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Rajon Rondo urges you not to see ‘One Missed Call’ much better way to spend an evening…

So, let’s say your on th eve of winning the NBA Championship and you have some free time.  How do you spend it?  Well, if you’re Rajon Rondo,  you go see One Missed Call featuring the super sexy Shannyn Sossamon (alliteration anyone?).  Unfortunately, the silky smooth point guard didn’t like what he saw and, in a blog titled “I just got Rondo’d”, he outlined how awful it was.  Here are his thoughts:

“U wanna waste an hour and 8 minutes of your life? I did. I JUST GOT RONDO’D. I just saw the worst movie. I thought I would just have a chill night tonight. We had a team dinner earlier today, and after that, I thought I would come back to the room and watch a movie with my family. Soooo…we took a vote and decided on “One Missed Call.” Hands down it was the wackest, most horrible, sorry, miserable, lousy, inappropriate, disappointing, pathetic, deplorable, atrocious, awful movie I’ve ever seen in my life. I wanted to call the front desk and ask for my money back. I can not believe that movie was that bad. It definitely made my top 3 worst movies list.

Here’s my top three worst movies list:

1) Semi-Pro…it put me to sleep

2) One Missed Call…#$%&

3) The Mist…funny when it wasn’t supposed to be

What’s your top 3 worst movies?”

Well, that’s it.  I really don’t have anything else.  I just really enjoyed Rondo’s adjective-filled movie review.  Game time tonight is 9 pm kiddos so make sure Dad doesn’t fall asleep early.  You have an NBA title to bond over.

Article written by Thomas Beisner