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Randy Moss’ Tuesday News and Views

Did you hear the good news?  The fine folks reached an agreement on the debt ceiling and have sent it over to the Senate for a vote.  I know.  I don’t care either.  Not on a day like this.  Not on a day when Randy Moss retired from the National Football League.  Word broke Monday afternoon that though we’ll all be getting our dose of football this fall, it won’t come with the 6’4″ cherry on top that is Randy Gene Moss.  The man who went from one of the most electrifying rookies I’ve ever seen to one of the most dominant wide receivers in the history of the game decided he’s ready to just be what he’s always been.  Randy Moss.  That means fishing and grinding on Miss Kentucky.  And for that, we salute him this morning. 

Now onto a few UK notes…

 – First and foremost, Kentucky got a football commitment.  I think.  Read the post below if you haven’t seen it yet.  And then hope that Tee Martin checks his voicemails.

 – Who wants some commitments?  I think we’re all just about ready for that.  Fortunately, we seem to be entering that time of year.  Jeff Goodman alluded to it Monday on The Leach Report and ESPN’s Dave Telep wrote a little Insider article on the idea as well.  It’s that time.  Over the next several weeks, the mess created during the evaluation will start to sort itself out as players set their visits and then start committing.  For Kentucky, things are slightly different, since the players they’re targeting are primarily lumped at the top of the class, where things typically drag out a little longer.  However, that doesn’t mean that things can’t pop up over the next few weeks leading up to Madness.  At this time last season, the Cats already had Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Marquis Teague in the bag and landed Anthony Davis in mid-August and Kyle Wiltjer later in the month.  This is the month where things should start to sort themselves out a little better and we can start to get a more clear picture of what the 2012 class will bring.

 – Along that same line, the Kansas site Jayhawk Slant reported Monday that Kaleb Tarczewski will be making a decision Tuesday or Wednesday.  The situation with the seven-footer from New Hampshire is a little peculiar in that Kentucky was not believed to be much of a player a few weeks ago before resurfacing again in the past few weeks.  Matt was told at the Peach Jam event a few weeks ago that the Cats were in a much better spot than anyone realized, which was followed by Kentucky showing up again as a possible destination when Tarczewski was interviewed there.  Jody Demling reported Sunday that there’s a significant amount of buzz in Orlando surrounding the Cats and the five-star center, but have they done enough to close the gap on Kansas and Arizona?  According to Jayhawk Slant, we should have an answer in the very near future.

 – Oen of the other names brought up in the Goodman conversations, Ricardo Ledo, is making a strong impression in Puerto Rico.  The five-star shooting guard is trying out for the Puerto Rican national team, once set to be coached by Rick Pitino.  According to Adam Zagoria, Ledo has been offered a spot on the team thanks to his strong showing at the tryout camps.  If Ledo accepts the challenge (every indication is that he will), he’ll get to see a certain Division I head coach at the FIBA Americas tournament this summer and, more importantly, get more time to talk professionalism with JJ Barea, with whom he’s spent some significant time already.  This seems like a very good situation all around.

 – With just about no one paying attention, the Big East released its preseason predictions Monday night and Louisville was picked to finish seventh in their conference.  But don’t worry about that.  Charlie Strong is the greatest recruiter ever and they’re going to turn it around this year because they beat Southern Miss and he is a good recruiter and they’re going to sneak up on people and he is a good recruiter and the play at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium and he’s a good recruiter and the have new uniforms and he’s a good recruiter.  Also, Charlie Strong is the greatest recruiter ever in the history of the world.  Wake up media and Vegas oddsmakers!  Tha Cards are for real.

 – In the most unsurprising thing ever written on this blog:  Randall Cobb is doing very well in Packers camp.  Sports Illustrated raved about Cobb when they made their stop at Packers camp and ESPN came away similarly impressed.  Cobb is practicing with the first special teams group and the Packers seem intent on using him there for now, with a possibility of giving him more time at wide receiver as camp progresses.  There are even hints that they might put in a few plays that will put him in the backfield.  I miss you, Randall.  I miss you a lot.

