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Random Tuesday thoughts

I hereby confess to doubting Thomas. (Any Biblical scholars out there get that?) I have always thought Sheray was a great guy who really gave good effort on the floor. However, I had finally come to the conclusion that he just did not have the skill set to be a successful player at Kentucky. In fact, when I tuned in Saturday to CBS and saw both Sheray and Woo in the starting lineup, I quickly reviewed the t.v. guide to determine which episode of Saved By The Bell was on. By the way, it was the one where Zach gets everyone involved in a wacky scheme with comical results. Anyway, Sheray proved me wrong. He rebounded and defended admirably and shot well from the floor and foul line. Additionally, as you all know, he is our top three point marksman at a nearly perfect 100%. Keep it up big fella.

If I have to hear that pompous, nasally-voiced Coach K say that he thinks of himself as a leader who happens to coach basketball one more time, I may do something drastic. Incidentally, just how does spending every moment of every game screeching obscenities at referees teach your players how to be better human beings?

At least once in every televised game, one team calls a timeout five seconds or less before a scheduled t.v. timeout. Once that timeout is completed, there is an immediate dead ball, and then the t.v. timeout. Therefore, you get approximately seven seconds of basketball between about four minutes of commercials. Of course, it would make sense to just make the first timeout count as the t.v. timeout, but that would greatly reduce the number of times that Coach K could say he wants his players armed for life. Which, of course, makes me wish I was just armed.

Article written by Duncan Cavanah