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Opening up the BTI Hate Mailbag

Flipisatrip’s little baby boy

As you probably saw this morning, I receive my share of hate mail (and one death threat) over the course of a month.  Typically, I just open them up, read them, send them to Beisner, cry a little, drink some bourbon and move on with my day.  But today, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites over the years of  running the machine known as B-T-I:

From: David, Terrance, Robert, Jake, Janice, Lafonda, Will, Pete, Monroe, Tim, Victor (all in separate emails)
-BTI, you suck.

From: Matt J.
I don’t really like how you feel like you are running things at the website.  You are just a minor part of the phenomenon called Kentucky Sports Radio.  I feel like there are many writers who wipe the floor with you, especially that guy who writes the morning post (not Beisner, but that other guy).  You could really show some gratitude that people only read you because of him.  And remember your elders who came before you on this site.  SHOW SOME RESPECT!

From: Paul W.
-Why do you criticize players?  These guys are out there trying their best.  I think we can admit that Division-1 athletes probably should get beat on deep routes as much as some players do, but thats no reason to call them out.  Could you do better?  (ed. note: Could I do worse, I think not)  I am gonna keep this short, as when things tend to run long, I lose them.  But, just understand this, you suck.

From: Merriam W.
-I dont undrstand why it is so dificult to find an dictionary?  Your’e spelling is rideculus.  Oh, and you suc. 

From: Billy Bob
Why do you even post?  You never put anything that is Kentucky related on this site.  And frankly, is there anything else?  When my Richie Farmer Alarm Clock goes off in the morning, and I put on my Jamal Mashburn socks, and my overalls sponsored by Rick Pitino, what I DONT want is news about the NBA or NFL.  I want to know what Patrick Patterson had to eat last night.  And when UK loses a game, I use KSR as suicide prevention.  During the summer months, I don’t want to laugh at funny videos, I want to know what high school sophomores mentioned Kentucky in an interview.  Anyway, I need to go take a duece in my Billy Gillispie outhouse, so I will wrap up with this: I hope Adolph Rupp doesn’t allow you into heaven. (ed. note: that one hurt me dearly)

From: Jerry T.
I am a sportswriter myself, and I would just like to say “thank you”.  I am inspired by your writing on a daily basis, and use your writing style in many of my articles.  For instance, I am currently investigating a certain coach because he paid for a homeless man’s Mcdonald’s meal, BUT it appears that homeless man may have been John Wall.  I, like you, will not report any of this without multiple sources, but I am close to breaking this.  Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and also ask you to explain this equation: Jerry T. < BTI.  I don’t get it.

From: zachmorris,
cc: flipisatrip, Biga** Hungguy,
As founding members of the “BTI for Life Cult Organization”, just wanted to say thanks for the signed photo, although we said that clothes were optional, which you clearly did not get that hint.  We continue to devote our lives to your cause: bringing people joy in their lives, or at least from 10-11AM.  The three of us have now decided to bring joy to people’s lives from 1-4PM in honor of you.  And remember that we will continue to live by our motto “When BTI leaves KSR, we are DOA.” 

Just remember that if you have hate mail for me, you can always send it to my personal email address, [email protected] or my work email [email protected].  Either works.

Article written by Bryan the Intern