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Randy Sanders hired at Florida State

According to @footballscoop, Randy Sanders has been hired by Florida State. We don’t know to which position yet, but…wow. Really, Florida State?

I think we got the better end of that deal.

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25 Comments for Randy Sanders hired at Florida State

  1. heathg
    11:20 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    I like where we stand as of now, but there’s no denying the guy is a heck of a QB coach… Maybe with the exception of Newton

  2. Ace Ventura
    11:24 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

  3. CatLanta
    11:28 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    Head Equipment Manager!!! He’ll be washing jocks!!!

  4. AcworthGACatFan
    11:38 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    It looks like Jimbo F. will be fired in a few years if he hired RS…

  5. will
    11:43 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    1, i agree with you. he developed peyton manning, tee martin, andre woodson, brian hartline, and max smith. i don’t think he’s a good play-caller, but definitely a solid QB coach.

  6. the truth
    11:47 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    Well at lease the state of Florida likes our old coaches…i don’t see how even tho they haven’t beat them in 30 years.

  7. Bleaker
    11:50 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    Its really hard to develop Peyton Manning. A top 5 QB of all time.

  8. ChicagoCat
    11:52 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    Probably QB coach, which he has a very solid record at. Don’t forget, his only real “miss” at UK was Newton. He developed Woodson, Hartline, and Smith quite well. Just a poor play-caller for his time as OC.

  9. Irony
    11:52 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    lol 9 you beat me to it. I suck at typing on this phone.

  10. Bill
    11:53 am January 11, 2013 Permalink

    We might not have always liked his play-calling, but he is a good QB coach. He installed a very nice offense last Spring that looked very good with Max Smith at QB. Congrats to coach Sanders on his new job. Now let’s hope things go well with the guys coming in for visits this weekend and we get a few more big-time commits!

  11. Big Blue Coming at You
    12:45 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    One of the worst coaches we’ve ever had. To those above saying he’s a good QB coach you are out of your mind. He’s done a piss poor job at it. It takes his QB’s 4 or 5 years to develop if they ever do at all. His claim to fame is Manning but we all know Manning didn’t need any help. He’s also an even worse offensive coordinator. Glad he’s gone!

  12. dickfarmdunn
    12:52 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    Do you all realize that Randy was not the QB coach at tennessee when manning was there? He was the wide receiver coach. look it up.

  13. charles
    12:54 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    number 11, youre an idiot

  14. BillDozer
    1:31 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    #11…he did a very good job developing QBs here…just struck out with Newton.
    Woodsen, Hartline and even Max Smith all made great strides during their careers.

  15. wildcat
    2:03 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    randy we do not want to suck here we actually want to win games can you manage that?

  16. bosshogg24
    2:04 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    He I hope he doesn’t call the plays at FSU, they will go winless!

  17. Phil Connors
    2:25 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    I always thought he didn’t want Newton and that Newton was shoved down his throat by Joker, the media, and the fans. He seemed much happier when Newton went down last year and he had to put Max in.

  18. Big Whoop
    2:26 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    I find it very strange that I go to and cannot find what you claim. Perhaps, you got notified by a tweet? It sure isn’t on their website and I can’t find it on either. So, I went to SBNation,specifically the Florida State blog and there is no mention of Randy Sanders, but they do have this on Billy Napier:

    Finally, not finding anything about Randy Sanders on the sites mentioned above, I went directly to Florida State’s official website. I found this news release from this morning.

    Again, no mention of Randy Sanders. It would be most helpful if you provided links on your supposed “news” stories and I would suggest that you verify your “news” before publication. For me, KSR has no credibility when it comes to news, so I always try to verify myself. KSR was wrong about Florida recruting Woulyard as well as a few other “tidbits” recently. Hence, take everything you read here when it comes to news with a grain of salt.

  19. joedurkin
    2:29 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    make no mistake about it. coach sanders is a FOOTBALL coach. anyone believes otherwise is misinformed…

  20. NoleInVA
    2:43 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    This is poor reporting. @footballscoop said there are rumors. They also said that they have not confirmed. So, ksr reports that it’s a done deal. nice.

  21. Jared
    3:14 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    great QB coach, awful play caller.

    And btw, Randy Sanders had VERY VERY little to do with the development of Payton Manning as he was not oc or qb coach at UT during Payton’s college career.

    However the fact that he was able to turn Mike Hartline (who was basically a MAC caliber QB) into a competitive SEC quarterback makes him one hell of a QB coach imo

  22. BNClay
    3:27 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    Agree with everybody giving love to Sanders for the QBs. Other than Newton who was and is a total disaster one of the biggest disappointments ever, You have Smith, Woodson, Tee Martin, Hartline, all produced above what they were originally expected to do.

  23. pb
    4:51 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    #18: The “@” in footballscoop implies it came from Twitter, but the site itself does have it under “The Scoop”: “Florida State: Sources tell us both Billy Napier and Randy Sanders will be joining the Florida State offensive staff.”

    I am an FSU fan and if this is true we don’t really care about his OC acumen, he’s obviously going to be hired as a QB coach, and if Jimbo likes him that’s good enough for me.

  24. poopinscoopin
    7:19 pm January 11, 2013 Permalink

    Tyler, you are my least favorite blogger on here by far. Step your game up, or get released.

    Good coach, i agree stuck out with Newton, or maybe Newton was not as advertised( my choice). Did fantastic with Hartline, Woodson, and Smith. IF Smith did not get injured, he would have never left for FSU. Good QB coach, OF, not so much. wish him well.

  25. Jesse Douglas
    10:33 am January 12, 2013 Permalink

    I like this hire. He’s a proven QB coach (which will be his role), but will come in with something to prove because he failed as an OC. Very similar to Sunseri at LB/DE coach for us.