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Plaxico’s Freedom’s Tuesday News and Views

There is always a lesson to be learned when shooting down your leg. For some, a quick accidental shot down the leg results in an extortion case and a schmaschmortion. For others – like Plaxico Burress – a shot to the leg can get you a two-year prison sentence. That two-year prison sentence for Plaxico just ended after a lonely 20-plus months behind bars for the Super Bowl XLII hero. Drew Rosenhaus picked Plaxico up from Oneida Correctional Facility in New York Monday evening and today he will celebrate his freedom. I’m sure he is popping bottles right now in jubilation. He’ll make up for lost time with his lady. He’ll reach out to the Philadelphia Eagles and hope for a contract. He’ll create a Twitter account once someone tells him what Twitter is. He’ll buy an iPad 2 and marvel at it’s sleek design and how handheld technology has progressed while he was gone. He’ll watch the NBA Finals and wonder why LeBron is in Miami and where all of the King’s hair went. He’ll turn down a contract offer from the Bengals. And, first and foremost, Plaxico Burress will host his very own Tuesday News and Views. It’s been a longtime coming. Welcome back to the life, Plaxico.

Whoooooooo wants news and views???? You do!

— All of the Kentucky basketball newcomers will be on campus by the end of the day. Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague, Michael Gilchrist, Kyle Wiltjer, and Ryan Harrow will officially be Lexington residents by this time tomorrow night. Remember: It’s okay to say hi if you see these guys out but please don’t stalk them all summer long. I know we’re all excited for their arrival but most of us are adults and it’s not cool for adults to creep around looking for college freshmen. With that being said, meet me outside Wildcat Lodge tomorrow night. Wear camo.

— Before he arrives in Lexington today, Marquis Teague played in an Indiana All-Star exhibition game Monday night in Washington, Indiana. Even though he is the starting point guard for his home state team, Teague was booed when he was introduced to the crowd before the game. Being the bigger, better, and more successful person that he is, Teague just smiled and took the animosity in stride because he knows there are only a few hours left before he leaves the state for good. I don’t think anyone was booing when he scored 15 points and had 5 assists in the first half. He did botch an attempt at an in-game between the legs dunk though. We need him to perfect that before Big Blue Madness.

— Kentucky athletics continues to take over our nation’s capitol. The Washington Nationals selected UK pitcher Alex Meyer with the 23rd overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft. The junior right-handed pitcher is only the fourth Kentucky player to be drafted in the first round and he is the highest UK draft pick since 1996. Meyer finished the 2011 regular season as the SEC leader in strikeouts, strikeouts looking, innings pitched per game, complete games and complete-game shutouts. John Wall and Victoria Dunlap are already planning the welcoming party.

— The Indianapolis Star says it’s unlikely Walter McCarty will be retained in Indiana if the Pacers keep interim head coach Frank Vogel. Vogel was told he’ll have to change his staff if he returns under the one-year deal, meaning the man who completed UK’s 31-point comeback will be unemployed. McCarty is rumored to be a candidate for the Boston University job and he has plenty of other connections to land him a job right away. He’ll be fine just as long as he’s not back on the staff at Louisville – I can’t watch one of my all-time favorites on that sideline again.

— Another former Pitino guy is on the market for a coaching job and it’s still hard to believe the randomness. Rodrick Rhodes submitted an application for the Harlan High School head coaching job after the school’s athletic director reached out to him to gauge his interest. Rhodes has also shown interest in the Owsley County job. Rodrick is originally from New Jersey and he’s currently coaching at Texas Pan-American, so his quest for a high school job in Kentucky says a lot about how awesome this state is.

— A quick tidbit from the non-UK NBA coaching carousel: Mark Jackson has been hired as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Jackson spent the last few years as an NBA analyst for ESPN and he was one of the best in the business in my opinion. Not many people know this but Mark is the older brother of the late Troy Jackson – a former Louisville Cardinal and “Escalade” on the And 1 Mixtape tour.

4-star wide receiver Dwayne Stanford of Cincinnati will visit UK either this Friday or next. He’s a Top 100 player. We don’t usually see too many of those around these parts so let’s clean up a bit before he arrives. Stanford said his buddy Adolphus Washington might make the trip down 75 with him. Washington is also a Top 100 recruit. We definitely don’t see two of those at once around here. S— just got real.

I wonder what Beisner did today? It wasn’t the same without him in the office.

— The Birmingham News named Danny Trevathan and Larry Warford preseason All-SEC. Trevathan was voted as the best outside linebacker in the conference and Warford the second best offensive lineman. We have to beat Louisville on September 17th.

I think that’ll do for now. As usual, Matthew Harper Jones will be hitting the airwaves at 10:00 am on 1080 AM. BTI will get the ball rolling here on the worldwide web edition at 9. See you then.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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  1. Terrelle's Cadillac
    12:26 am June 7, 2011 Permalink


  2. Pharmboy
    12:38 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    It’s Alex Meyer.

  3. Cousins Fake Teeth
    12:44 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    He should of never went to jail in the first place. I guess though the constitution isnt valid in NY.

  4. Jon Hadley
    12:51 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    so bob knight says uk is unethical and kids dont go to class but he thinks ohio state football players taking “discounted cars” and trading autographs for free stuff is no biggie

  5. mocha
    12:52 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    One of your best posts ever, well done.

  6. tdogg4033011
    12:58 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    4) Bob Knight is an idiot, nothing has changed.

  7. John Boy
    2:29 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Rhodes applied @ Harlan Ind, not Harlan County.

  8. Buckets
    7:53 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    I’d take Plax on my team. But I wouldn’t take Tony Woods.

  9. Oogie Boogie Man
    8:35 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Damn, I enjoyed the Jackson-Van Gundy broadcast team. I figured if anyone left for a coaching job it would be JVG.

  10. bung
    8:36 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Knight played for Ohio St didnt he?

  11. Lou eaton
    8:38 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Too bad Rhodes isn’t going to Harlan, Ky. Apparently, we need some coaching changes statewide given the low number of Div 1 players coming out of Ky high schools………..

  12. k
    8:52 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Whoa whoa whoa, I’m sorry, did you just say Jackson was one of the best in the business? I thought it was pretty much universally agreed upon that he and Van Gundy were absolutely pathetic at their jobs.

  13. Real Talk
    9:37 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Mark Jackson’s son plays for Pitino at Louisville

  14. Megan
    9:42 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    3 – You really don’t understand the first thing about the Second Amendment, or felonies, do you? Anyone who writes “He never should of went to jail” has pretty much conceded the intellectual high ground.

    Not even J. Scalia would agree with you here.

  15. bung
    9:50 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Yall ever hear that old sayin that “he shot himself in the foot”? Apparantly this used to happen a lot. I still aint sure what he did that was so illegal that he had to go to prison for 2 years. People seem to have a gun phobia in the big cities. I hopes i spelt all this rite.

  16. bung
    10:30 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    What did bk drive when he played at Oh st?

  17. Beatle Bum
    11:01 am June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Jackson’s son plays for UL.

  18. CatBlue in LR
    1:44 pm June 7, 2011 Permalink

    I can see it now… Rod Rhodes hunkered down in his man cave feverishly studying back episodes of “Justified” to learn something about Harlan.

  19. rickpitinoshairplug
    2:14 pm June 7, 2011 Permalink

    Plexiglass (shannon sharpe called him this) is going for the “Chapelle show” “tron” look…