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Quick Word on Bobby’s Post….

You step away for a day and things go all to heck. If you havent read Bobby’s post you should (and not even for the reason I am about to articulate) as it is an interesting notion about what players really think and what they are allowed to say. However I am utterly baffled at the comments that followed it, as they seemed to lack even the most basic comprehension of what point Bobby was trying to make. Utilizing a comment made by Tubby Smith during his tenure (that the players were “messing with his livelihood”), Bobby noted that this is a strange comment to make by a person making the money he was, while the players were making the money they were. Even though Perry EXPLICITLY stated that he didnt believe college players should be paid more money, he was immediately criticized in the comment section for being ungrateful, lazy, communist and all different types of traits that really had nothing to do with his point.

While Bobby may not believe that players should be played, I do. Amateur athletics is not a true free market. If it were, players would be allowed to sell of their services and they would go to the highest bidder….as in the rest of the world. However, college athletics pays a set salary to all (tuition and board) and no matter who is the best, all get paid the same. Even though Jamal Mashburn made the University of Kentucky millions, he gets paid the same per year as Todd Tackett. That is a system, but isnt exactly free market anything. So the notion that it somehow showcases a player’s “laziness” or “Obama-like” ways to be against that system is beyond bizarre. People can disagree whether players should be paid….that I can understand. But if someone’s point is different than yours, at least understand where they are coming from before you simply call names.

But that was my point, not Bobby’s. Bobby’s point was simply that for a coach making that type of money to somehow lay the burden on players making such a disproportionately small amount of money seems a bit off kilter. Agree or not, but it is amazing how few people who decided to call names and belittle Bobby even took the time to read and try and understand the post. Of all the disagreements I read, only one or two even disagreed with the point Bobby was making. The others were off arguing about something that he wasnt even saying, and doing so in a rude and disrespectful manner. That has been happening way too much in the past few weeks on the site and beginning now, when it happens, the person who does it wont have to be burdened with the ability to comment any longer. That isnt about censorship, its about respect. When people turn the comment section into a mud-slinging mosh pit, it runs all those off who have interesting, funny and intelligent things to say. That has happened for too long around here, and it is going to happen less if we can do anything about it. Disagreement is fine, but childish rants are not….at least not here.

And in other news Mike Huckabee went to Kentucky’s opponent Ouachita Baptist for college. I hope he shows up tomorrow night (see I am bipartisan!).

Article written by Matt Jones