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Pat Forde says Pat Forde things


Pat Forde is making the rounds at the SEC Tournament, emanating Kentucky hate and making babies cry (not really…well, probably). Last night, Forde wrote a recap of the Arkansas/Vandy game, which ultimately turned into a rant about Kentucky’s current bubble position. Here’s a shocker: Forde doesn’t think they should be ranked as high as they are in the RPI and should only be judged on their performance without Nerlens Noel.

The bad news for the Wildcats is that a loss to Vandy would likely doom Kentucky’s NCAA tourney hopes.

But we’re really all just guessing how the selection committee will appraise Kentucky, which lost center Nerlens Noel a month ago. Since then the Cats are 4-3 — undefeated at home but winless on the road.

In an attempt to get a grasp on where post-Noel Kentucky really should rank, I asked numbers guru Ken Pomeroy if he could run his stats on the Wildcats’ seven games without him. He didn’t have time for that, but estimated Kentucky would rank “in the 60-80 range.” They’re currently 37th in his rankings, which incorporate the entire season.

The 60-80 range is not a good range to be in for a team aspiring to defend an NCAA title. And it certainly would make the Vanderbilt game must-win.

Would we really expect anything less?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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54 Comments for Pat Forde says Pat Forde things

  1. wonderment
    11:03 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    the “60-80 range” … was Forde talking about his dating preference age range ?

  2. Mr. Happy boo boo bum bum lelelelele
    11:07 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Forde is a tool. I always go with Lunardi on the predictions, he always seems to get it right for the most part.

  3. Forde
    11:08 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    no wonderment, that’s the number of thrusts until Pitino finishes in his mouth.

  4. Mark
    11:08 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Douchebags, I mean Haters gonna hate. Just because he has a little peni$ he takes it out on KY?

  5. Go Cats
    11:09 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    He has a point. The Noel injury should impact seeding and entry into the tournament. However, is Boise State or Middle Tennesse more deserving? Nope.

  6. SexnNursinHomes
    11:11 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    You’ll never see an ul article from Pat Farte discussing why his team hasn’t won it since the Ronald Reagan Administration.

  7. BeauKnows
    11:12 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Tyler, there would be a special place in UK heaven if you accidently on purpose dumped a coke on his head this weekend….I’m just sayin’.

    GO CATS!!

  8. wonderment
    11:13 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    that’s a lot of thrusts in 15 seconds

  9. Will Totten
    11:14 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    2. Lunardi is not good. Ranked 36th as far as accuracy goes, check out the Bracket Matrix

  10. Will Totten
    11:15 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Not to mention UK has gotten both of its biggest wins on the year (Mizzou, Florida) without Noel in the lineup

  11. wow
    11:16 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I know where this dbag lives. I am going to egg his house in Douglass Hills 🙂

  12. Forde licks with a wet noodle
    11:18 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Forde sucks, but really he isn’t wrong. UK no doubt will be “downgraded” by the NCAA selection committee due to the loss of Noel.

  13. chooga
    11:18 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Regardless of the fact that Forde is the definition of a douchebag, it’s hard to argue that the numbers should reflect post Nerlens, and that we aren’t as good we were.

  14. Agree
    11:21 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I have to agree with 10

  15. Forde
    11:22 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Forde is a master thruster when he partners with Rick, they fit together like a puzzle so it works great. The 15 seconds is just the first deposit of Rick juice…Forde likes to skip dinner and get a belly full of loads.

  16. CATandMONKEY
    11:23 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I echo the sentiments of Mr. Totten.

    Surprisingly, we have played some of our most inspired ball without the benefit of Noel. We miss him, for certain but the other guys are finally, maybe, putting in the effort to pull off big wins.
    Go CATS!!

  17. CATandMONKEY
    11:24 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Oh, I believe the Truth would consider Forde a “sack boy” for Pitino.

