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No more Spongebob Squarepants

John Calipari knows all about Spongebob Squarepants; he used to watch the cartoon with his son, he told reporters this afternoon.  But Calipari thinks Spongebob is keeping his basketball team from reaching their potential.  He blames the show, and video games, for keeping his guys out of the gym.

Cal said today that he wishes his players would spend their free time in the Craft Center, trying to get better on their own time, not in the room watching reruns of Squarepants.

I think they’re about to get that message when Camp Cal begins next week.



Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

26 Comments for No more Spongebob Squarepants

  1. Artie Harbolt
    1:59 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Jelly fishing! Jelly fishing! Jelly fishing!

  2. kingrex
    2:03 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink


  3. John Calipari's Amazing One And Done Flying Circus
    2:03 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    The Spongebob = The dumbing down of America

  4. Heisenberg
    2:04 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    At least it’s not Honey Boo Boo?

  5. HumanKevinJones
    2:04 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I used to watch Spongebob when I was there age too, of course it was only because I was stoned as hell and couldn’t find my remote (it was stuck on that channel because I was watching Sanford & Son reruns the night before when Nick turned to Nick at Nite before it got it’s own channel). Maybe they’re high too?

  6. Mack
    2:05 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I suppose he can not expect every recruiting class no matter the talent level to have all individuals being hard workers.

  7. Mack
    2:13 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I touch butts

  8. ky_99
    2:16 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    The Bengals are working out John Conner this week. Would be a great chance for the former Cat!

  9. Bordercollie
    2:24 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    It’s Bison, not Bisons, so know your enemy link below is an ironic link.

  10. UKGrad83
    2:36 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    @9 – Uh, no, it’s Lipscomb Bisons, but thanks for trying.

  11. Mack
    2:42 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    7) Funny stuff, glad your mother told you “but” she left out what she does best.

  12. truth
    2:52 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    this team just doesn’t have the desire of teams past….results are showing and will continue to. they are young but so was every other team. The losses to quality teams will continue all year unless they get their asses in the gym

  13. UKChris
    2:55 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    So clearly Cal has a problem with their individual work ethic outside of practice. Do they not realize playing basketball for UK is a full-time job?

  14. UKChris
    2:57 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    #12, I absolutely agree. I would assume the rest of the fan base does too, which is why the players were getting so much grief via Twitter, etc.

  15. Keep Coach Rock
    3:03 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Cal does this every year. Calls out his players right before “Camp Cal” about needing a leader and getting his team to do extra work. Last year MKG took the helm, and things worked out great. Cal always uses the holiday break to take the team from his and hand it to the players per say. Hopefully Harrow can grasp his role as PG, if he does this team could be good
    These players have a golden opportunity if they ever have NBA aspirations. They have access to a state of the art basketball facility at all hours of the day. I’m guessing Coach Oliver can help them with improving their bodies( I’m not sure how the 20 hour rule applies to the strength coach.) it’s all there for them they need to take it and run.

  16. theSkinny81
    3:06 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    14 – so you gave the players grief on Twitter, too, right?

  17. Keep Coach Rock
    3:10 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    #14 I think it disgusting that people took to these kid twitter with rude comments. These kids owe none of us anything. I know UK isn’t having a great season but for adults to go to 18 year olds twitter and trash him out. Grow up. I’m sure that had a positive impact on the team and future players. The BBN has the best best fans in the world but we all so have some of the worst. Coach Cal CAN handle his team he doesn’t need anny help from any of us. If we knew so much about coaching a team we would be coaching instead of posting on a fan blog. Myself included!!!!

  18. Keep Coach Rock
    3:14 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    #16 if he did I think KSR should post his IP address and Email account for all to see. Let him get a little taste of what those players got. We all like to come on here and voice our OPINIONS and stir the pot a little, but the ones who sent those messages to the players need beat down. They are stupid and make all of the BBN look bad.

  19. bluristhurr
    3:24 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    I think if they don’t want to hear bad things being told directly almost don’t have Twitter first and 2nd don’t accept everybody into your friends list for facebook.

  20. Keep rock
    3:44 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    That shows your a classless prick.

  21. Keep rock
    3:55 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Most except people to their friends list because they know how much UK basketball means to everybody. They do it out kindness to the fans. How many people have you heard complaining about how big a prick some of the players are because they wouldnt except people. I’m guessing you are one of the ones who left the messages from your answer, yes.
    What makes you a expert to tell these kids what they are doing wrong. Are you a UK coach? Do you know who isn’t working hard enuff or who is being lazy? Coach Cal is making Millions of dollars to coach UK basketball I don’t think he needs any of our help or he would ask.
    I also bet no one put their real names on those messages. If your going to make a comment about someone own it. I get on these message boards we all voice opinions and stir the pot no big deal, but when you go to a player directly it’s crossing the line. Grow up and get over your self. We are just fans we mean nothing in the gran scheme of things. All UK needs is our money that’s it.

  22. BlueFins
    4:16 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    SpongeBob is a good motivator: I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready! I’m Ready!

  23. Paducah Cat
    4:42 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Patrick star could play a mean power forward!!!!

  24. Insight
    5:48 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    Looks like its time to cut the cable to the coal lodge.

  25. UK Freshmen
    6:31 pm December 14, 2012 Permalink

    That’s the way Cal. Blame everything and everyone but yourself.

  26. TigerTail
    9:03 am December 15, 2012 Permalink

    #25 Well THAT is what he did at U-Mass and Memhis……”I know NUSINK!!”
    WHAT makes you think UK will be ANY different??