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On The Silly Notion That Louisville Might Have The Number One Recruiting Class In 2011

Say it with me now… #leegggoooo

As we watch the stars align to potentially grant the walking dead Rick Pitino a great recruiting class full of Kentucky leftovers, more people are beginning to question whether those very same leftovers could form the number one recruiting class in the nation. Granted, a lot of the people saying that are message board card-heads, but working under the assumption that Duce Bello and Quincy Miller join up, some big names have been suggesting the same in one form or another.  Including friend of KSR Jeff Goodman and best friend of Thomas Beisner, Eamonn Brennan.

To Jeff’s credit, I’m pretty sure he retracted his statement mere minutes after uttering it, but it doesn’t change the fact that the idea is out there, and the debate is beginning.  So let’s end it.  Do the Cardinals have a chance at usurping the crown from Cal?  In short… no.  The numbers don’t lie.


Kentucky’s 2011 class ESPN Top 100 Rankings

#2 Michael Gilchrist

#3 Anthony Davis

#7 Marquis Teague

#12 Kyle Wiltjer

Total = 24


Louisville’s 2011 class ESPN Top 100 Rankings

#32 Chane Behanan

#33 Wayne Blackshear

#73 Zach Price

NR  Ryan Taylor

#4 Quincy Miller*

#50 Duce Bello*

Total = (Hang on, let me get a calculator…) 192.  Plus the best we can assume Ryan Taylor is, is number 101.  So 293.
Which is more than 12 times the Kentucky class.  Which means Kentucky’s is 12 times as good.  Obviously.

Recruiting classes – it’s science.


I’m sure a lot of card fans will bemoan the usage of ESPN’s rankings instead of whichever one makes them look best (likely a list they threw together while waiting for their boys to finish.)  But the fact of the matter is, these numbers reflect the feelings of most every recruiting service.  The only Cat that is ranked much different across the board is Wiltjer, and at worst he is #25.  Only Quincy Miller is ranked ahead of Wiltjer, our highest (numerically speaking) ranked recruit, and Miller hasn’t even committed yet.

Not to mention Cal’s ability to make solid pick ups in the the spring.  Don’t get me wrong, Louisville is likely to get their best recruiting class of the modern era (if not ever,) but better than Kentucky’s?  Not even close.  Sure, they may have a bigger class, but like Pitino can be heard saying right before last call, “bigger doesn’t always mean better.”

Article written by Will Lentz