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Rick Pitino Loses It


I hope you saw that. Potentially one of the strangest press events I have ever seen, Rick Pitino just stood up in front of the Louisville media and:

1. Went after Karen Sypher publically

2. Went after the media publically, seemingly calling for a boycott of all coverage of his case.

3. Blamed the media for not allowing him to “comfort” his wife

4. Told the media to “go looking” for the truth on the case and do any investigative reporting they wanted (he may regret that)

5. Saying at first he had done “nothing wrong” three times before finally correcting himself about the “one mistake” that he had made.

6. Blaming everyone for focusing on this “on the day Ted Kennedy died.”

7. Telling everyone to stop worrying about this and start “focusing on the economy.”

Wow…those were the rantings of a man who has seemingly lost a bit of control. What I dont think Pitino understands is that the VAST majority of people dont believe Sypher’s allegations. They do care about what you DID and what else you may have done that hasnt come out. That is what the media has reported, and if anything they have erred on the side of protecting you. Take your self-righteousness elsewhere.

And I will close with this…you continue to say you made “one mistake” six years ago. You better hope that ends up continuing to be the case and that no other “mistakes” step forward. You stake your entire reputation and stance on this “one mistake” line…it better be true and no other Karen Syphers exist.

And oh yeah, when you said your lawyer, the FBI and the University didnt want you to talk publically….well now we know why.

Article written by Matt Jones