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Quick Memorial Day News and Views


Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I’ve always found this to be an odd holiday, full of mixed emotions.  On the one hand, we are meant to spend time with family, drink heavily, and cook meat over open flames.  On the other, definitely more important hand, we are meant to remember and honor those that have served and are currently serving.  During a time of peace, this is easy.  You get those vets in your family an extra beer on the way back from the cooler.  During a time of war… well it’s a little bitter sweet when there are seats open at your table. Take a moment and remember those overseas. Write them a letter, bake them cookies, shoot guns at tin cans on the top of a fence, do whatever it is you do, but keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Yet, even through wars, Kentucky sports goes on.  During an incredibly slow news period, save for the huge elephant in the room, Kate did a good job wrapping the stories up in the post below mine.  That being said, here’s some news and views quick and dirty style.  Look for more to happen later today… maybe.

-Unless you are one of those guys that turns off their phones and computers during the weekend (and I won’t count newspapers as a potential news source anymore since nobody else does,) by now you have heard about the Eric Bledsoe situation.  If you haven’t, it basically amounts to this.  Eric got better grades during his senior year in high school… something sounds fishy, doesn’t it?  Potentially Eric got a little ‘help,’ with his rent while in high school.  In other words, nothing that really had anything to do with Calipari or Kentucky.  Yet here we are, potentially retroactively handing out punishments to people that had nothing to do with the situation. I won’t bore you with my take on the situation, because it’s likely the same as you have read anywhere else… but don’t expect this to go away quickly.  Best case scenario?  Nothing more is written about, and the Calipari haters have another thing to yell at Matt when he goes on their radio shows.  Worst case?  Rightfully or not, games *could* be forfeited.  Dibs on the @South Carolina one.

-The NBA Finals are set, and fans of the 2006 season of college basketball should be excited, as super stud Adam Morrison is going up against future Euro League all star Sheldon Williams.  With that, another Cat gets a shot at a ring, as Rondo leads his Celtics to a potential second trophy in three years.  Rondo has again been spectacular this off season and looks to run through the Lakers defense as he did in the regular season.  It should be a good series, and as good as the Lakers (and Kobe) look, Boston has been playing championship ball the past month.

-Following the lead of the other athletics programs this year, the Men’s Tennis duo of Eric Quigley and Brad Cox bowed out in the elite eight of the NCAA tournament on Saturday.  They lost in two sets, but advancing to the elite eight is the best the men’s team has done since 1987, so it’s something to be commended.  Quigley is a sophomore and Cox is a junior, so both should be capable of an even better performance next year.  Assuming they don’t go to the draft.

-Finally, we are still accepting applications for the next round of Who Wants To Be a Blogger.  The contest opened on Friday and we are continuing to accept applications through this Wednesday.  For more details, check out the original post.  Go ahead and give it a shot, winning really isn’t all that hard.

Article written by Will Lentz