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Rivals Re-Examines 2013

Rivals is going to give their 2013 Top 150 a makeover tomorrow, but before they do, they pondered publicly just how secure Jabari Parker’s top spot actually is.  Yesterday they published a primer for the new rankings, highlighting some of the tough questions they had to answer before shuffling the list.  Among the heavy questions asked were:

1) “Who’s most deserving of the top spot?”

2) “How do we handle the Harrison twins?”

3) “Would you rather fight ten chicken-sized rhinos, or one rhino-sized chicken?”

Let’s take a look at their musings:

Who is number one?

The race for number one in the class of 2013 has been a tough one. Chicago (Ill.) Simeon small forward Jabari Parker currently sits on top with Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison and Aaron Gordon nipping at his heels.

On the production side of things, Randle was as good as it gets with his inside/out game. Then we have the Harrison twins, two of the biggest bullies (in a good way) on the perimeter that we’ve seen in some time.

How to rank the Harrison twins?

Houston twins Andrew and Aaron Harrison have long been among the nation’s elite players. And for most of that time it’s been the point guard of the two, Andrew, who has been ranked higher between the 6-foot-5 twins.

After watching them extensively over the years, could it be time to switch that around?

While they are incredibly close as prospects and the line separating them — if there even is one — is razor thin, one could argue that perhaps Aaron has overtaken his brother by the slightest of margins. Playing off the ball as a shooting guard, Aaron has long depended on his brother setting him up for shots. But more recently Aaron has become stronger at getting his own looks and has also proven to be a viable option as a point guard when Andrew goes out of the game.

[What to do with Mamadou?]

There are plenty of guys in the class of 2013 who are tough to get a read on, but 7-foot-5 center Mamadou Ndiaye is maybe the most perplexing case.

Based on what has seen, Ndiaye needs to be in the rankings. The tough part, though, was determining exactly where to put him.

Overall, great news to see some prospective Wildcats either in, or getting consideration for the top spot.  Parker’s claim on the crown has been tenuous since Sports Illustrated unwisely proclaimed him the “best high school player since LeBron James,” but other Wildcats are primarily the sole competitors.  Only Tuesday will tell, but Randle, the Harrisons, and Parker are all in contention for 2013’s crown.  If Andrew Wiggins reclassifies, all bets are off.

Meanwhile, there’s a little bit of sibling rivalry between the hyper-talented Harrison twins, which has Kentucky (and optimistic Maryland) fans salivating.  And the situation with Mamadou Ndiaye bears examination going forward: if he develops skill-wise, his size will allow him to skyrocket toward the top.  With only size, he may have to stick around the higher digits for a little bit.

And of course, most recruits would rather fight ten chicken-sized rhinos.  Obviously.

Article written by Corey Nichols

8 Comments for Rivals Re-Examines 2013

  1. Dickie Z
    9:09 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Good quotes to Corey ratio today.

  2. All knowing
    9:12 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Have you seen the Harrison twins comments about Maryland recently? Sounds like the Terps are much more than a “long shot”

  3. emlang08
    9:38 am August 27, 2012 Permalink


  4. fostdiggity
    9:46 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    First off I think we need to get behind the other Aaron in the top 5. Gordon is a beast and if you watched any of the Under armour event this weekend, you saw how hard he worked the entire time. We keep giving love to the twins and Randle understandably but lets not forget about Gordon. All 4 of those guys started together this weekend. They all played well together and were wearing blue.

    Second off 2. We know Maryland is right there. So I aint skeered. If they steal them we all know the reasons. Family/UA

    Get off Corey’s back too by the way. Yeah he used to be horrible and sometimes I read his posts and wonder why he is here. But he has been doing a lot better. Just keep UK related and we are cool.

  5. You suck
    9:50 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    “But he has been doing a lot better. Just keep UK related and we are cool” As long as you’re happy dbag, that’s all the worlds aiming for

  6. rubik's cube
    9:54 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Wish all these dudes would just commit to UK and let Cal figure our the scholarship situation and playing time. Cal has proven he can even get a 6th man drafted (that’s powerful).

    Not a slam on the twins – but if they go to Maryland or SMU, it just proves that they are not interested in improving their game(s) and not interested in championships. A Cal coached team without the twins would beat a Maryland or SMU team WITH the twins…

  7. HicksPickSix
    9:57 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    I’m proud of you, Corey! Stick with letting other people write for you.