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Road Games Just Got A Little Worse (or Better) For Ole Miss?

So, when Deadspin talks about your defamation of character lawsuit, you know they’re gonna find something that other SEC fans will use on signs:

Kennedy’s wife sued that cab driver and a valet driver who backed his claims to police and the media, saying their accusations had harmed the couple’s sex life. Kennedy, who was in Cincinnati as the head coach for the University of Mississippi, was charged Dec. 18 with misdemeanor assault after police said he punched cabbie Mohamed Jiddou while shouting racial slurs at him after leaving a downtown bar.

Deadspin cites this report, which also states, “Got a better headline? Click on comments below to submit your suggestion.” Nice to see reputable media outlets vying for the creativity of anonymous Interent patrons.

So, I guess we should expect at least one sign at Ole Miss’ visit next Wednesday in Tuscaloosa. I expect at least one sign similar to “Kennedy’s Wife Needs Ronald Steele”.

But, as an opposing fan, do you really *want* to put up a sign that is taunting the coach’s wife? If I were an Ole Miss player and saw such a sign, I’d 1) make sure my teammates knew it and 2) play as hard as I possibly could. Then, after an Ole Miss victory, I’d make sure the reporters knew I saw the sign, so the opposing team’s school has to reprimand the fans.

Of course, the rest of us Internet-based sports fans would reward such a sign with attention and praise. So, whatever.

Article written by The Fake Gimel Martinez

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