Spurrier used to do against Bill Curry. UF:56 UK:3

    Secondly, Joker sucks.

    Thirdly, Who can blame any football player for going to Loserville or anywhere besides UK? KENTUCKY sucks folks and Joker will have us so far in the cellar of the SEC east, we may never get out. At least under Papaw, we beat the teams we were supposed to beat and we kept it competitive against the teams we knew we couldn’t beat. FIREJOKER.COM

  3. Next Coach
    12:46 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Brent Venables go get him would be a great hire or Phil Fulmer

  4. name
    12:49 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    If you do a google image search of “John Wall’s new girlfriend,” the results include pictures of both Drew Franklin AND Sarah Palin.

  5. UKGoBigBlue
    12:52 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    There is a whole lot of really bad TV shows hitting the air. UGGGGGGG

    Joker thinks he’s feeling pressure now, just wait until the end of the year. Joker has already lost in the court of public opinion. Barnhart & Joker better put on their big boy pants; this is going to be a very long football season. Barnhart is going to have a hard decision to make at the end of the year, the fans are going to make sure of it.

  6. Next Coach
    12:56 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    or JIM TRESSEL he has learned his lesson or the coach from washington who was oc for USC or paul petrino. No mike lesch or no mark richt no left overs. Mike leach is wack

  7. Holden McGroin
    1:04 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    750 bucks a month for haircuts for Matthew? Damn, gimme a weedeater and a bowl and i’ll make it look a helluva lot better for a whole lot less.

  8. gobgblu37
    1:18 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    If you show up tomorrow night for the football game you will be sitting in the dark by yourself. The people on this site who cover UK football are as bad as some of the fans and thats pretty bad! GBB!!!

  9. ugh
    1:50 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    bolin sucks. kid plays with great talent and still gets stomped on by the other big time schools in the state every time they play. he went to a camp up in notre dame, but was never getting an offer from them or any other elite program that was ‘showing interest’. that’s why he accepted the loserville offer before his junior year was even over… it’s the best he’ll get and he knows it.

  10. cats
    2:25 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    iam durnt k anduyone esel

  11. JBR
    3:19 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Wrong about the fans on Saturday…they won’t get ugly because it is beyond that…there is that environment of indifference, which is essentially a death sentence for a program. Everyone has already given up on Joker, so it really doesn’t matter how poorly we perform.

  12. disgruntled
    3:51 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    The only streak that is likely to be broken in this weeks game is the streak of 24 losses to Florida that have been by less than 100 points.

  13. JDaws
    4:23 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah Papaw really kept it close against LSU when they beat us by 41 and UofL beat us by what 30 that year as well. Give me a break.

  14. BPsycho
    4:26 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    750$ for 5 minutes of skype? You should have said, listen here you old broke *** ****ard…. You come to the studio for $7.50 an hour and you body slam BTI on air before you go.


  15. Ukphillyfan
    5:41 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Kid going to Louisville speaks loud. About UK RECRUITING.. a four star from Lexington. Got to be kiddin keep defending joker I’m seeing even mor failure.. What’s jokers salary again.

  16. Todd
    6:48 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Put me down for $10 to get the Nature Boy online 🙂

  17. SexnNursinHomes
    7:03 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    14- haha

    ric flair on skype for 5 minutes at $750 bucks? yeaaaah, I think I’d pass on that one. Hell, KSR can probably get One Man Gang to do a teleconference for 5 mintues and a hand job.

  18. BlooBloodCat
    7:03 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Interesting Mizzou sidenote: Big12 Commissioner and Mizzou Chancellor Brady Deaton is a UK alum… and still a member of BBN.

  19. silverado
    7:08 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Kings of smack-talk spring up every day on internet fan sites, with our encouragement. But Joker can’t push back on nay-sayers? Pointing out the team’s record and correcting wrong statements made in the press hardly qualify as “defensive.” Is defending = defensive? And what’s wrong with either?

  20. Holden McGroin
    7:37 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    go blue!

  21. CliffFrankLou
    7:44 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    13, you seem to have forgotten what followed the next year with LSU and Papaw’s 3 straight wins over UL. Interesting how you choose misery.

  22. Lord Vern, Master of the Universe
    7:59 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    The Office- Robert California ended up replacing Jo. Andy replaced Michael Scott. Pretty funny episode especially the ‘planking’ bit and how to put a stop to it.

  23. Teddy Bridgewater
    8:06 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    I plan to crush UofL again for the next 3yrs. I will show Bolin the ropes so he continues the tradition. That way UK can hang it up the losing streak banners (Tenn…Florida….UofL..) LOL

  24. SaggyWheels
    8:13 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    17 – if u didn’t know Flair is one of the most broke men in NC, hell maybe the east coast.

