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Quick question

I will go ahead and be the first to question the coaching here:

-If you are gonna run a QB sweep on 3rd down at the end of regulation, why do it with Morgan Newton?  Even if you assume that the defense would expect Randall Cobb to run the ball if he was the quarterback, I would still expect him to gain AT LEAST the 3 yards that Newton was able to get.  BUT, Cobb gives you the threat of breaking it for the winning score.  Newton does not with his feet. 

-On the positive side, I thought the play calling was pretty good for most of the game.  They used Cobb what I would call “an appropriate amount”, and ran a variety of plays with Newton.  There was a reverse for a score, and they tried a few deep passes.  By the way, those calling for more AGRESSIVE play calling clearly didnt watch Cobb and Newton throw it deep, because they suck at it.  That being said, when it is 3rd and 9, I am sick and tired of seeing a 3 yard pass and hoping for the best.  In the SEC, thats an ignorant strategy. 

-The overtime play calls were…..interesting.  The swing pass top the fullback would have gotten a few yards had it not been dropped.  But the option play was a disaster, likely to due to poor blocking (not Jokers fault).  And 3rd and long was doomed from the beginning with Newton at QB.  So, I don’t really think Joker did that poorly during OT.  I say the last possession of regulation was the downfall. 

-Can anyone honestly say they thought UK was gonna win when the game went to OT?  Sorry, I didn’t.

Article written by Bryan the Intern