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Ranking Streak Priorities Going Into The Football Season


That’s the break-the-streak dance.

With football season inching closer and closer by the minute fans around the bluegrass are making bold predictions on how the season will turn out.  Still, there are a lot of questions marks going into the season which makes it that much harder to predict an actual record.  So instead of trying to guess how the season will end, I want to rank the priorities of each streak for the season as far as I see it.  You are welcome (and encouraged) to disagree in the comment section below.

1.)  Beat Tennessee. Pretty much every year since I became a big UK Football fan we have said that ‘this will be the year.’  And at some point it just has to be.  Tennessee is still down after all the coaching changes and until they can build it back up, we have got to find a way to break the streak.

2.)  Keep the bowl streak going. Of course I would love to see Kentucky play in a ‘better bowl,’ than the one’s they have been.  Preferably a bowl named after something you can eat (Orange, Chic-fil-a, Gator) opposed to the BBVA Compass bowl, but a post season is a post season and it’s better to have one than to not.  The added publicity and practice time alone are worth it.

3.)  Beat Louisville. The closer we get to the actual game, the more confident I think we are all becoming.  Plus we’ve had a chance to look at their Quarterbacks, and when your coach looks like a better QB than your players do, maybe you’ve identified something to work on.  A win over Louisville is a great way for Kentucky to get their season going with a third win and it also helps keep the state and the city of Louisville blue.  It’s an important game, no doubt.

4.)  Beat South Carolina. Okay, this one isn’t much of a streak, unless you count winning one game a streak.  Which I don’t think you can actually do.  But we broke theirs last year, Joker is undefeated against Steve Spurrier, and their quarterback is super annoying.  I’m putting this here because I can.

5.)  Beat Florida. Now, if I could only pick one game to win this season it would be the Florida game.  But even though Will Muschamp is in his first year as a head coach with Florida, the Gators don’t seem quite as poised for greatness as they traditionally do, I find it hard to believe that Kentucky will win this one.  Plus the games have been so lopsided lately, there really hasn’t been a lot of hatred between the fan bases, unlike the other teams.

Collectively, I think we have a fairly good checklist for a successful season.  If Kentucky can pull off three of these, the season is clearly a success.  Two (assuming Louisville and the bowl game,) and it’s par for the course.  One or zero and Joker will be all kinds of thankful for the arrival of Anthony Davis.

Article written by Will Lentz

21 Comments for Ranking Streak Priorities Going Into The Football Season

  1. Ira Tatum
    8:11 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    1st, BEAT Tennesee.

  2. Ira Tatum
    8:12 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    “Spelt” that wrong: Tuh, tuh, Tenn us See yuh!!!!

  3. bluetooth
    8:13 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    i remember well the win over the hideous vols … its time for the next win over them overated clowns . I have some concerns about newton but it can be done .

  4. giveme96
    8:19 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    Also, don’t lose to Vandy.

  5. Fake Jerry Claiborn
    8:22 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    bluetooth, I don’t remember.

    KENTUCKY must BEAT tennessee this year!

    I hate the vols.

    Go CATS!

  6. Kentucky Football Sucks
    8:23 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    Don’t get me wrong, I love UK football and I try to watch each game if I’m able. But it’s the same ol’ story year in and year out. We’ll win about 5 or 6 games overall (3 or 4 of those will be against cupcakes) and we’ll lose about every SEC game we play. Joker is a black version of Bill Curry and he’ll produce similar results. UK will average about 10 points per game in his run, run, pass, punt offense. I like to say that football is the prelude to basketball season, so buckle up fans, it’s going to be another LONG season on the gridiron.

  7. Fake Jerry Claiborne spelt rite
    8:27 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    #4, agreed.
    Definitely pound Vandy!
    BTW, when are they going to get caught with violations?

  8. Holden McGroin
    8:28 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    i agree with your list and the ranking order also. Beat UT has to be #1 on most lists.

  9. Suh Kuhmuhdeequi
    8:31 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    @6, patent reply from you. Like a stamp. Sheit main, go to dee Loserville site, main.

    8:38 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    Beat UL over UF? We do that every year. I’ll take beating a top 10 team(such as UF) over beating UL. That would improve UK’s ranking better.
    The SEC East is WAY down, meaning UK’s priority, for once, is winning the East!

  11. Mr Schwump
    8:42 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    Can’t you people figure this out? ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS beat the SEC teams FIRST…then the L game takes care of itself. My God, if we can beat UF, USCjr, and UT the L game is a friggin’ cakewalk. DAMN, get your head out of your ass people!!!

  12. Will Lentz
    8:42 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    10. That’s a good point, really. Beat Tennessee and Florida – all of a sudden there’s a chance to make noise in the SEC.

  13. e
    8:58 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    According to Sportando, Andrea Costa Imola in Italy has announced the signing of Erik Daniels.

  14. UK Rifle > WVU Rifle
    9:06 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    I gotta agree, SEC first

    I want to end the Reagan streaks with UT and UF

  15. Hard Hittin' CAT
    9:57 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    UT, UF, Loserville, Bowl streak, then USC

  16. Beat Tennessee. Now!
    10:21 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

  17. Cat Fan in Gainesville
    10:30 pm August 10, 2011 Permalink

    Local Gator radio hack acknowledged UK will be a tougher game than Gator fans think this year. UK is Gator’s first road game and week before they play Bama and LSU so might be able to catch them looking ahead.

  18. Cale Barr
    3:26 am August 11, 2011 Permalink

    UT, UF, USC, UofL, we easily go to a bowl.

    The people on the radio here in louisville will not admit that Louisville is not our biggest game.

    My teams not to lose to is a little different though.

    I absolutely do not want to lose to UT first, UofL second, Vandy third and Ole Miss fourth. I’m obviously not counting the cupcakes but anyway you get it.

  19. Cats Fan 09
    9:10 am August 11, 2011 Permalink

    I think maybe pulling off 4 of those instead of 3 would indicate that the season is “clearly a success”. We checked off 3 of those last year (Louisville, South Carolina, and the Bowl game) and I dont think many people would view a 6-7 season as a success. Just my thoughts. If we can knock off Tenn. AND Florida or South Caolina though, we may be looking at 5-3 in SEC play if some other thing go well, which would be a definite improvement.

  20. UKfanNKY
    9:26 am August 11, 2011 Permalink

    RISE GO CATS!!!!

  21. Streak ends in 11
    2:15 pm August 11, 2011 Permalink

    I know the streak with Tennessee ends this year. I just bought Tennessee lineman and 9 year NFL veteran Harry Galbreath’s house in Clarksville. I plan to fly the UK flag there every day.