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NFL Cat Tracks – Week 16

No bigtime highlights this week from former Kentucky guys, so we’ll go with a clip of Jerome Simpson’s incredible touchdown flip.  Pro Bowl voting is now closed, so I hope everyone did their part to get Cobb, Stevie, Peters, Woodyard, Conner, and Masthay into the postseason game.

Alfonso Smith, RB, Arizona (7-8) – 16-23 loss to CINno stats…While there is once again not much to report on Fonzo, this was a very entertaining game, especially considering the array of Bengals fans in the Commonwealth.  The Bengals seemed in control and ready to win after shellacking the Cards to start the game.  However, in typical Bungles fashion, they allowed a late second half comeback.  Luck played into Cincinnati’s hands though, as a wide open Cardinals receiver tripped and fell on what would have been the wide open game-tying touchdown in the waning fourth quarter minutes.  The real highlight of this game was one of the greatest touchdowns of all time – Jerome Simpson did a full somersault over an AZ defender across the goal line, sticking the landing like his name was Shawn Johnson.  Jerome, when not dealing drugs apparently, spends his off-season free time at the NKU rec center playing basketball, where I’ve been lucky enough to toss him a couple jaw-dropping alley oops.  His hops are incredible.  This was a huge game for the Bengals, who can secure their playoff spot with a win over Baltimore this week! (Arizona is eliminated from playoff contention, however.)

Randall Cobb, WR, Green Bay (14-1) – 35-21 win over CHI2 rec, 22 yds…1 kickoff return, 34 yds…1 punt return, 8 yds…The Pack bounced back from the shocking loss the Kansas City last week by getting anice 2-TD win over the flailing Bears.  Kahlil Bell stepped in for his first start of the season for the Bears, and this game was never in doubt.  The Packers still look like the best team in football, but the Saints and Patriots are making their own case.  Cobb didn’t get much of a chance to do anything big this week, only targeted 3 times and receiving 2 return chances.  Apparently Randall Cobb 27.7 yard average per kickoff return is 2nd in the league.  Not bad, rook.

Tim Masthay, Punter, Green Bay (14-1) – 35-21 win over CHI 4 punts, 44 yd avg, 3 inside the 20…Beast.  Red-headed beast.  He got a few nice close-ups during Sunday night’s game.  Ladies will certainly be all over him and his Super Bowl ring.  Punts on punts on punts.

Stevie Johnson, WR, Buffalo (6-9) – 40-14 win over DEN4 rec, 92 yds…Wow, what a game for the Bills.  After weeks and weeks of disappointing losses, Buffalo joined the Patriots as teams to absolutely take massive dumps on the Fightin’ Tebows.  For the first time ever, god seemed to be a Bills fans.  I doubt that ever happens again.  Stevie picked up some nice yardage on only for catches, thanks to a monstrous 55 yard reception.  Gotta love this former Cat’s surprise NFL success.

Wesley Woodyard, LB, Denver (8-7) – 14-40 loss to BUF – 4 tackles, 3 solo, 1 pass deflection…The Broncos and Captain Woodyard took a big time loss this week.  I personally didn’t see this coming after Buffalo’s poor second half of the season, but Tebow’s plethora of picks didn’t help out the defense much.  Despite this game, Buffalo is eliminated from playoff contention while Denver leads their division and is primed for the playoffs.

John Conner, RB, New York Jets (8-7) – 14-29 loss to NYG 1 rush, 18 yds…The Battle of NYC took place this week, despite both teams sharing an arena in East Rutherford, NJ.  In what looked to be a close game at first, the Giants put their foot down and won in convincing fashion.  The Terminator pulled a very nice 18 yard run out of his backpocket, despite the loss.  The Jets remain barely ‘in the hunt’, while the Giants lead their division for the moment.

Jacob Tamme, TE, Indianapolis (2-13) – 19-16 win over HOU – 1 catches, 10 yds…The Colts win again!  Hard to believe Indy was able to scrounge up back-to-back wins this late in the season, but its at least a glimmer of hope for their future.  In a way, this could’ve been expected since Houston has never won on the road in Indy.  Despite the rumors surrounding the end of Reggie Wayne’s contract and Peyton trade speculation, the win was nice.  Houston is a talented team even with Shaub on the sideline.  Tamme caught one pass on two targets.  Not much, but we know Tamme is happy with the win.  While there will be no playoff the the Colts, the Texans sit at the top of their division.

Corey Peters, DT, Atlanta (9-6) – 16-45 loss to NO – 1 solo tackle…I truly thought this would be a much closer game.  Atlanta has been playing well, and they even had two separate first quarter leads last night…but then, the Drew Brees Show started and history was made.  As a Brees fantasy owner for the past two seasons, I’ve become a huge fan.  It’s hard not to like the guy and watching him break those records this year was a joy.  I’d buy that man a hand-grenade (or fifty) on Bourbon Street.  As far as former Cats are concerned, Peters didn’t have a major impact this game.  The Saints are playoff bound, but Atlanta is still vying for a wildcard spot.

Article written by Chris Thomas

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    9:50 pm December 27, 2011 Permalink

    BOOM!!!! first!!!

  2. Bigcat4453
    10:28 pm December 27, 2011 Permalink

    I believe UL’s team didn’t come out ready to play tonight. Down 31-10 mid way through the 3rd quarter!

  3. lldjr
    10:35 pm December 27, 2011 Permalink

    No Hartline stats ? C’mon man !!

  4. BigCuzforPrez
    10:37 pm December 27, 2011 Permalink

    2)uofl got screwed on the hit out of bounds on the nc state qb. the uofl guy was holding him up.

  5. secretagent0014
    11:12 pm December 27, 2011 Permalink

    The Jazz are playing the Lakers on TNT right now. Looking for the cleanest meanest Enes, haven’t seen him yet.

  6. secretagent0014
    11:13 pm December 27, 2011 Permalink

    He’s in!

  7. BigBlueSkyDog
    11:27 pm December 27, 2011 Permalink

    U of L just lost the Belch Bowl. Haha.

  8. Go Cats
    11:30 pm December 27, 2011 Permalink

    NC State 31 Ghetto Commuter School 24. And those tard fans in the stadium- what a bunch of ghetto scum.

  9. Ben
    12:07 am December 28, 2011 Permalink

    The falcons already clinched a playoff spot last week, along with Detroit.

  10. Tosis
    12:08 am December 28, 2011 Permalink

    Um, Peters also scored a touchdown off a fumble recovery. #fantasyfootballproblems

  11. Tosis
    12:08 am December 28, 2011 Permalink

    ^ nevermind…that was last week

  12. Toothless Temp
    7:57 am December 28, 2011 Permalink

    Another poor attempt at recounting what the NFL cats did on Sunday. Jones loves to call out writers who vote/write/comment on games/teams/players but didn’t watch them. Maybe he should look at his own writers.