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Presser quotes from last night’s win

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Some postgame quotes from the Cats’ rout of Akron…

Coach Phillips:

On the team’s injuries:

First, our injury report, Moncell, the turtle had a hamstring (injury), I didn’t know turtles had hamstrings. Winston Guy had a laceration on his hand, got it fixed at half-time, and was back in the game. Stuart Hines got an ankle, Randall Cobb got an IV at half-time and then got heartburns and doctors just wanted to check him out. But by the time they had checked him out and cleared him, we had just scored and we just thought that we were going to just keep him out for the rest of the game.

On the slow start:

The way they warmed up, the way we came out at pregame, I talked before the game was, I mean, we looked like we were sleepwalking during the warmup, during the pregame. I challenged them before the game, you’ve got to play with intensity, you’ve got to play with excitement and you’ve got to play with passion. I didn’t see that out of us the first quarter. We didn’t do that. I wanted to pull them up and give them a reminder of what we had just talked about in the locker room, because we synched it, we did. We synched that. We cannot relax.

And they will see next week, you can’t relax. You play like that, like we did in this quarter next week, you’ll be down two or three touchdowns. We cannot relax and not play with excitement, not play with passion, not play with enthusiasm

On if Randall Cobb’s health will be a factor moving forward:

No, it doesn’t worry me. Randall, he’ll be ready to play this week and if he has a problem, we’ll get him IVed and get him back in there. He’ll be ready. No big deal.

I mean, it happens every week with a lot of players, get IVed at halftime. That’s nothing unusual.

Mike Hartline

On the slow start:

“It wasn’t a little flat, it was really flat. Just again, you can see we had things going the right way but just penalties can just demoralize your drives. There were some plays left out on the field that we should have made. Definitely short-down distance plays that we needed to make, we didn’t make. Those are the things next week that we can’t have happen. When you’re in a hostile environment and we start the Southeastern Conference, we can’t have those types of mistakes.”

And Joker’s intensity during his wake-up call:

“It was pretty close (to a 10). Coach Sanders was up there too. He was a little fiery about it but we knew we were just killing ourselves. We knew that they weren’t stopping us and we knew we just had to clean it up, focus, regroup and sadly it just took a little longer than we needed it to.”

On not turning the ball over:

“It’s incredible. It makes it great and you can see how in certain situations, if we did have turnovers in some pickles throughout these three games, how it could definitely turn around the game. I’m glad we’re just staying confident in ourselves and taking care of the football and keep progressing and moving drives. We just have to cut out the penalties.”

Derrick Locke

On getting 2,000 yards:

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, 2,000 yards should have been here a long time ago. I went through some areas with injuries and I’m not concerned about the 2,000 yards I’m concerned about the yards I get for this season. Having 2,000 yards is good but oh well, that’s how I look at it to be honest.”

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Article written by Hunter Campbell

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