  25. Don
    8:26 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    They are going to call in CSI on this one for UK team…we will have collective fist marks on our assholes where they punched us.

    Florida – 65
    UK – 06

    UK rushing yards – 17
    UK passing yards – 107

    Turnovers – 3

  26. barn
    8:29 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    -25—don’t be ridiculous. do you really think we will score on fla?

  27. Tebkats
    8:31 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    I have always hated James Spader and he certainly is no Michael Scott.

  28. SexnNursinHomes
    8:33 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    24- yeah, I know. Seems to me that Flair would do 30 minutes for a Chicken Wing dinner and a 6 pack. But hey, I guess that’s why he is broke

  29. Michael
    8:33 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Robert California is compelling. I found myself walking closer and closer to the screen each scene. Dwight on the planking rampage is one of the funniest things they’ve done in a while.

  30. HickmanCo
    8:34 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Free ric flair!! Woooooooooo!!! It’s the best of the best. Free flair !

  31. Some Guy in Kentucky
    8:35 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Joker was on TV in Louisville yesterday after practice and said that Newton is not always calling the plays that are sent in by coach Sanders. Then they talked to Newton, and he said the coaches send it weird plays sometimes, so he decides not to run them?

  32. Some Guy in Kentucky
    8:36 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    send in weird plays sometimes, for 31

  33. HickmanCo
    8:37 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll put 20 in for ric flair. Poor broke bastard .

  34. Baghdad Bob
    8:55 am September 23, 2011 Permalink


  35. UK FAN
    9:03 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Why does it always seem every recruit UK is going after has interest from all these big name schools? Hardly any kid ever has offers from some good schools. That tells me he isn’t very good since those schools didn’t offer him and they have bigger fish to fry. Thats why we keep losing in the SEC and they keep winning. We need to start getting kids these schools actually offer thats the true measure of the player your getting. I don’t buy the fact we got to these kids early either.

  36. bluebayou
    9:09 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    I thought The Office was good last night The planking scene was the best they have done in a while

  37. Thomas Beisner
    9:12 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    13, that was five years ago. That was the point.

  38. DA
    9:18 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    kentucky-florida tickets on sale in gainesville for March 4th game
    go to ticketmaster or gatorzone or call 352-375-4683. I’d like to see tons of UK fans invade the Odome again.

  39. Cracker
    9:34 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    RISE-Really Insuficient Sports Intertainment

  40. Chad
    9:50 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Ric Flair is a jerk off. Who asks for money to do a interview with a blog site? Ric Flair does.. Why because he is a washed up has been wreastler who thinks he is a big deal when in reality he is closer to the movie wreastler than he is to actually being a wreastler at this point in his career. He tans too much and his overall apperance reminds me of Barry from Storage wars.

  41. Beatle Bum
    9:52 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    I love that because some recruiting service says Bolin is a potential 4-star, UK’s staff should offer before UL gets the kid. Will he actually be a 4-star his senior year? Good luck to him and better luck to UK. He did what was best for him. Cannot blame him. But, also do not see this as a negative for UK.

  42. Kernel Sanders
    10:00 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    #41 correct — I have seen both Bolin and Patrick Towles play. One year separates the 2 kids and I’d take Towles over Bolin every day. So UK got a really good KY HS QB for the next 4/5 years (if he redshirts) and good luck to Bolin at UofL. Did anybody see UK listed as offering Bolin? Did it occur to anyone that an offer to Bolin was not pending (or necessary) given Max Smith, and Towles on the roster for the next few years? Also…free Bookie. I agree with #41 — not a negative for UK.

  43. Robert California
    10:00 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    Beisner, So do you not like my character? What is it that you really want from me? You see, I sit at this computer. I see your picture. I see your eyes eyes. I see a man. Now does it matter if he wants a hundred dollars worth of paper or a hundred million dollars of deep sea fishing equipment? Don’t be a fool. He wants respect. He wants love. He wants to be younger. He wants to be attractive. There is no such thing as a product. Don’t ever think there. is. There is only sex. Everything is sex. You understand what I’m telling you is a universal truth.

  44. mocha
    10:44 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    “….and then shove it up their butt…” love it!

  45. Blaineman
    11:35 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    No surprise that Flair wanted money…the dude is broke, + he’s a complete scumbag. I ran into that old Flap-jack boobied fool in Charlotte a couple years ago and he would even take a picture with me. I almost chest smacked the Nature boy into next week.

  46. Thomas Beisner
    11:40 am September 23, 2011 Permalink

    43, excellent. Better than the script.

  47. ukfan
    12:10 pm September 23, 2011 Permalink

    The Office was actually really good last night, but since you have your own blog your opinion is gold right? #wrongonpurpose

  48. HenryCoCat
    2:26 pm September 23, 2011 Permalink

    I started laughing as soon as I heard the music for the dog commercial. I knew where it was headed.