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Patrick Swayze’s Tuesday News and Views


I was saddened to hear tonight about the death of Patrick Swayze. Patrick was an icon of the late 80s/early 90s and is best known to most in my generation as the guy our girlfriends wanted from “Dirty Dancing”. He had been stricken with a debilitating cancer and had suffered for quite some time, finally succumbing today. In his honor, we list the KSR Choices for the Top 10 Patrick Swayze Performances:

10. North and South — For you youngsters, only the second best television mini-series in history (behind “Roots”). Swayze was one of the stars.

9. To Wong Foo — The movie is horrible, but Swayze showcases that like Drew Franklin, he can pull off wearing a dress.

8. The Outsiders — I dont know why folks dont talk about this movie more. Directed by Coppola, stars Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe, Ralph Macchio and our man Swayze…watch when you are ready to rough some people up.

7. Ghost — For the record, I hate this movie, but it did inspire a great scene in Naked Gun and made Swayze join Vince Gill as the hearthrob for all middle-aged women.

6. Red Dawn — Without question the best movie about a group of teenages that help protect a town from invading Soviets.

5. Point Break — There was a time this movie was on TBS every five minutes. And each time, Swayze would come on and steal the show…which isnt hard considering he was with Keanu Reeves.

4.. Next of Kin — You cant be from Kentucky and not have seen this movie. Mountain boy leaves Kentucky and moves to Chicago…family needs him, he comes back and starts kicking tail and taking names. Called the Matt Jones story, minus the kicking tail part.

3. Dirty Dancing — Another movie that wasnt really my cup of tea, but if you are my age, at least one girl made you watch this on a date at some point in your life. “I’ve…Had…The Time of my Life….”

2. SNL Skit with Farley — A top 10 classic SNL skit and it had Swayze in it as he tried out for the Chippendales. Farley at his best and Swayze plays the permed-out straight man. Odd to see the picture and realize both guys are now dead.

1. Roadhouse — In the KSR Compound, there really cant be any other choice. Over the past four years, Turkey Hunter and Hubby have watched Roadhouse approximately 450 times. And through osmosis, we have all picked it up. Remember folks, “pain dont hurt”, a lesson that can do you well in life.

RIP Patrick Swayze…to the news:

(1): Today the rest of the media world caught up to our boys Dustin Rumbaugh and Rob Gidel with their reports on recruiting visits (I love how the mainstream media is a day behind, all read about the news here and dont acknowledge Dustin or Rob at all….and then complain that I “steal” information. Gotcha guys). The only tidbit uncovered that is actually new is that Stacey Poole says South Carolina is recruiting him the hardest. Now on the one had, a person coulld see that and worry about UK’s chances for Poole, but I wouldnt choose to go that route. Poole has been a UK lean from day one and while I never like to guess where people will go (because in the end, the littlest thing can change a kid’s mind), one has to think at this point that Poole is UK’s if UK wants him. If I were a betting man, I think we either here of a Doron Lamb commitment this week, or Stacey Poole comes on board early next week. Dont hold me to it, because I will channel my inner Joe Wilson and say you are lying, but that is a decent guess.

(2): In football news, we found out today that Kentucky will play Florida on ESPN 2 at 6 pm a week from Saturday. The optimist sees this news and says “YES, national tv exposure!” and the ability to make some waves in the college football world. The pessimist hopes we dont get drilled in front of a lot of people. Either way, the atmosphere at Commonwealth should be electric as fans see the Cats not only play the #1 team in the nation, but see one of the best college players ever in his final appearance in the state. I am already pumped for the game and it is a ways away…it really is a no stress thing for the Cats…no one expects them to win, so just give it your all and enjoy the night.

(3): In his press conference today, the big topic for Rich Brooks was the difficulty in the kicking game. While Brooks has always been great about taking up for Lones Seiber and his difficulties over the years, today he basically acknowledged what we have all known. He said, “we have what we have” when it comes to the kicking game, specifically the kickoffs. Brooks said he will hold his breath on all kickoffs this year, as fans had become spoiled by the back of the endzone kicks of Tim Masthay “If you Nastay”. Brooks also said that the problem will be remedied next year, an indirect reference to Joe Mansour (a name I cant wait to exploit) who will be a new Cats next season. When Lones comes out, hold your breath and sing Morrissey…it works for us.

(4): Finally, Billy Clyde made a legal maneuver today, removing the case that UK filed in Kentucky to Federal court in Frankfort. The reasoning for this is simple…Clyde is claiming to be a resident of Texas, and he alleges that this creates diversity of residence between the parties, meaning he gets the case in Federal, instead of state court. That keeps him away from elected judges and will get him in front of Judge Danny Reeves, a George W Bush appointee that serves in Frankfort. An interesting (at least to me) piece of trivia here…this case will now be in the Eastern District in Frankfort, a place where I once spent one of the happier years of my life in 2005-2006 clerking for Judge Karen Caldwell (who is now in Lexington). I am sure Billy knew this and that was the impetus for the move. In the long run, the filing will have little impact as the true battle is still to come, mainly whether this case is centered in Kentucky or Texas.

We will have more later in the day and we are building towards Thursday, which will be Louisville Hate Day on the site, with each writer giving his take on why he hates Louisville. If you remember the Tennessee day last year, it is a great day, so set your calenders. In addition, I will be on with Terry Meiners on WHAS 840 AM at 4 pm to talk Cats and we will have a Live Blog at 8 pm. So get tuned up….

Article written by Matt Jones