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Oklahoma State Becomes Kentucky Southwest


When was the last time you really thought about Oklahoma State? Was it when you were contemplating what school would hire our previous drunk coach (Sutton not Clyde)? How about when you were discussing the greatness that was Bryant “Big Country” Reeves? Maybe it was comparing the possibility of Jai Lucas to his brother’s Final Four run a few years back? In actuality, Oklahoma State has a pretty solid basketball tradition and its roots with Hank Iba make it one of the historical meccas of college basketball, even if that fact is not well known. While it has had its share of black eyes (Doug Gottlieb went there after he was kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing a teammates credit card), it does have a great gym and a home crowd that loves the game. So it is a place for college basketball fans to know.

But now Kentucky fans have another reason to follow the Cowboys. Oklahoma State is officially becoming the Kentucky of the Southwest (replacing the former title of Roswell, New Mexico which won the award thanks to a crazy night that Turkey Hunter and I spent there a few years back). While we were skeptical when they took the Sutton boys, Kentucky fans are certainly pulling for Madisonville’s own Travis Ford to impress T Boone Pickens and bring some big wins to Stillwater. If you believed Pat Forde (and it is your choice whether you should), you would have been certain that the Oklahoma State coach was the next UK coach after Team Clyde left town. Even if that didnt happen, Ford is doing a great job so far and his recruiting has been stellar…perhaps setting him up for the job down the line.

But Sutton and Ford arent it. Now we hear that Matt Pilgrim will likely become the next Cowboy according to a couple of reports today. Now we have talked a lot about “The Beast” on here in recent weeks and his departure from Kentucky has caused a lot of consternation among the internet fans. However two things are undeniable. One, Pilgrim has the body to become a star….his arms are the size of Pat Forde’s hair and he is extremely quick for a big guy. Second, Matt is a funny kid who is very engaging and good with the fans. While there have been off the court issues, Matt was great with fans before and after games last year and I find him to be a very likeable guy. I think all UK fans pull for his success in Stillwater next year.

And when Matt gets to Oklahoma, he will join another internet Kentucky legend, Marshall Moses as a Cowboy. You remember Marshall dont you? Easily the best recruit guest we ever had on the radio show, Marshall would wax poetic on college basketball, the Presidential race or do a Dick Vitale impersonation on demand. He was by far the most entertaining kid we have ever interviewed and to add to it, he can jump out of the gym. Since arriving at Oklahoma State, he has come off the bench and saw some serious minutes last season. He also has grown a mohawk, does thunderous dunks and seems to laugh during every possession. In short, he is exactly who we thought he was.

So next season when the Cats arent playing, it might be good to turn and see if you can find Fran Fraschilla calling an Oklahoma State game. If things had gone differently, three of their principle figures could have easily ended up here.

Article written by Matt Jones