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On Liggins

There is a lot of internet chatter today about the status of DeAndre Liggins. This morning, Jerry Meyer of wrote that there were “rumors” of Liggins’ potential transfer, thus leaving Kentucky’s PG spot up in the air. Then a site run by Marc Maggard had a post from a poster (Marc has called me and said it was not him that said it) in which he stated (among other things) that Liggins has been handed over to the assistant coaches because of his attitude and his tendency to talk back to Gillispie during games and at practice. This has led to a mini-internet uproar about Liggins and what his status is at this time.

Here is what we know. I spend part of the morning doing some checking and from what I can tell, the rumors of Liggins’ transfer are false. No one associated with the team, or even Liggins’ high school and AAU group, say there is any validity to the rumor. Just for comparison sake, when transfer rumors come up, generally speaking those that I speak with will acknowledge their possibility. Here, no one has said that it is a likelihood at this time, so I am inclined to think that Meyer’s report is a bit off.

As for the report on Maggard’s site, I am a bit skeptical as well. While Liggins most certainly is known to “talk back” to Coach (if you will remember, I talked a bit about this after the Miami game, including an interaction that I witnessed), I dont buy the notion that Gillispie has handed him off to the assistants. In both games this weekend, DeAndre felt the ire of Coach Clyde on a number of occasions. Probably second only to Darius Miller, Liggins is the focus of a large number of Gillispie’s in-game comments and the notion that he has thrown his hands up in the air about DeAndre strikes me as being incorrect. I believe that Liggins most certainly has the strongest attitude of any player currently on the team and his relationship with Coach Gillispie is different than all others. But the idea that it is grave, or cant be repaired is at best, an exaggeration.

The Kentucky world continues to turn…..

Article written by Matt Jones