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Randy Quaid’s News and Views

Good morning.  Happy to be here.  Thanks for having me.  Let’s just get this over with.  In case your continued unemployment has left the days running together and life feeling just a little bit meaningless, today is Friday, October 1, 2010.  Or, as it’s more commonly known, Randy Quaid Day.  On this painfully average Friday, Cousin Eddie celebrates his 60th birthday by, hopefully, throwing a massive party at the home he was recently arrested for squatting in.  Quaid, who was most recently featured in a movie called “Balls Out”, will be forever remembered for the way he changed Christmas with turtleneck dicky, a simple kidnapping and a movie-stealing phrase.  So, in his honor, let’s get this moving and pump out these UK notes.  This shitter’s full.

A few UK notes…

 – Despite the looming football game of significant importance in Oxford, the most attention seems to be on the Tent City outside of Memorial Coliseum.  UK is already reporting that there are more tents than last year (435) and, with the guys already dishing out breakfast and a couple of favorites from last year (Darius Miller and Jorts) breaking in Enes Kanter, it’s clear things are in full swing.  The KSR guys made their rounds Thursday night to talk with the fans and, unless Drew Franklin is some sort of filthy liar, Big EZ asked the question of the century.  Hopefully, more on that later in the day…

 – With UK fans camping out for tickets to the season’s first practice, it only seems appropriate that we inform you that Friday at 8am is your first chance to buy SEC tournament tickets.  The tourney, which is in Atlanta, will run March 10-13 and you can purchase your $325, $275 or $250 book of tickets through or by calling 1-800-732-4849.  Or, you can call the number on the box of Chad Ochocinco’s cereal for a better time.

 – As far as the sport that is in-season goes, Joker Phillips called Thursday’s practice “ugly”.  It’s not clear if that meant it was Florida ugly or Matt Jones’ girlfriend ugly (Oh wait, she’s hot? Unbelievable…), but he did say that if they played that way against Ole Miss, they would lose.  On the bright side, Phillips said this after UK’s Thursday practice against Louisville and the Cats responded with a great outing on Friday and a strong start to the game on Saturday.  Let’s certainly hope that’s the case.

 – In case you’re sitting at home and wondering what Joker Phillips thinks Kentucky’s keys to the game are tomorrow down in Mississipi, you’re in luck.  He posted them on  Joker’s keys to the game is apparently a recurring entry and, not surprisingly, GI Joker has several campaigns in mind for Operation: Win to succeed on Saturday. 

 – In future football news, word broke Thursday that JuCo running back John White will visit UK for the Auburn game.  The 5’9″ White, who attends the same junior college that gave the Cats Chris Matthews and DeQuin Evans (Harbor), runs a 4.27 in the 40 and put up just over 1,000 yards and 18 touchdowns on 164 carries last year, including a 97-yarder.  He has offers from Washington State, Houston and Arkansas State and has said that UCLA and Kansas State are showing some interest in him.

 – If you’re traveling down to Oxford this weekend, make sure you’re ready for a very tense political climate as debate still rages on as to what the Ole Miss mascot should be.  The Rebels are replacing Colonel Reb, the forgotten member of Run DMC, with a student vote that has apparently annoyed the students greatly.  The options are now something called Hotty Toddy (a WWE wrestler?), Rebel Landshark (because nothing says “Mississippi” like a clever beer reference) or Rebel Black Bear (in honor of the native Americans who gave their lives in the Civil War).  I guess the unofficial mascot, “Grove Douche”, didn’t make the cut.

 – On the Ole Miss side of things, Houston Nutt spoke Thursday about player availability and announced that an unimportant backup linebacker would be suspended, but that senior corner Jeremy McGee might play.  Ole Miss’ secondary is already hurting with the loss of their starting safety and the inability to cover by it’s other defensive backs, so having McGee would be a plus.  Unless you’re a Kentucky fan, which I assume you are.  Then it would just be…well…whatever. 

 – In little brother news, Rick Pitino picked up a commitment from three-star forward Angel Nunez, who had visited Kentucky last year.  Nunez’ commitment, according to Card Chronicle, potentially means Tony Wroten is indeed headed to Washington and raises concerns about Quincy Miller’s status as a future Card.  They also said that Nunez compares to former Card Francisco Garcia, but that’s just racist.

 – In NCAA news, college athletics’ governing body re-instated Mississippi State guard Dee Bost, though it was with a nine-game suspension.  Bost, who kept his name in the draft and went undrafted, immediately re-enrolled in summer school at State following the draft in hopes of getting his eligibility back and, incredibly, managed to do so.  However, he’s academically ineligible for the fall semester and will serve his suspension at the start of the spring, so he’s the equivalent of a shrewd trade deadline pickup in baseball. 

 – If you didn’t see this on Deadspin earlier and you have a little Duke hate in your heart, feel free to pop over and take a look at a list a Duke co-ed made of, umm, well it’s a scale ranking, umm, performances of athletes but, umm, not in sports.  It’s definitely not safe for work, the library or any computer that your wife can hit “Control+H” on.  Still, pretty funny.

 – If you remember the video BTI posted earlier in the week about….ok, I know you don’t remember.  No one reads those posts.  Anyway, the Florida fan who made his YouTube video trashing Alabama and encouraging Tide fans to find him at the game and challenge him and the other scrawny martial artists that he rolls with to a fight has caught the attention of the Tuscaloosa Police, who have said they will look for him in the thousands of people in attendance and encourage him not to fight anyone.  Of course, the decision to track him down in the midst of tens of thousands of people instead of contacting him through his YouTube account probaly says more about Alabama than he could have in a simple YouTube video. 

 – Don’t forget that today is October 1st and that means that Mark Krebs’ book is officially released.  Do the right thing.  Buy a copy or ten. 

That’s it for now.  We’ll post stuff today.  Some of it will be good and some of it will be BTI rambling.  Either way, we’ll be here and we’d be honored if you were too.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner