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Oh Yeah there is a football game on Saturday

Often I get asked if this blog is simply a basketball recruiting blog. The answer to that question is no, but I can understand why people get that feeling, as recruiting has been our big focus of late… much so that it is easy to look past the fact that UK not only has Midnight Madness this weekend, but also has a road game against LSU….a game that due to the oddities of the SEC schedule, does not occur all that often. However it is understandable that this game has slipped under the radar of most UK fans. For one, the chances of UK winning in Baton Rouge are virtually nil and this is the most important UK recruiting weekend of the past ten years…..thus the game will get overlooked.

But that is unfortunate because this is the first meeting between the two teams since the famous “Bluegrass Miracle” at Commonwealth Stadium in 2002. I still remember where I was during that game and the scene has stayed with me. I was working in Duplin County, North Carolina, doing some investigatory research for one of my clients when my mother called as I sat on a stranger’s porch in the middle of a farm. My mom shouted into the phone, “did you know we won? We beat LSU!!!!” Shocked (as I hadnt even bothered watching the game, I said, “really, are you serious?” And that point my mom went silent and she said, “Well…..uh…..the radio guy…..oh, I am sorry, it looks like we lost.”

Now if this were anyone but my mother, I would have been upset. But she is the same woman who has called me in the middle of numerous games of the past, only to (in my mind) jinx us by talking about how good UK is doing. The Duke-UK game in 2001 sticks in my head as she called singing the praises of Tayshaun Prince, only to have the effect of re-energizing pre-motorcycle crash Jason Williams (you remember him right?) into becoming unstoppable and helping the Devils win (after a highly skeptical call….and this was also the one game Rashard Carruth was good…..remember that?).

What does all this mean? Well not much. But it does mean that there is a game in Baton Rouge and if it was on television, I would watch it. But I cant lie. My focus is on Rupp Arena on Friday night. We lose in Baton Rouge….we can still make the Independence Bowl (Shreveport, I hope you are ready for me.) We lose out on everybody Friday and…..well, it wont be the greatest thing in the world.

Go Cats…….JeMarcus Russell stinks….

Article written by Matt Jones