  18. Not As Good As I Think I Am....
    11:25 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    If forde was as good as he thought he was, or if Pomeroy really thought forde was onto something (or had ANY respect for forde at all), I think he would have run the numbers. No big deal…just revise the code. Can you see Pomeroy saying…”Hey, Forde…is this the BEST thing you have going? Get a life, dude. Why you hate so much?” Keep digging, a-hole.

  19. How
    11:25 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    How in the world does the second best team in a conference have to worry about making the tourny………..?

  20. Genius
    11:28 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    #15..thanks for making me laugh. Belly full of loads…

  21. SEC tourney
    11:29 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Hey MTT, looking forward to the live blog..hope you enjoy the popcorn. If you bump into PF, just ignore him. He’s not worth your time of day.

  22. CATandMONKEY
    11:32 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    The automatic bids for some of the smaller conferences really needs to be reconsidered. The SEC is down but are we really in the same boat as the Patriot league, Summit League or Colonial Athletic Association? I know, someone will say we are worse…. enjoy that thought.

    We are really being judged against ousrselves. As has been mentioned, ad nauseum, any other team with our albeit nonstaggering resume, would be in.

  23. Cal's Cats
    11:34 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    You can’t just decide on Selection Sunday based upon who is in and who is out. It is the whole body of work. You may drop a seed or two if your team was stronger early on and weaker down the stretch but to just completley make a blank slate is a slap in the face of all the work put in.

    It is also a slippery slope. If you know that is how they will rank you, then players who could play but are iffy, aka Derek Anderson 97, the coach is just going to say he will play and he is fine, if he knows it will kill their seed.

  24. theSkinny81
    11:37 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    At least we are defending as Champs, and not 26 years and counting like his friends in duh Ville.

  25. Musehobo
    11:37 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    19) We aren’t really the 2nd best team in our conference though. The conference seeding only takes in to account conference games, while deciding the “better team” would involve including non-conference games. Although, it is difficult to think of who might be the 2nd best in our conference. Right now? maybe UT, Alabama?

  26. UKBlue
    11:38 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    People/ie Media are too stupid, insecure & egotistical to realize they personally are a huge reason why their customers are no longer reading their product. Every time Pat Forde, Eric Bozich, Eric Crawford, Jerry Tipton, or fill in the blank _____ say anything, they just dig their hole even deeper.

  27. RahRah
    11:38 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Great post title, MrsTT!
    So tired of hearing judge AFTER Nerlens. So if Siva or Gorgui break a leg tonight, does all UL ranking fly out the window? How about Olidipo? Does IU start over in the rankings? I’ve honestly never heard that about another team and this season, that’s all I’m hearing. Makes no sense. No respect.

  28. jim tom
    11:41 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    17//is that the same as a bag handler?

  29. jpcat15
    11:44 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Still shocked that Missouri is considered a lock and we are on bubble. If you compare common opponents, we are better than they are. They split with Ole Miss and we beat them in our only matchup. They split with LSU and we beat them in our only matchup. We both split against Florida. We both split against A&M. We both lost to Louisville. We beat Missouri head to head. I can’t understand the love affair with them. I am sorry, the conference results should matter.

  30. Buckets
    11:51 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    @25 everybody in the SEC played 18 games and we can out with the 2nd best record in those games. As far as Im concerned that makes us the 2nd best team in the conference.

  31. Big Bear
    11:52 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Given Forde”s agenda and timing of this article is there any doubt he would put out an article like this? I just wish he would go bless another conference tournament with his literary talents and malice.

  32. John Burke
    11:53 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    19- I keep thinking the same thing. Sure the SEC is week but the fact that the 9th best team in the Big Ten is considered a lock and the 2nd best team in the SEC is precariously on the bubble seems a bit dumb to me.

  33. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy
    11:54 am March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Defend the title? Were not defending anything, last years team was entirely different.

  34. RICK
    12:00 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    We are in , win or lose the ctas are in 12 seed, win this game and we are in with a 10.

