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Newton Not Letting Adversity Faze Him

I didn’t notice that hand placement until I started thinking of a caption.

Our boy Larry Vaught put the ‘droid down for a moment to catch some quotes from the football team regarding Morgan Newton’s journey into his fourth and final season as a Wildcat. Newton has battle ridicule from fans (coupled with praise when he did good things) and injuries within the past year. It surely had to be a struggle to see the biggest win of the season come at the hands of another quarterback, but it seems Morgan has kept his head held high and is ready to battle to be a positive factor for the Kentucky football team this year. Great to hear this news. All positive news from the football camp is great at this point.

Check out Larry Vaught’s article for more. Here are some quotes Larry gathered from football program folks for the piece:

Matt Smith:  “I think he has handled it pretty well. I know it is tough when you have an injury like that and it takes you out of what you want to do and gives you a setback. He has handled it maturely and professionally,” said senior center Matt Smith. “He is not going around complaining about anything or saying this or that about the team or taking down anybody else.”

He took a lot of criticism for us last year and handled it very well. He tried not to listen to a lot of the outside stuff that was going on and tried to focus on what he needed to do. But again, a lot of that comes back to us. We are going to be working on us up front so he can do what he needs to do in the backfield.”

Joker Phillips: “Physically, he looks as good as he has ever looked. He has trimmed down some. I know in May I was coming in about 6 o’clock and Morgan was waiting at the door for somebody to let him in,” Phillips said. “He is out there working with our trainers and doing all those things. I think that has helped him mentally.

“He has been to the Manning Academy working with those guys again. I think that helps him being around those guys and other college and NFL quarterbacks. Just understanding how to be a leader. I think Morgan is a leader, but sometimes I don’t know if he knows how to be a leader and take charge of things. That is one of the things he needs to be better this year to compete for this job.”

“I don’t know worry about Morgan. He is a mentally tough kid. He gets it. He is a smart kid. He is one of those guys on our team that made a 4.0 (grade-point average last semester),” Phillips said. “He understands the game. His dad played college football. He has been around great players his dad played with. All that helps him understand how to deal with these type situations.”

Interesting stuff here. With Morgan Newton, Maxwell Smith, and Patrick Towles in tow, there is a lot of heart and talent behind center for the Blue and White this year.

Article written by Chris Thomas

21 Comments for Newton Not Letting Adversity Faze Him

  1. Don't faze me bro
    8:23 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink


  2. Johnny3
    8:56 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    ” I think Morgan is a leader, but sometimes I don’t know if he knows how to be a leader and take charge of things…”- That has got to be one of the dumbest quotes I’ve ever read.

  3. Mr.Body
    9:02 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    I think he should be more concerned with that face placement.

  4. mattius00
    9:05 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    I have been very critical of Joker, and will continue to be because I don’t think he knows how to coach. The first thing he needs to do is cut the charade about the starting QB. He is going to name Newton his starting QB, he has already made his mind up and nothing Smith or Towles can do will change that.

  5. the Big Dog
    9:14 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    I am sure that Newton wishes things had worked out differently just as the rest of us. I wish him well and I think there will be situations where his running will help. However, unless something has changed (really changed- not just Joker’s imagination), Smith and Towles need to be in charge of this offense.

  6. JayCee
    9:20 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    1- as in fazed-out deductions or 3-faze light fixtures.

    In your phace!

  7. thenamerobdigity
    9:24 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    I respect Morgan Newton for sticking his senior year out. He seems to really like UK and actively recruited his brother to be a cat. He just hasn’t produced on the field.

  8. carnifex
    9:29 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink


    I don’t think Morgan will be able to play at full strength. Thank God. If he could, Joker would start him. And if he did start, half of an already anemic crowd would get up and walk out. I have never seen a higher rated player be so bad at his position. He should have been moved to somewhere else, and a real QB brought in.

    His ass plant last year against WKU was epic.

