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Ramel Bradley Has Some Thoughts on Enes Kanter


Hello Kentucky Sports Radio readers. As we all know and I’ve said it before, people hate on Kentucky because we are what others strive to be. With that, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the general subject of why negative spin happens and how it’s something that has always been around and will never stop.

The national news media will pickup any negative lead about Kentucky because they realize millions of fans that follow other schools like to read about how a top program is under fire. Controversy sells and people talk trash because it’s easy. When the facts aren’t even straight and a story is based on speculation an article will still run because taking shots at the big name in town is easy. My belief has always been if someone or something is hating on you, then you might be doing something right. The fact is no one would hate on a school, a player, a person or a program that was irrelevant.

Enes Kanter has been one of the most highly anticipated names entering college basketball this season. Kentucky basketball has had the spotlight shining hard on it for over a year. This makes for a big target. I’ve played overseas for two seasons. I understand how the system works. It’s different from the United States, but that doesn’t make it wrong. For young kids, even 13 or 14 years old, to compete at the highest level of basketball in Europe, they must sign a contract as an amateur playing for an organization. The same way a high school students in the United States can enter a prep school is the same way an amateur overseas has his expenses paid while playing with a team. Enes Kanter, like many other players overseas, had to enter into a contract and play for one of these teams if he wanted to compete in basketball at a high level. The NCAA understands these situations and that’s why players overseas are allowed to do this and it’s considered the same as a prep school situation in the States.

The difference with Enes is that he is a top recruit and he is going to be playing for Kentucky. The media has also said other teams passed on Kanter because of all this, but in reality many coaches passed on Kanter because they knew they wouldn’t get him in the first place and it was difficult to go take recruiting trips all the way to Turkey. The news media has a job and that’s to report the news. Their job is not to fabricate stories or exaggerate and call a story factual because they believe it might be true. But the reason different news organizations do this is because every editor and halfway intelligent reporter understands controversy sells and it’s easy to create a negative spin. Again, I have played overseas for two seasons and I can tell you that some teams are shady about money. Instead of news organizations posting headlines that a UK recruit received $100,00 by an overseas team, they should first do some further reporting to make sure this is a fact, then provide evidence showing it is a fact. Instead, they are acting as tabloids just creating stories to generate attention. The Turkish team that Enes played for wants people to think they paid him $100,000 under contract because then when he is ineligible to play college and goes to the NBA, they could receive cash based on his next contract with an NBA team.

This story has become THE story it is because when someone or something is important and relevant people like to take shots. This is the same case with KSR. If KSR was irrelevant and no one visited the site then no news media would take shots. But Matt Jones is relevant and thousands of people do visit KSR daily so then the hating begins.

The bottom line is that it’s a shame that a good kid played his tail off to have the opportunity to go to school in America and compete at the highest level in college athletics and all this could be ripped away from him because the news cycle has perpetuated a story based on speculation and not fact. The NCAA is being backed into a corner and I can promise they feel the need to make an example of Enes and the only reason Kanter wouldn’t be eligible is because the public opinion is swaying in the other direction. Hopefully some real reporting will be done and the correct decision will be made. The NCAA needs to grow up and understand every situation isn’t exactly the same and overseas amateurs have different options and don’t have the prep school setup the way we have it in the States. As the Big Blue Nation, I encourage you to keep supporting what is right! FREE Enes Kanter!

FYI I saw the previous comments about the video of ME and my boy Webb. LOVE THEM!!! LOL

Ramel Smooth Bradley “FLY” (feat. Jonathan Webb) OFFICIAL VIDEO from Ramel Smooth Bradley on Vimeo.

Article written by Matt Jones