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Patrick Towles has a message of his own

After the comments made earlier this morning by Patrick Towles’ father, Patrick himself took to Twitter to send a message to the Kentucky fans. The interview this morning had to have put Towles in a tough position, especially with more than half of the season remaining.

Article written by Ally Tucker

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33 Comments for Patrick Towles has a message of his own

  1. Kermit the frog
    12:48 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    And Bobby Petrino

  2. BlueCat
    12:49 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink


  3. Shane
    12:50 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Daddy Towles sounds more frustrated than Patrick. He shouldn’t be putting pressure on his son like that.

  4. FloydsScissors
    12:51 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Good for you PT!!!

  5. Funky Monkey
    12:54 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    His father had the right to be concerned. UK had one of the best SEC players in years with Randall Cobb. Wouldn’t use him to close out TN, in the Bowl game we lost he only got what,..? 6-7 touches,.. Joker should have used him more and sometimes he uses others too much, i.e. Newton yesterday.

  6. Beatle Bum
    12:59 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Dads need to speak with sons and family members, not media or twitter. Patrick is best served by a RS.

  7. kyblue
    1:03 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    His fathers frustration lies with Joker. Joker has now lied to Mr.Towles twice. The first time during Patrick’s in home visit when he told Patrick he would not be redshirting. The second was if Smith were to ever be injured Patrick would be the guy. Joker has consistantly deceived his family. I have a strong feeling higher ups are telling Joker to redshirt Patrick considering Joker will not be back next year. O and just a little fun fact for you all, Bobby Petrino was in Gainesville this past weekend.

  8. Chuck
    1:07 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    I don’t understand why Joker brings in highly touted recruits and then decides to redshirt them. Keeping them out of real situations for a year couldn’t be good. UK doesn’t have the depth in it’s program where they can afford to keep the top recruits off the field. Redshirts should be the ones with injuries for the season or those that need more preparation for college ball. I believe both of Florida’s QBs played last year as freshmen as did Bridgewater at Eastern Parkway U. Hopefully by the time Patrick is in his fourth year UK will have some more highly touted QBs “in waiting.” How could Towles or Whitlow had done worse than Newton if he would have started one of them? I would think he would want to give all of his QBs as much experience as possible. Can you imagine what South CArolina is going to do to Newton? Not going to be pretty!!!

  9. tdogg40330
    1:15 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    #8, Smith is playing this week

  10. caveman2
    1:18 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    The concern should be Mitch Barnhart’s. Mitch should be on the phone with the Towle’s family to reassure them that everything will be taken care of. My concern is that that won’t happehn.

  11. Ballsofsteel
    1:21 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Run away from uk my man.
    The football team is a joke
    Barnfart only cares about bball and the money fball brings in but not the actual success of fbal

    He’d rather take the 100% fball brings in give 30% back to fbal n the rest to some shi t sports no one cared about so he can say He made all sports look good to help out his career

    He is a shi t ad n u need to transfer

    Guys u know bardtard isn’t going to get a big name

    He’ll get some chump
    But when he does dont come back as fans

    I say all fans just say f u to uk on football for a year

    Run Patrick!!! If u want to play in the next level and make big$$$$$$ run

  12. Gator Chomp
    1:22 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    You will be SORRY kid!!!
    WKU,UL and the other 13 SEC Universities.

  13. putinrichie
    1:23 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    The problem lies with the reporter and people speculating that Towles will transfer if he doesn’t play this year. These people think that because Moss got burned by Joker and left that the same will happen here. These people are wrong. Not only is Towles here to stay, but the redshirt was the right decision.

  14. NKY Cat Fan
    1:23 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    His dad is so Ft. Thomas. Shut up and let your kid do what he wants since he’s actually earned his right to be there. Your time has passed, old man.

  15. putinrichie
    1:24 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    12 – UF is probably the most overrated team in the country. If we weren’t one of the worst teams in D-1 we may have ended the streak in the Swamp yesterday. I will be SHOCKED if Florida finishes the year in the Top 25. I see at least 4-5 losses on their schedule.

  16. putinrichie
    1:26 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    12 – Also, If I was a Florida fan than I would have taken a lot more negatives than positives away from yesterday’s game.

  17. Momma towels
    1:29 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink


    USC 67
    Uk. 9

    Towels transfers

    Joker fired

    Mitch hires some reject

    Cycle continues as it has for fifty years

    Uk bball wins 9th 10th 11th titles under cal

  18. 3cats
    1:35 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    I will take that # 17…. but I want Towels to stay.

  19. UK Season Ticket Holder
    1:37 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    If Towles is not considering other options, it’s to his own detriment. I like Joker, but he can’t get it done. I don’t fault his effort, but his execution and decision making are questionable at best. As Coach in Waiting he can’t ask us to to wait on the younger guys after he’s squandered the talent he already personally recruited. We are always the least prepared team on the field at kickoff Saturday in, Saturday out. Personnel utilization, play-calling, in game adjustments, etc. are all suspect. Every program deals with injuries, transfers, or recruits not panning out. Part of the job, not an excuse for poor performance. Would’ve been great if Joker worked out, but I wish him the best in his next endeavor as soon possible.

