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Not the Best Day Ever (and some news)


You know when you have officially become old? It is the day when you wake up to see a big snow/ice storm and are angry. As a kid, snow and ice means all things good… school, time for video games and the ability to have no care in the world and you sled down a hill to impending injury. As an adult, snow means downed trees, no power and increased difficulty to get to work. As a kid, snow is nothing but positive. As an adult, snow is almost nothing but negative. And that difference my friends is exactly when you know that you have officially become old….and I admit it is a bit depressing.

I thought of that today as I woke up on what has to be a pretty miserable day throughout the Bluegrass. I woke up shivering in an apartment in the Highlands, without power and with the sinking realization that it may be some time before I am certain to see Rock of Love Bus again. I went to my car, covered with ice, drove to the gas station….ran out of gas (I am not kidding) and decided that it might just be better to go home and go to bed. Because my house is cold, I found my way over to a lucky lady’s apartment, which will be official “Makeshift KSR Headquarters” for the next few days. If you need me, dont call.

But its not just the ice that has down. The game last night was pretty chilly too. As Coach Gillispie said to Tom Leach afterwards, “we got whipped” and that was most certainly the case. The Cats looked poor on both sides of the floor, but their offense did manage to put up 80 points despite Jodie Meeks worst game of the season. The problem however was on the defensive end, where the Cats were beyond atrocious. Allowing 14 offensive rebounds, that led to a number of key baskets at crucial times, the Cats got outhustled and outschemed on the defensive end, causing a loss that is embarassing to a team trying to gain national prominence. Ole Miss plays the style of offense that Gillispie’s system has shown to have problems with, the spread the floor, drive and kick out for threes variety that causes UK’s double-teams to give up open, outside looks. Ole Miss hit many of those looks, rebounded the ones they missed and now the Cats stand 5-1 in conference, as South Carolina comes a callin’ next week.

Having said that, the loss is by no means the end of the world. Those that thought UK was going to go undefeated in the SEC were deluding themselves anyway. As the conference season started, I saw the Cats as a 13-3 team, with losses at Florida, at Tennessee and then one of the group of (South Carolina, Vandy and Arkansas). The Cats stole one in Knoxville and have now dropped one in Oxford, which still evens out and puts UK on track to reaching their potential. The next three are at home, are all winable and the Cats will be in first in the SEC if they take care of business. Enough said. There were problems in Oxford, but the Cats will only face one more team that plays that style (South Carolina) for the rest of the conference season. Hopefully adjustments will be made.

As for the rest of the week, the loss and the snow/ice have caused a blip in our end of the week big news. We are ready to announce that beginning tomorrow, EVERY THURSDAY AT NOON, WE WILL HAVE A NATIONAL OR LOCAL SPORTS FIGURE FOR A LIVE BLOG CHAT WITH THE FANS HERE ON KSR. The big news was going to be the announcement of the individual who would be kicking off the festivities…..that guest has now been postponed to next week….but trust me, you will think its worth it. We will open the series up tomorrow with GREGG DOYEL OF CBS SPORTSLINE who will take questions from the KSR staff and the fans on a live blog chat beginning at 12 NOON here. HE told me to tell the fans to “bring it” and he is ready to get down with the UK folks. Next week will be our big guest, and then in future weeks, we will have former UK players, national columnists and local media, all to talk the Cats with the fans. I expect it to be a great addition to the site and something that folks will really like.

So Gregg Doyel tomorrow at noon, big guest next week. Get ready…..and someone turn my power on.

Article written by Matt Jones