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NFL Cat Tracks, Week 14


It was a big weekend for the former Wildcats in the NFL.  There will be a couple pictures of the celebrations by Tamme and Woodyard below, but let’s go with last night’s UK fans at the Monday Night Football game in Seattle, where Jared Lorenzen says it gets so loud that you get sick to your stomach.  And, once again, don’t forget to GO VOTE YOUR CATS INTO THE PRO BOWL!

Alfonso Smith, RB, Arizona (6-7) – 21-19 win over SF – no stats…Again, Fonzo doesn’t get a chance to show his wheels.  That’s okay, though.  His team was able to pick up a victory against the very-oddly-successful 49ers (who seem to keep winning despite mostly kicking FGs).  I know Smith would love to be in the game, but he’s certainly happy his team for a win.

Randall Cobb, WR, Green Bay (13-0) – 46-16 win over OAK – 2 rec, 45 target…2 kickoff returns, 33.5 yd avg…2 punt returns, 13 yd avg…Cobb didn’t get under center this week, but the Packers blasted another foe out of the water.  Green Bay has a nice routine going.  Another day, another cover, another dollar.  Then hit their discount double check.  Both of Cobbs reception were for major yardage, which is good to see.  Stud receiver Greg Jennings was injured Sunday, so look for Randall to step in and hopefully get a few more targets.  Hate to be happy about anyone’s injury, but it could be blessing for Cobb.

Tim Masthay, Punter, Green Bay (13-0) –  46-16 win over OAK 1 punts, 40 yds…Hey, he may be Pro Bowl worthy, but when you don’t need to use him often, you know your offense is getting the job done.  The Packers were only forced to punt once during this game.  They’re saving Tim’s leg for the playoffs, obviously.

Stevie Johnson, WR, Buffalo (5-8) – 10-37 loss to SD4 rec, 116 yds…While he didn’t strike gold in the endzone, Stevie was able to break the century mark with only four catches.  That’s a 29 yard average per reception, which is damn good.  It was highlighted be a beautiful 53 yard gain.  While I didn’t see all the passes, its disheartening to see Stevie only catch 4 passes out of 10 targets.  Fitzpatrick can probably take most of the blame, but imagine if Stevie reeled in a few more.  Unfortunately for his ailing team, the Chargers suddenly found some offense and crushed the Bills.

Wesley Woodyard, LB, Denver (8-5) – 13-10 win over CHI2 tackles, 2 solo…Team Captain Woodyard had the most significant play of the weekend.  As the game wound down and everyone thought Jesus had finally given up on Tebow, a stroke of luck happened.  Veteran RB Marion Barber made a boneheaded play by stepping out of bounds, saving Denver precious seconds on the clock.  Because of that, the Broncos were able to force OT.  The field position battle began well for the Bears, as they made their way into field goal range.  On a 3rd and 7, Barber took the handoff.  Wesley Woodyard was able lay a hit on Barber’s arm and force the fumble, recovered by for UofL player Elvis Dumervil.  When its all said and done, I think Woodyard gets this game ball for the game saving play.  Well done, sir.


John Conner, RB, New York Jets (8-5) – 37-10 win over KC no stats…The Terminator didn’t get any rushes this week, but he was involved in a noteworthy incident.  On their very first offensive play of the game on Sunday, the Jets had to burn a timeout.  It truly was a WTF-moment, and apparently Conner was partially to blame.  With only ten men in the huddle, Conner was still on the sideline and had to hustle on to the field late.  He wasn’t quick enough, and Sanchez had to call a timeout.  The Jets QB had this to say after…

“That was a little frustrating, and that just shouldn’t happen,” Sanchez said today on his weekly radio spot on ESPN 1050’s The Michael Kay Show. “That just looks bad, and it’s embarrassing for everyone on the offensive side, and that’s something that needs to be better. We’ll work on those personnel things and make sure we have the right guys in the game.”

Let’s hope that just means this won’t happen again and that it doesn’t mean less playing time for JC.

Jacob Tamme, TE, Indianapolis (0-13) – 10-24 loss to BAL1 catches, 13 yards, 1 TD…Dallas Clark made his return for the Colts, but Jacob Tamme still matched his reception count.  The big difference is that Tamme found the endzone, albeit on the final play of the game as time wound down.  Apart from being Tamme’s first TD of the regular season, it also meant the Colts covered the +16 spread against the Ravens.  Gotta love a nice ‘backdoor cover’, and it seems Tamme knew that..


Corey Peters, DT, Atlanta (8-5) – 31-23 win over CAR – 3 solo tackles, 1 for a loss…Peters has been quite the man about town, as we saw with him being chosen as Falcons Man of the Year.  He’s a popular guy throughout his new home, as well as in Lexington.  People only seem to have great things to say about him.  The same can be said for his team if they make this playoff push as the season winds down.

Article written by Chris Thomas

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    Something is wrong with the website guys, only your last 2 threads are showing up and it won’t let me scroll down past the Marquis Teague thread. Hope you can find the problem soon. Thanks

  2. BPsycho
    9:36 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    “As the game wound down and everyone thought Jesus had finally given up on Tebow”


  3. Clay
    9:40 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    How did you forget to give Wesley credit for the forced fumble on Barber that gave the Broncos the ball back?? Denver probably doesn’t win without it.

  4. Robbin
    9:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #3 Credit was given for the forced fumble.

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    same thing for me 1. does it all the time.

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    #5- Yeah, it does it to me from time to time too. I just hope they can figure out the problem and get it permanently fixed.

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    Same problem for me as #1. First time I’ve seen this problem.

  8. The Rich White Man in Control
    9:56 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Poor Louisville trolls…..what are they going to do now that the website isn’t working? Not like they have a life better than bummin’ off of UK blogs.

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    Problem should be fixed now, guys.

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    Its fixed now. Thanks guys

  11. Legs
    10:39 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    BREAKING NEWS: Whistle Guy is planning a reappearance at Rupp this weekend and will provide a big surprise.

  12. Coach Cal
    10:55 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Hey BBN! Just want to address TJ’s performance against Indiana. First, you need to realize that fans do not matter at all to me. You don’t exist for all intents and purposes. Second, I don’t discipline my players or enforce curfews. That is what it means to run a players first program. Lastly, I do not teach my team fundamentals of the game. I win games by overwhelming opponents with vastly superior athleticism. If that is not enough, then I will hit Mickie D’s for more burger talent. I know most of you care about the regular season and the NCAA tournament. However, the true measures of success at Kentucky are the book ends of the season: The McDonald’s All-American game & The NBA Draft. The season in between does not matter, just like you guys don’t matter.

  13. Gilchrist on D
    11:01 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I have been sulking over that IU loss, until tonight when I turned on ESPN and saw 10 loss Tubby sitting on his stool coaching. I immediately felt grateful and happy again about our team. Saul and Tubby days were some of the most frustrating, boring, and losing basketball to sit through for 10 years.

  14. Coach Cal
    11:11 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I love my guys!

  15. Coach Cal
    11:11 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You have to make plays!

  16. RidgeRunner
    7:01 am December 14, 2011 Permalink

    Yes, Woodyard’s play finalized the game for sure.

  17. Otherguys
    7:06 am December 14, 2011 Permalink

    This list does not include everyone. M. Pryor caused a fumble that was recovered for a touchdown in the Patriot game on Sunday, and I dont think you include him every week.