  35. RealCatsFan
    12:02 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Forde probably climaxed when Nerlens got hurt.

  36. Fab Mango69
    12:08 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Pat Forde is an asshole!

  37. NEWMAN
    12:09 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Reading his articles is #fordeminutesofhell

  38. e
    12:10 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Isn’t that a photo of the of the wh–e that Mr. 15 seconds had? Oh sorry it’s just Forde. What an ASSHOLE! GO CATS!!

  39. Jimmy Dykes Caddy
    12:14 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Miss T,
    I suggest that you do a rim run to the media center, grab a large coke and at least dump on Ford’s lap, if not on his head. Surely you can pull that off; afterall, he can’t guard his yard.

  40. Dude
    12:43 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Really hope someone see’s this Tuscon Sam looking mo fo out in Nashville and blindsides him.

  41. Cayts
    12:45 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Wonder if Forde is out cheating on his wife again in Nashville?

  42. Musehobo
    1:05 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    30) It doesn’t hurt to have some objectivity every once in a while. I hate it when UL, UI, etc.. homers twist things to make things sound good for their team. Why do we have to be that way? Let’s be honest, in deciding between 2 teams, which is the better, it’s best to consider non-conference play as well as conference play. That’s just common sense.

  43. Bill says
    1:43 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    We lost 2 games at home with Noel in the lineup. Our 2 best victories came without Noel, Missour and Florida. Just sayin, go figure.

  44. Flint
    1:46 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Who is this Pat Forde you speak of?

  45. Cm on man
    1:50 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    The shame is you still read Forde and Tiptons garbage! BBN is huge and if we stopped buying their material you can damn well bet their employer will do something. We might not be able to change his mind but we can hurt his billfold.

  46. gobgblu37
    1:54 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Everytime Forde speaks about our Cats you can see his personal agenda, which is truely unprofessional but he is correct about our chances to make the big dance. If the Cats lose tonight to Vandy we are NIT bound. GBB!!!

  47. Buckets
    2:02 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    @42 i couldnt agree with you more on how annoying it is when homers twist things to make their teams look better. Im a Bengals and Reds fan too so I have many friends that try to do this as well. However I think there should be some respect given for finishing second in your conference when comparing 2 teams from the same conference. I know im contradicting myself now but a full season of work should be considered above all though.

  48. Screwed either way....
    2:18 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Kind of a catch 22: We don’t win tonight, we DESERVE the NIT. But if we get hot and win three this weekend, our reward will be an 8-9 seed. Would rather be a 10, 11, or 12. Even if im an 11 or 12 looking at one of the early play in games.

  49. Viren
    3:06 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t think you throw away the games they won with Nerlens Noel. I understand Cats need to be judged heavily on how they look after they lost their star player, but it is not like Noel alone won all those games when he was on the floor. We did beat two very good team without Noel so Cats should be in but just to be on he safe side we need to win this game versus Dores.

  50. brain
    3:47 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    The only hits this jackasses stories get are when you link them. Cut the shit.

  51. Ron
    5:05 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    These people have to quit saying “defending the title”. They’re not defending squat! They won it, they’re keeping it even if we lose. They’re not getting it BACK!

  52. DJCats
    5:19 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    I think he would look better in a dunce cap. Of the haters that will always hate, he is at the tip of the iceberg. I would argue that this team has played better without Noel on floor. They are obviously better with Noel, but they have been forced to play more as a team in his absence to have a fighting chance, and have delivered in a big way against their two toughest SEC opponents. We all know by now that he only makes these novice comments with the hope to stir the BBN pot…or should I have said Jack Wagon or Donkey comments?

  53. Old Man Kensey
    8:12 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    Forde is correct.

  54. Tom Seaver
    9:28 pm March 15, 2013 Permalink

    We just lost by 16 to a sub .500 team for the second time in two weeks. While Forde is a douche and typically correct about 25% of the time, this time he is correct. We suck. Time to focus on football and what we will have on the team next season.