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NFL Draft Profiles: Danny Trevathan and Winston Guy Jr.

Time flies. It seems like yesterday Danny Trevathan and Winston Guy Jr. were begging Coach Phillips to wear these black uniforms in Commonwealth Stadium. Fast forward a couple of months and these guys are a week away from being on someone’s NFL roster. I’m sure its a great feeling to achieve a lifelong dream, and they are about eight or nine days from doing so. Both Guy and Trevathan have taken after-combine visits to teams interested in their services. Trevathan visted the Seattle Seahawks about two weeks ago and Guy Jr. visited the Philadelphia Eagles in late March. Now that doesn’t mean that they are limited to those teams. Scouts and coaches could have been sold on their talent by the end of the UK combine, or even the NFL combine. Combine that with the fact that there were a ton of NFL scouts at UK’s pro day and not a lot of talent that their respective positions in this draft and you’ll have some league-wide interest for both players. Here are the draft profiles for these guys from their future employers at

Winston Guy Jr:


Danny Trevathan:


I predicted where these guys would be drafted a couple of months ago, and I’m sticking to it in case I’m right (probably won’t be). From what I’ve read you can expect Trevathan to be draft in rounds 4-7, and for Guy as high as third or as low as  seventh. We will know for sure when the NFL Draft starts April 26, 8PM EST.

Can’t wait.


Article written by Rashawn Franklin

9 Comments for NFL Draft Profiles: Danny Trevathan and Winston Guy Jr.

  1. mattius00
    8:18 pm April 18, 2012 Permalink

    Undrafted free agents.

  2. Big Blue 66
    8:22 pm April 18, 2012 Permalink

    thanks for really putting your rep on the line with saying drafted somewhere between the 4 and 7 round and somewhere between 3rd and 7th round……you obviously are the next Mel Kiper with that spread

  3. KY Lawyer
    8:34 pm April 18, 2012 Permalink

    I could give three Sh**s about UK football. We have the worst coach in the nation in the best conference in the country. He should let Cal recruit for him, couldnt do any worse. I figure we will go about 1-11. Maybe that will be good enough to get rid of the “Joke”.

  4. Hard Hittin' CAT
    8:36 pm April 18, 2012 Permalink

    the thing that bothers me about these profiles is how they seem to always omit the part where guys like Trevethan and Woodyard are superbly instinctive defensive players with an uncanny knack for making plays and leading the SEC in tackles for multiple seasons. Their ‘Weaknesses’ don’t describe the “BEST TACKLERS IN THE SEC” to me. Why don’t they give Trevethan some F’n props for what he really is?

  5. Mattingly
    8:57 pm April 18, 2012 Permalink

    The analyst nailed Winsto Guy perfectly. But was way too hard on Danny. The guy led the SEC in tackles for 2 years. Don’t use the word good, use great.

  6. staff
    9:00 pm April 18, 2012 Permalink

    Many of the weaknesses seem to be indicative of poor coaching…

  7. lol
    9:02 pm April 18, 2012 Permalink

    I’ve got all the love in the world for Danny and hope he makes it like Woodyard at the next level, but I’ll laugh my ass from here to New York if a team wastes a pick on Winston Guy and tries to play him at safety. Worst defensive back I’ve ever seen his junior year before Minter.

  8. wow
    9:36 pm April 18, 2012 Permalink

    Is the one on the right weezie from the jeffersons.

  9. 3 fan
    9:23 am April 19, 2012 Permalink

    How hard is it to try to write positive stuff about UK football right now? Is there anyone who thinks we have a DECENT year?