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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

OK People…

…many of you acted like I was crazy when I invoked 8-20.  Remember that?

Well, this here’s a loss to San Diego.  Not San Diego State.  Not the San Diego Clippers.  SAN DIEGO.

And I promise, I’m not trying to throw salt into the wound.  That said–do you believe me now about how bad things could get?  Do you believe me now?

Consider this–this loss didn’t make the headlines on’s college hoops page, and they’ll put about anything Kentucky-related up because the traffic will be sky-high.  In other words, losses like these aren’t surprising anyone anymore.  That’s bad news, jack.

Anyway, this is all I want to know–keeping with the analogue to 8-20, does losing to SAN DIEGO seem more like losing to Hampton, Davidson or Ohio, as the Heels did in 2001-02?

On a positive note, this seems to be Billy Clyde’s method for rebuilding a program.  Starting off dreadfully and making it work on the back end.  Maybe this is just necessary bloodletting.  If so, just chill out and get ready for next season.  As I learned during the 1997 college football season, when my Longhorns were an absolute disaster, it’s easier to ignore your favorite team than you might think.

Article written by Bomani Jones

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