 – Finally, don’t forget to stop in for the DeMarcus Cousins autograph tour.  Boogie will be in Elizabethtown Tuesday and back in Lexington Wednesday at Fan Outfitters.  The stop in E-Town will be at the Kentucky Korner in the Towne Mall and will be free.  It runs from 6-9.

That’s it for now.  Make sure you stick around for fun stuff all day.  Matt will host his radio show, appropriately called Kentucky Sports Radio, on Talk Radio 1080 from 10-Noon.  Make sure you check it out.  In the meantime, watch this commercial again.  It is awesome.

See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

24 Comments for Randy Moss’ Tuesday News and Views

  1. BPsycho
    12:04 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    And **** Steve Spurrier.

  2. mocha
    12:25 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Just left the padres/dodgers game, managed to walk home without getting beaten by a dodgers fan. Thank the lord.

  3. T
    12:30 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    I have always loved that commercial. Randy is an ass sometimes, but he marches to his own beat.

  4. Jim
    12:58 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Randall Cobb “has worked at all three receiving positions and has even served as the holder in special-teams drills…”

    1:08 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    That’s not a cigarette in randy’s mouth.

  6. tdogg4033011
    2:13 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    football on Sunday wont be the same without Moss, one of my all time favorites.

  7. Gillespie's Tab
    4:14 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    how crazy is that, two guys from that small of a town in the pro’s

  8. TeaguetoDavis
    6:25 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Not sure why people bash Charlie Strong. Even though Joker beat an overmatched uofl team last year, Strong is the better coach. Heck, once kragthorpe junior, I mean Joker, flames out he will likely be uofl’s wr’s coach.

  9. lerge
    6:46 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    ransy moss was/is awesome at the game of football … when he cares enough to try

  10. lerge
    6:46 am August 2, 2011 Permalink


  11. duhville cat
    6:59 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    UofL sucks. thank you… that is all.

  12. SexnNursinHomes
    7:01 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    8- not sure why strong gets so much praise. the guy hasn’t done jack squat. I’ll take Joker all day long over charlie freakin’ strong

  13. Boggie
    7:14 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Loserville will forever sux, but I have to admit that Strong was a terrific hire. Don’t think we should be making too much fun of him…

  14. bluesince66
    7:24 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Comparing Joker to Kragthorpe proves you know nothing about football.

  15. SexnNursinHomes
    7:39 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    13- when charlie strong goes 4-8, 5-7, or 6-6 this year. Should we stop the earth on its axis to give charlie strong an award of excellence? funny how Cat fans loooooove charlie strong so much, but he is a underachieving, overrated bag of SUCK, yet we will call out our own football coach for posting the same record.

  16. WestPointCard
    8:07 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Us inbred ghetto tards luvs us some Strongtino. Too bad UK completely owns our ghetto commuter school by the dog food silos. Now I gotta go comb my line beard so I can go by and get my welfare check. L yes

  17. DavenderCatTheSequel
    8:49 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Straight bass homey

  18. dtr
    8:57 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    5.) you’re exactly right. It’s a black & mild

  19. talent_evaluator
    8:59 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Tarcjewski isn’t going to be a cat. I’m hearing Kansas or UNC. He’s scared of the dribble drive. Write it down.

  20. I
    9:37 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Tarcjewski ain’t coming. It’s Kansas or UNC.

  21. Jim
    10:54 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Vote for Randall Cobb as the Packers’ #2 fantasy WR!

    Also, Cobb is the lead story on the front page of

  22. Sorry
    11:21 am August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Beisner do you just take shit off of twitter? Jayhawk Slant never reported that Tarc would decide in 2 days.

  23. finjadave
    1:24 pm August 2, 2011 Permalink

    Randy says, “Straight bass, Homies!”

  24. Katheleen Colly
    10:34 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.