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Nick Calathes is goin’ Greek


Florida’s Nick Calathes will leave tomorrow for a trip to Greece to work out, and possibly compete, with the Greek Olympic team. Embracing his roots, I suppose—good for him.

Huh? Oh, I just did a touch of research. Apparently, Nick was born in Winter Park, Florida. I guess his parents are from Greece.

What? Oh, nevermind. They’re not. Well, according to the article, Nick had a strong and touching bond with his grandfather, so that’s why he’s playing for Greece, to honor his memory.

Excuse me? His late grandfather was born in New York? As it is, Calathes’ earliest relative to actually live in Greece was his great-grandfather, who emigrated to the U.S. in the early 20th century.

It turns out that Nick is about as Greek as I am, and I never even paid my fraternity dues—don’t tell anyone that. I don’t really know much about obtaining dual citizenship, but apparently it’s about as easy as getting a passport, as Calathes has already done both. Not that I care, really. In fact, I am really hoping that Nick makes the squad so that I can watch him get slapped around by the mighty Americans. Or at least the mighty Argentinians.

I find Calathes absolutely impossible to like. From his on-court demeanor, to his crybaby antics and the subsequent babying he receives from Billy Donovan, I can’t help but dislike him immensely. In addition, he maintains the spiky-gel look that only a skank-hot South Floridian chick could love—and I’m sure he gets plenty of the platinum blonde, glittery, sticky-looking, stripper-esque tail.

If for no other reason, check the article out because his grandfather seems to have been a seriously righteous fella.

Calathes going for the Greek team (Gainesville Sun)

Article written by Evan Hilbert