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Reviving the Dream Game’s Wednesday News and Views

Happy Wednesday, fine KSR readers and welcome to the News and Views on what might have been the slowest day in UK Athletics history.  The hot summer days often find themselves lacking in newsy substance, but Tuesday turned out to be slower than Francisco Garcia taking an English exam, leaving everyone struggling for high-quality for you.  Because we love you.  We have high hopes for Wednesday, though, and we’ll get our rebound hump day kicked off with a shoutout to a little early-80s government interference in favor of reviving the Dream Game.  On this day in 1983 (exactly one week before yours truly entered the world), a bold state legislator from Louisville named Louie Guenther filed a bill to make an annual UK – U of L basketball game a requirement.  Though the teams were already negotiating the creation of a series, Geunther knew that, like most things, their best handled by the good, honest folks in government.  The game would eventually return and we’d be privileged to DeMarcus Cousins dropping an elbow on Jared Swopshire, making all the hard work of the politicians and both schools well worth it.  Thanks, guys.

Now, onto some UK news (I use that term lightly)…. 

 – In the story that seems like it will never end, the Birmingham School District will look into Eric Bledsoe’s grades.  I don’t want to demean the work of the fine people in the Birmingham schools, especially since Birmingham Superintendent Craig Witherspoon, the man leading the project, pretty much did.  Witherspoon said “At this point, I think you’d have to consider it an investigation of an investigation”.  Witherspoon elaborated that they’ll mostly be looking at paperwork and documents to make sure things were filed and processed correctly, rather than interviewing a lot of people in an effort to understand the situation further.  He also created 13 fake email accounts and sent Pete Thamel hate mail for ruining his summer vacation.

 – The highlight of my Tuesday came courtesy of DeMarcus Cousins and Twitter (I told you it was slow) as Boogie ragged on former Dukie Shelden Williams throughout the a good portion of Game Six of the NBA Finals.  Cousins started out light and said Williams should be MVP before following it up with a series of cracks centered around Williams’ wife, Candace Parker.  Cousins tweeted that he heard Shelden was taking Candace’s last name, that the Celtics should trade him for his wife and then referring to him as “Mr. Parker” while pointing out that his wife could have made a shot that he missed.  When reached for a comment, Williams just stared aimlessly with a severe case of dumb face.

 – Speaking of Cousins, you can mark one potential destination off the list as Boogie will not work out for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Some reports say that Cousins doesn’t want to work out for the team because they’re already set in the frontcourt, while others say that the Wolves are dead-set on taking Wesley Johnson at that spot, so a workout isn’t necessary.  Either way, it looks like the T-Wolves are out, meaning that, sadly, the destination that offers the most functionality for Boogie’s ushanka is off the board.

 – In case you didn’t hear, the sport of college basketball was saved when Tom Izzo decided to turn down the Cleveland Cavaliers job.  Izzo is one of the games great coaches, without a doubt, and he’s a who “does things the right way” guy, according to all the media types I follow on Twitter.  However, I think things have gotten a little bit out of control regarding how great it is for him to return.  Izzo is exceptionally boring and, outside of the Big 10, I’m not sure his impact on the game is on par with the game’s other elite coaches.  He’s an outstanding coach and a Hall of Famer, for sure, but I don’t think most college basketball fans look at this as a critical victory for the sport.  The media?  Well, they seem to think they just rolled back the stone in front of the tomb and were told by an angel that Izzo was on his way back to East Lansing.

 – The NBA released their summer league schedule and John Wall will make his Washington Wizards debut on July 11 in Las Vegas.  The Wizards will face the Warriors and Wall is going to absolutely humiliate Stephon Curry.

 – On another note, Drake’s new CD (they make those, right?) came out on Tuesday and UK’s support of the Canadian rapper’s debut borderlined on absurd.  As expected, Coach Cal was on the hype train, but the official UK account Tweeted out the release and replied to several people mentioning it with something along the lines of “it was great to have him on campus”.  I understand the reasons for the partnership, but unless the album cover says “See Blue.” and includes an application to the school, it might have been a little overdone. 

 – Don’t look now, but we are headed for a Game 7 in the NBA Finals.  After expressing my disappointment in a Celtics-Lakers series a few weeks ago, consider me on board with this series.  The series (and season) finale has the chance to be one of the all-time great games and I can’t wait….even if it is the only time I will ever root for Kobe Bryant in my entire life.

 – There are some solid reports out of Philadelphia as some are starting to say that Trevard Lindley could start for the Eagles this season.  Lindley didn’t have the senior year he hoped for and slipped down the draft further than many would have expected at this point last season, so it’s good to see him find success.  Not bad for a two-star recruit. 

 – In other football news, Andre Woodson is trying to make the Hartford Colonials of the UFL, according to Alan Cutler’s mustache.  Woodson, who will compete with Ryan Perriloux and Josh McCown, is working with Hartford coach and former Browns head coach Chris Palmer in hopes of getting back into the NFL.  At the moment, though, he’s in Louisville working out with Dave Ragone, who still believes last year’s U of L team is going to win 9 games.  Training camp will kick off in August.

 – I’ll go ahead and say it.  I miss Chip Brown already.  That guy was really growing on me.

 – On a housekeeping note, we’re getting underway with judging the first round of the blogger contest and they’ll be posted at some point in the near future.  You can count on the excitement of the announcement of the finalists carrying over into the first round of judging for some of you, while others will be annoyed.  Make no mistake, though, nearly everyone will be beaten down with it dragging out for what seems like forever with little excitement to revive that initial spark.  In related news, the World Cup is still going on. 

That’s it for now.  I tried to warn you it was a slow day.  Stay tuned throughout what is sure to be an action-packed Wednesday.  I’m sure everything we post will be awesome.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner