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Richard Posner’s Monday News and Views


The weekend that was ended up fairly uneventful from a sporting perspective. There were thrills in the Preakness where Rachel Alexandra sent Calvin Borel off towards his own personal Triple Calvin. The NBA Game 7s were beyond boring and saw both UK players elimated. And there was a controversy at Notre Dame that did not involve Charlie Weiss and ended up fizzling out in the end. Thus my attention moved to the world of politics and public affairs with the new release of a book by Richard Posner. Posner is a judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and is one of the two or three most prominent public intellectuals of our day. At a time when almost all scholarly writing in the policy arena is inherently political, Posner harkens back to a different day, when individuals wrote about policy and politics without attempting to help a particular political party in the process. Like former New York Senator Daniel Moynihan, Posner challenges the assumptions held by those who agree with him, in this case fellow Republicans, by writing about the recent economic crisis in his new book “A Failure of Capitalism.” Posner has long been the legal scholar most aligned with free market thought and is one of the central figures of the law and economics movement. His new book suggests that our current economic difficulties have less to do with a particular president or set of policies and more to do with inherent problems in the capitalist system that must be addressed by governments in the future. I bring him up here not to start a nerd fight (which it surely will) but to point Posner out as an example of an individual who does what we all should do….uses facts to make an argument and doesnt start with an argument and look for facts to support it. For the leading advocate of letting markets live free without regulation to now suggest that regulation is required for capitalistism’s survival, it showcases an openness of thought that we should all strive to mimic. And with that, more on John Wall….

The news….

(1): This begins a week where lots of former questions may end up being answered. Lets start with the most pressing issues to UK fans everywhere and that is the status of John Wall. Andy Katz got everyone’s hopes up by suggesting Wall might make a decision this weekend, which he of course didnt, and reports from around the web today suggest a decision date is really not certain. My best source in Raleigh continues to say to me that if it is going to be Kentucky, then it will happen this week. I cant get a handle on the kid or what he is thinking, but I do agree that Kentucky’s chances go down every day past this week that he waits. Kentucky wants Wall to make a decision soon….his AAU coach wants him to wait it out and consider Duke and/or Miami. This week will tell us who wins the battle.

(2): Coach Calipari suggested last week that we will know the third assistant by the end of this week. Names have been speculated from all over the coaching world and this job, which is a plum gig that almost certainly ends up in a great head coaching opportunity, has been sought out by coaches from all over. I have been told that “somewhere between 30-40 people” contacted Calipari about the position, but I have gotten no one to give me a good lead as to who the most likely candidate will be. All we know is that Calipari is hoping for someone with recruiting success that has been proven and has been willing to look in unconventional spots (like current head coaches) to find it. This week we will see who the lucky winner turns out to be.

(3): Calipari also said that we should know the final spots on next year’s roster this week as well. With school ending, grades coming in and the potential of the end of the Wall saga, at some point this week, the futures of some Cats of last year should be made clear. At this time, the official roster includes everyone from last season, including all walk-ons and scholarship players. That should change at the end of this week. If one assumes Donald Williams will not be back, then the scenario we set out a while back still exists:

5 Newcomers:

3 Stars:

3 Seniors:

That makes 11….Wall would be 12. There has been some talk that one Senior (Galloway?) could still end up leaving, but the assumption has been all along, that all Seniors will be given the optino to stay. That leaves Stewart, Harrellson, Liggins and Pilgrim for two spots, one if Wall comes. Who will get it? We shall see.

(4): Finally, the question of walk-ons still exists. We have been told that there wont be as many walk-ons next year and it is likely that only two will remain. One that will likely be leaving is Landon Slone who is likely headed to a JUCO or NAIA school for one year. I have been told by a source that if Slone does not find a suitable Division I home now, Slone will play at a JUCO or NAIA for one year and then look to transfer to a Division I school….potentially to the future home of Billy Gillispie, who has told Slone he is welcome wherever he ends up. Landon is a great mountain kid and if he leaves, we wish him the best.

More all day as we get through what should be an eventful week. Congrats to newly engaged Beisner who took the weekend to get his lady a ring and start the process of wedding bliss. For those of you keeping score at home that makes the married/non-married KSR toteboard look like this:

Evan Hilbert
Fake Gimel
Duncan Cavanah

Matt Jones
Rob Gidel
Turkey Hunter
Bobby Perry
Hunter Campbell

The score is 7-6….we still are in the lead, but if anyone drops (we are watching Hubby), it could be a difficult loss for us.

Article written by Matt Jones