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Quotes From Last Night


On the difference between the first half and the second half …

“Well, they played well. They made shots. They beat us to every ball and I think they had 10 offensive rebounds at the half. They played really tough and aggressive and it’s the same issue (we have had all season). We turned the ball over 13 times and I couldn’t believe we were only down three.”

On the turnover ratio and why Arkansas-Little Rock had so few turnovers at halftime …

“Because we were giving them space and when we did get up we weren’t quite ready to play so they crossed us over and went by us and we didn’t want to go play the guy. But it is a great lesson. It doesn’t matter who we play, they are going to come out and I will say that Steve (Shields) would say that is the best they have played all year. That is every game we play, a team says that. Lamar walked off the court and said, ‘We were really happy how we played.’ I mean, it’s every game and until you really get knocked I don’t know if they will understand. I have young guys that say, ‘OK, I will act like I am tired.’ That is why they got beat. That is what we are right now.”

On wanting the team to pick up the pace in the game …

“Don’t act like you are tired. If you are acting like you are tired come out. ‘I have to run like this,’ well then come out, you are tired. Don’t act tired and want to stay in the game. But we are breaking habits and playing pretty well in the second half and doing some good stuff. But if we get into our league, which is a hard league to play in, we lost six road games last year in this league. Six. We go into this league and play this weekend like we just played then we won’t win. Every team is going to be physical and get into our bodies. I would imagine every team would make 3s like this team did. Just all of a sudden jack up 3s and they go in. No. 44 (Michael Javes) was bank missing free throws but making 3s. I don’t know if that is the first 3 he has made of his career but I thought it probably was. We have done a bunch of that too.”

On the play of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist …

“I don’t know if it is a pulled muscle or what in his chest area. It was last game that it happened but we are going to get him checked up and he didn’t feel right at halftime. I told them to give him some medicine to see if they could loosen it up. We will check on him tomorrow, but I think he will be fine.”

On Marquis Teague’s game tonight …

“I don’t know. We will have to watch the tape. Obviously, without him on the court we played better, there is no argument there. But he also has to play better for us to win, I know that.”

On the team starting league play this weekend …

“It is another level. I mean, every game is a dogfight, I don’t care who we are playing, and every road game is a sellout. There are no empty seats when we go on the road. It is the biggest game of the century. We are going into a town where the whole town shuts down because here comes Kentucky. If we think we are going to act tired or going to be like, ‘I don’t know why these guys are playing so hard,’ we are going to get beat and take some L’s.”

On the team rebounding better the last few games …

”I think that Anthony (Davis) is way tougher than he was earlier and he comes up with balls and Terrence (Jones) is going to crack it out and I thought that he did better today. He is going after some tough rebounds and they are pulling balls in. There have been a lot of missed shots on these teams we have been playing so there were a lot of opportunities for rebounds. Like I said, they had 10 offensive rebounds in the first half. I don’t know what they had in the second half, but they had 10. I will watch the tape on the drive home just to get rid of it because I don’t want to see it. I want to just get it done as quickly as I can. The first 40 minutes will be that tape and then I will throw it out the window. Look, I am coaching all freshmen that is what happened and it is just hard. It wears on you and it wears you out. They are trying and they are listening and they like each other but they are not taking that next leap.”

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

15 Comments for Quotes From Last Night

  1. GoCats2
    11:24 am January 4, 2012 Permalink

    I never had any doubt we were going to win but it sure was stomach-turning to watch that 1st half.

  2. just another day at the morgue
    11:28 am January 4, 2012 Permalink

    Sheesh ominous words to end the interview with…

  3. just another day at the morgue
    11:30 am January 4, 2012 Permalink

    1 – agreed…never have I felt like this about a team who can just frog leap buckets so quickly

  4. just another day at the morgue
    11:30 am January 4, 2012 Permalink


  5. just another day at the morgue
    11:33 am January 4, 2012 Permalink

    I mean UNC even made about 60% of their threes and we still won!!! Go CATS no8 awaits

  6. Cal is the man
    11:45 am January 4, 2012 Permalink

    Watching Jonh Wall, Brandon Knight develop makes me confident in
    Cal’s ability to connect with the largest egos to develop them into masterful
    Point guards will work with Teague,
    Teauge, being from Indiana, thought to be a Lousville lock
    and having a good NBA player for a brother gives him added distractions.
    Once he gets there, he makes the whole team better. No more rhythm problems
    or press problems

  7. Jake.
    11:47 am January 4, 2012 Permalink


  8. bluesince66
    12:02 pm January 4, 2012 Permalink

    Seems like the loss at Indiana got Cals attention on free throws. Just wish something would click with him and play a little zone from time to time. With depth being an issue and Witjler not able to guard anyone seems like a good idea. Put Witjler and Davis down low in a 3-2 would be tough to play against.

  9. leader,smeeder
    12:03 pm January 4, 2012 Permalink

    The idea that we need a “leader” to step up is a little overblown. This team has too many weapons for basically anyone in the NCAA…we can play poorly and beat most anyone. The only real danger is foul trouble form K-G and/or Davis. If those two stay in the game, and everyone else plays “okay” defense, then we are golder on defense because Davis makes anything inside extremely difficult and K-G rebounds and scraps like a honey badger. If Miller and Lamb can get a little more consistent output, shooting threes and driving, and Jones gets back to playing well- tip dunks, etc- we are unstoppable on offense. So, whats the worry? Teague just needs to learn to deploy the weapondry- sit back at the controls a little more, and pick his spots to go more carefully.

    Bottom Line- Final 4 here we come.

  10. pioneer
    1:40 pm January 4, 2012 Permalink

    #9 You last sentence pretty much sums up why Teague is still struggling. He needs to learn to deploy the weapondry, sit back and pick his spots. I would guess that is exactly what Cal has been preaching to him since day 1. Lets hope Mr. Teague can realize how to run this team, we are going to need his skills and talent once the tournament starts. Forget SEC play, we can beat nearly everyone in the SEC with Lamb as our point guard. Teague has got to get focused, stop thinking so much, and just freakin play! He has got to make plays for everyone else, that is his job and likely why he is struggling so much with it. He was The Man at Pike and now he has to be the general and let someone else become The man. WE NEED HIS SKILLS AND ABILITY TO WIN #8, PERIOD, POINT BLANK!!! Sorry couldnt resist…

  11. DEasy
    2:00 pm January 4, 2012 Permalink


  12. pioneer
    2:03 pm January 4, 2012 Permalink

    Also, sometimes kids dont know where they really fit in, and I can see MT as someone who desperately wants to do the right things, but cannot seem to find his place once “all the shooting starts”. I know he will get better, but our success solely depends on his development in the next 2 months.

  13. Doubting Thomas
    2:18 pm January 4, 2012 Permalink

    MT will be a great point guard by the time he leaves Ky. Not sure when that will be though. Not this year but maybe next year. He just needs to calm down and depend on his team mates a little more.

  14. right
    3:43 pm January 4, 2012 Permalink


    Please blow out of proportion Cal’s comment on littering when he said he’d throw the video out of the window on the bus ride home.

  15. John Chaney
    11:27 pm January 4, 2012 Permalink

    ima gona kills u. I beat u ass.