  20. wildcat502
    2:01 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Joker is a great human being, but he will not work out as a head coach. I was a Joker backer, until this weekend. He left Newton in there when he showed he wasnt the answer. Over threw a receiver by 10 feet, who was open by 10 yards, threw behind a receiver, by 2 yards, only 4 yards in front of him. Over threw Collins who would`ve had a touchdown. On and on and on. Then he started him in the second half.
    Smith told Phillips he could play, but Joker told him, he was his son and he would`nt play his son. I`ve seen quarterbacks play with a more serious injury than a bruise. And yes I have worked and played with serious bruises. They hurt, but they will not get worse.
    If Smith had played, we would have been in this game.

  21. Reality Check
    2:02 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    I will take the 30th ranked player in the State of Alabama that leads his team to a state title in the highest division against a hot bed of D1 athletes in JALEN WHITLOW…. over a Kentucky Kid who didnt even play in the highest class in the state of KY. Towles is just getting a reality check in practice that is why WHITLOW is playing over him. Some say WHITLOW is the best QB we have. Just sayin. Jim Bunning cant make him start when he is not better than WHITLOW.

  22. blitzedanddazed
    2:03 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Let the baby take his ball and go home. His Grandfather is an idiot and it appears his Father is the same.

  23. MadTex
    2:21 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    UK Football is a big JOKE!!! Towles would be better served to go somewhere else where they know how to play football and be properly coached.

  24. those spd guys
    2:53 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    The fact is that rarely can a TRUE freshman come in and make an impact his freshman year at quarterback. Redshirting him is the best best option. He can learn the speed of the game for his first year, and then get a real ball coach in next year and learn that playbook. Hopefully when Joker gets fired he takes Sanders (the OC) with him. Sanders and Brown could be worse hires than joker. The OC has a large saying in who plays QB. I love Joker as much as he loves UK, but he needs to go back to OC and let a real ball coach step in.

  25. Rick
    3:09 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Seriously, so many people have already said it well and said it correctly: Just ride it out and wait on the (hopefully) better coach next season. The kid may be a competitor and want immediate playing time, but common sense says he just needs to work out, get stronger physically, and have as much freshman sex as he can this year until he gets to be the man next year, presumably. Stay as far away from this season’s trainwreck as possible.

  26. putinrichie
    3:32 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    19 and 23 – If Towles can’t start at UK, why should he go to a more elite program?? Also, going to UK didn’t hurt Tim Couch. He was still able to become the #1 pick in the NFL draft and make millions before flaming out at the next level. Please spare us the BS that he should go somewhere else. Towles will likely be playing for a new coach next season and UK is the best place for him to be.

  27. Will
    5:36 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    7. And how do you know this? Are you like every other UK fan that has a cousin of a cousin twice removed whose neighbor happens to know the brother in law of Patrick’s father?

    21. Your opinion doesn’t count when you don’t even understand the class system in KY. Higher class does not necessarily equal better opponents. Just more students in the school.

    And to everyone else, I know this is beating a dead horse…but shut up with the negativity. It is OK to be pissed at the regime, but to not hope for something better and encourage a huge signing for us to leave? That is not loyalty at all. Please, discard your blue and root for the overhyped team down the road.

  28. Rixter
    7:02 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Another kid who didn’t respect Joker’s 24 hour Twitter ban

  29. Rixter
    7:08 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    I love how the U of L fans think Towles should leave and Joker should stay!
    They weren’t quite as enthusiastic about Kragthorpe hanging around a couple more years

  30. Some Guy in Kentucky
    7:46 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Tim Couch was on the radio before the season started and he said that he thought that it would be in Towles best interest to redshirt. He could learn the offense, and learn to read college defenses. Plus, it puts 2 years between him and Smith.

  31. bgblue
    8:36 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    Parents! Parents! Parents! I am a martial artist (TKD and Kung Fu)with high rank belt and at a position to instruct the children. I have seen so many parents talk or express their concerns and emotion and making their kids positions at the team/school worse than what it should be. One of the worst parents I have seen is that this student’s mother thought he deserved to be taught higher skill when he is clearly not ready in instructors’ eyes. The kid really wanted to continue to study at our school and his dad was supportive and understanding of the kid’s position and the instructors’ decision. His mom pulled him out of the class. He was crying saying ” I don’t want to quit” and his dad was saying ” I will get you back in to the class.” Parent’s Please keep your frustration to yourself. To you, your kids are the best in the class but they aren’t. It may be because he/she does not have experience with the level he/she is now and requires some learning to know the system or purely does not have the talent of what he/she needs. I believe that Towel’s case is the former. Dad, please shut your mouth and let your kid figure out and work up to his way. PLEASE. I am sure Towel feels like the kid I saw at my Kung Fu class.

  32. putinrichie
    9:32 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    29 – Well Lil bro’s Big 12 dreams will be dashed soon when Clint Hurt puts them on probation for violating NCAA rules. People wonder how Charlie Strong is doing so well with kids from Florida. Well they do have one of the master minds behind Miami’s cheating working as their recruiting coordinator. Tom Jurich will regret that he didn’t intervene and can Hurt.

  33. Goose
    10:54 pm September 23, 2012 Permalink

    who cares… UK football sucks.