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Not Jerry Tipton’s Friday Basketball Notebook


We’re still a few months from the start of the season, but there is always something going on with the Kentucky basketball program. Whether it’s meaningless exhibitions, trying to figure out how to replace one group of freshmen with another group of freshmen, or Coach John Calipari walking away from his job in order to be the coach of a national team of a country he’s not even from, something is always going on. To stay apprised and educated, you’d be well-advised to follow me on Twitter @NotJerryTipton. Here’s the weekly notebook:

*Putting Shame In Your Game: On Monday, the Domincan Republic national team — coach by John Calipari — whipped a team made up of former Kentucky players, 106-88. Though some fans expressed a degree of surprise at the outcome, a closer inspection reveals the final score wasn’t exactly a shocker. Put simply, the UK Pros were out of shape. And while the Rupp Arena crowd seemed to enjoy itself for the most part, you have to wonder if the lack of conditioning on the part of the former Wildcats was something that Calipari saw coming all along. Consider: Of all times to play this game, why did Coach Cal all of a sudden decide to play in August, when he knew NBA players would be out of shape? Moreover, why did he just happen to pick a time that coincided with the NBA lockout? There hasn’t been a work stoppage in the NBA in 12 years, yet Calipari suddenly decides it would be a good time for his team to play a full court game with a group of players who aren’t working? And on the Monday following DeMarcus Cousins’ 21st birthday party, no less? Kaboom, indeed.

*Lighten Up: At the outset of the game Monday, UK backers in Rupp Arena booed lustily when Dominican team members Al Horford, Francisco Garcia and Edgar Sosa were introduced. Though many had hoped before the game that there wouldn’t be any such instances of over-the-top partisanship, the announcement of the starting lineups left no doubt what kind of fans were in attendance: Xenophobes. Apparently, UK supporters are frightened by people who look different than them, and who have “funny sounding” names, and who speak a different language. One would think that with a black president in the White House, we would have gotten past such ugly and outdated attitudes, but sadly, one would be wrong. True, Eloy Vargas was greeted with cheers, but this was apparently because the Kentucky fans in attendance were confused, and assumed that he no longer played for the Cats. Accordingly, they rejoiced in a hateful display of enthusiastic applause. If Vargas doesn’t end up being a star for next year’s UK team, Kentucky fans won’t have anyone to blame but themselves.

*Gratitude: Calipari’s Domincan team, propelled by the play of Horford, Garcia and Sosa, swept the team of former UK players, who were coached by Joe B. Hall and Denny Crum. The main lesson learned from the two exhibition games was one that was no doubt a bitter pill for Kentucky fans to swallow: Rick Pitino and Billy Donovan are better at developing players than John Calipari. How else to explain the fact that not even a couple of living legends like Hall and Crum were able to coax a single win from a roster full of players who learned their trade under Coach Cal? Clearly, the lessons Horford learned from Donovan, and those Garci and Sosa were taught by Pitino, were instrumental in the Dominicans’ wins. The DR team ran a cohesive offense, they played together, and they put forth great effort. Who else would get credit for that besides Pitino and Donovan?

* On this date: On this date in 1948, the US won the Olympic gold medal in basketball with a roster that featured five Kentucky players and Adolph Rupp as an assistant coach. Big deal, though, because the rest of the world sucked in basketball back then.

Article written by Not Jerry Tipton

21 Comments for Not Jerry Tipton’s Friday Basketball Notebook

  1. NC cat
    12:24 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    ” One would think that with a black president in the White House, we would have gotten past such ugly and outdated attitudes, but sadly, one would be wrong”
    In case you haven’t noticed that particular situation has polarized racial bias more than anything in decades………stick to sports.

  2. Sarcasm
    12:29 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    1. Please allow me to introduce myself.

  3. Comedy/ Satire
    12:32 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    1. You’re simply too far below us for an introduction.

  4. JC
    12:48 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    Jerry Tipton is a clown..!! complete hater, such a joke, really.!!!

  5. Rockfield, KY
    12:53 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    1. Thank you for that.

    –>NJT, as always, gold!

  6. Sarcasm
    12:55 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    #1, seriously. Do you know who I am?

  7. bung
    1:01 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    well…at least we aint talking about looavul…

  8. knightynight
    1:19 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    Sure, I’ve been called a xenophobe, but the truth is, I’m not. I honestly just feel that America is the best country and the other countries aren’t as good. That used to be called patriotism. -Kenny Powers

  9. Nookie
    1:26 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    2- I don’ think he gets either of us.

  10. Matt from Richmond
    1:36 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    You, whomever you aren’t, are my favorite writer on the site! I’m pretty sure I don’t laugh any harder during the day than after reading your post! Keep up the good work. You’re also Pat Forde’s favorite as well, or so I’ve heard.

  11. the ghost of Bill Hicks
    1:46 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    NJT is such a great gimmick…..can we expect to see an appearance by Not Pat Forde?

  12. tuckie
    1:48 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    Although a fake, I don’t like this guy and will not read him!!!

  13. tuckie
    1:49 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    Although a fake, I don’t like this guy and will not read him!!! Its a free country!!!!!!

  14. GoesTo11
    1:53 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    10/ Matt from Richmond. The only thing better is reading the comments from people that don’t get it. Great job NJT.

  15. chones
    1:56 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    Excellent post.

  16. Saul Smith
    2:39 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    what what

  17. capnmonkey
    4:08 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    Think about how much better the comments would be if people didn’t rush in here to help out the ignorant?

  18. Jennifer
    7:16 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    This article or notes or whatever the heck it is by NotJerryTipton STINKS. And how dare anyone undermine the accomplishments of the 1948 Gold Medal team? That was the original Fabulous Five! THE Fab Five. They did what will never been done again, win the NCAA Championship and a gold medal with the same starting five. It was one of, if not, Kentucky’s best teams of all-time. What are you doing writing this garbage on a UK basketball site. Get outta here!

  19. catnuts
    7:36 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    My only problem with Not Jerry Tipton is there are a lot of young recruits out there who has no idea who Jerry Tipton is and has no idea that this is a sarcastic commentary. They will take these words as spoken,just as number 1 did. I thought it was cute at first but rarely even read his post any more.

  20. Hoosier Wild Cat
    10:56 pm August 19, 2011 Permalink

    Jerry, you should run for Governor. With the way you can put a spin to suite your self you would be a shooo in. Not as good a O’ Bomb us but better than most. As always you are good for laugh. Go Cats.

  21. mattwildcat
    12:09 pm August 20, 2011 Permalink

    I am a UK fan from NY, and can’t believe this guy….yeah, you…Tipton…you negative piece of sh**….the pros hadn’t played together until the first game the other night at Rupp, while the Dominican team has been practicing together. Also, there were many different international rules in effect, that the Kentucky Pros are not used to playing under. So, your theory that Cal doesn’t do a good job developing players….and keep in mind that only 3 of the pros played for Calipari, for one season….doesn’t hold any weight As far as the booing…’s a sporting event for God’s sake. Take your liberal political view…based on emotion…and SHOVE IT….how dare you bring race into an exibition basketball game.