  9. wldctky
    9:34 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    if Towles does not start the 1st game… joker should be fired before the game is over

  10. Newton may, or may not, be a leader. But, he can not read a college defense and have a clue how to beat it.

  11. Jimcats
    9:53 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    Great QBs never look great unless those big guys up front give them half a chance. Our OL didn’t do that last season. This year we have quality and depth for the signal caller role– but somewhat green up front. Still the front will be stronger than it was last year, has to be. Give the QB a few seconds and the RBs a few holes and we can win 5 games, maybe even luck into a 6th .

  12. Jimcats
    10:02 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    Too, I agree with Johnny3 that Joker’s comment is just plain ole dumb—but then, what’s new!

  13. big tim
    10:19 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    i think he might be one of those player thats good in practice but when it comes to the games he not but who knows last year when he threw it right in there hands the wr would drop the ball but i like how the offense flowed when max was in there

  14. BBN Matt
    11:10 pm July 29, 2012 Permalink

    I think Morgan is a good kid and all, but he couldn’t even get a first down last year so he better not start or play this year

  15. bluesman
    12:51 am July 30, 2012 Permalink

    Let me see,Morgan Newton has’nt produced on the Field, I dont think Joker can coach, Smith and Towles need to be in charge,I think a real QB should be brought in,Newton cant read a college defense,Newton does’nt have a clue,If Towles does’nt start first game fire Joker, I have never seen a higher rate player play his position[ should have been] never seen a player rated as high play his position so bad,I would like to see your playing days or coaching records displayed on this website for all to see.go CATS

  16. Cats 100^
    1:57 am July 30, 2012 Permalink

    Nice bashing of Newton #15. Really sad on your part. The kid represents my team and the entire state. Go bash Tennessee.

  17. bringlarrycokertouk
    2:50 am July 30, 2012 Permalink

    everybody just needs to accept the fact that this season will be a disaster, plain and simple. what we need to be talking about is who are some possible candidates to replace the joke. it aint like my opinion or any of us cats fans opinions matter but i personally would love to see mitch go after larry coker, former miami u head man and current texas san antonio coach. for 1 he has a pretty good overall record at 64-21 and led the canes to back to back bcs national title games winning it all in 2001. he has great recruiting ties in texas and florida and would most likely bring a great coaching staff with him, possibly randy shannon and/or dennis erickson as cordinators. hes currently in his 2nd season as utsa who played in the fcs last year going 4-6 in the schools 1st season fielding a football team, and are now members of the WAC and are projected to win atleast 6 games in their 1st season as a fbs program. lets face it, hes prolly the most successful coach that we have a realistic shot at landing. he may not be a young coach anymore but hes high energy, great motivator and mitch has done showed age really isnt an issue when he hired rich brooks in 03 , and look how that turned out. he got fired from miami for having one mediocre season, goin 7-6. a 7-6 record here would be greatly appreciated, especially now!

  18. Beavis
    7:00 am July 30, 2012 Permalink

    Agree with number 11,,,,the O line is a big issue. Why would you want to put the QB of the future,,,Towles,, in behind a line with little experience ???? So you can watch him get beat to death ??? The QB is going to be running for his life,,, so try to throw quick/short passes,,,try running the ball some,,,the defense brings 10 guys up to within 5 yards of the line because we cannot back them up by throwing down field. Sounds a lot like last year doesn’t it ??? 2 wins,,,maybe 3

  19. ebell55
    10:04 am July 30, 2012 Permalink

    17 As a UK and Miami fan that is the dumbest idea ever. Larry Comer turned #1 ranked recruiting classes to 7-5 in a week ACC. What do you think he will do with 40 rank recruiting in the SEC???

  20. Beavis
    12:19 pm July 30, 2012 Permalink

    Would anyone like to comment on Jon Grudin. Pro experience,,,relatively young,,,,relates well to the players,,,won a Super Bowl. Of course,,,you are going to have to pay him.

  21. bluesman
    12:50 pm July 30, 2012 Permalink

    #16 Please go back and rea prv. every thing I said was in those prev. posts, in no way was I bashing Newton or any player or coach. If anyone might be upset it would be the ones bashing Morgan and Joker If you knew me you would know that I bleed blue alway have always will.