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Rajon Rondo —- 7th to the Celtics?

Very little makes me laugh more and showcases the difference between UK fans of certain generations than to discuss Rajon Rondo. Inevitably, if you talk to any UK fan over 45 about Rondo and the NBA, their answer will be “aww he’s got no chance….why would anyone want him? He cant shoot.” Most younger fans marvel at his quickness and athletic ability and care none that his jumpshot is worse than anything found in the Hopkinsville church league. It is a great debate and both sides think the other is from Mars.

Well it turns out that some NBA GM’s must be fairly young as ESPN’s Chad Ford is reporting that if the draft were held today, Rondo would go 7th to the Boston Celtics. Yes you read that correctly…..the point guard that you watched last season, shoot abysmally, make poor decisions and occasionally mail it in, has top 10 pick written all over him. And you wonder why he hired an agent?

Ultimately this is proof that college and the pros are completely different games. I actually think Rondo should go high (although 7 seems a bit steep) because he may be, behind Tyrus Thomas, the most athletic player in the draft (I would never, ever pick Thomas number one however). When he is focused, he is a great defender and his passing ability is unquestioned. What is questionable is his desire to listen to coaching (a trait that will make him fit in with a number of NBA players) and his ability to interact with teammates (a problem that has plagued Rajon at various levels). Contrary to what many suggest, I like Rondo and hope he does well. He is a smart kid who can be an amazing player. I just wonder however if NBA GMs, who are an odd breed to begin with will look at the Kentucky team last year, led by Rondo, and really consider what impact he had on it. If so, I think the lottery might not be his new home.

Article written by Matt Jones