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Paul Simon’s Tuesday News and Views

paul smion

Today is the 67th birthday of a musician who has been relevant in the mainstream for longer than virtually anyone else in modern music. Paul Simon was big with your parents and if you are my age, was big when you were around too. He went through the Simon and Garfunkel days to the Graceland days to the “sing with African groups” days to the “showup whenever there is something emotional to sing for” days of now. I admit to being a huge Paul Simon mark and the amount of songs he has had a hand in that are great is astounding: “Mrs. Robinson”, “Homeward Bound”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Cecilia”, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”, “Me and Julio”, “Slip Sliding Away”, “Graceland”, “You Can Call me Al” and any more. Plus he has a flair for the dramatic as his version of “The Boxer” after 9/11 on SNL is still one of the best television moments I can remember. All in all, Simon is a legend, and one that you can even like with your parents…a rarity in modern times. As for my favorite Simon moment…well it has to be the “Call Me Al” video…two of my favorites, Simon and Chevy Chase acting buffoonish. It doesnt get much better than that.

Three news tidbits, lets get to it:

(1): The story of the day comes from football where the Kentucky QB merry-go-round is now in full effect. Rich Brooks announced earlier today that the news is generally positive for Mike Hartline, as he did no damage to his ACL and might even be able to return depending on how his MCL heals. However any return is at least 3-6 weeks away, which means in the short term, it is “Who Wants to be a Quarterback” in Lexington. Brooks immediately ruled out the fans’ choice, Randall Cobb, suggesting that it would be too dramatic a change to the offense to solely give the reigns to him. So that means more “Wildcat” and either Will Fidler or Morgan Newton doing the rest. It isnt an easy choice for Brooks and company. Fidler is more experienced but is generally thought privately to not have SEC talent and Newton is a stud who has not picked up the college game (and playbooks/reads) as quickly as they would have liked. But someone has to play…and this week will decide who. I continue to think that Fidler gets the nod at Auburn, and practice over the next two weeks moves towards Newton starting when the team returns home. Either way, those that decried Hartline now are likely looking back at what might have been, as the road will be very steep at the QB position.

(2): The internet was aflutter this evening with talk of the Calipari announcement that a “major recording artist will be at Madness. Cal told this to a group of students in a Psychology 101 class at UK today, proving that the man might speak anywhere at any time (word is that he is hitting up a Rallys on Georgetown Road today). This has led to much speculation as to who the mystery act will be. Will it be Drake, the biggest star that I couldnt pick out of a lineup, best known for being on a Canadian tv show and being Lil Wayne’s protege? Will it be Justin Timberlake, a friend of Cals from his days at Memphis and the coolest white man in America not named Ryan Lemond? Or will it be a wildcard like Jay Z, Montgomery Gentry or Right Said Fred? Whoever it is, speculation is rampant. It will be difficult to know who will succeed for the occasion…a rap star might impress recruits but could leave the crowd silent, like when Timbalake performed at the McDonalds All American game and literally no one even stayed in their seat to watch…a country act will get the crowd excited but wont necessarily make the Madness guests or players dance in the streets. It should be interesting, but what will be more interesting is the speculation we will have on this blog as to who this mystery guest will be.

(3): As for actual Madness visitors, the big news of today is that Josh Selby will be visiting the Kansas Midnight Madness on Friday. Selby is one of the more interesting guys in the 2010 class because he is a HUGE talent that for some reason gets lumped behind Brandon Knight and Kyrie Irving on most team’s pecking orders. He had originally been scheduled to attend BBM, but his mom said that when Kyrie Irving decided to come, they decided to push his date back. Selby is thought by many of the recruiting gurus with unfrosted hair to be a major UK lean and most believe that if UK truly wants him, they can have him. If thats true, the lack of UK putting the heat on is a little surprising…this is a Top 10 kid after all. Either way, watch that visit in Lawrence…Selby is a spontaneous kid and the worst thing that could happen for UK is if Irving ends up at Duke and somehow Selby gets intoxicated by Jayhawk fever.

More all day, including Drew Franklin on what suggestions he might have for this “big musical guest.”

Article written by Matt Jones