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Newcomer’s Biggest Impact? Swagger.

Before the great server crash of August ’13  I asked the questionHow Impactful Can The New Guys Be?  Well today the folks over on the CatScratches blog took a look at the impact they’ve made before ever taking the field. Instilling confidence. It isn’t just one or two guys who have been infected with what scientists can only describe as “swagger”. This phenomenon is team wide. Here’s what they had to say:

All of us have our own different personalities we bring to the table,” cornerback Jaleel Hytchye said on Media Day. “As a collective group, we all have the same goal: We all came here to win.”

With that shared interest in mind, Stoops’ first class has bonded. Where one UK newcomer goes, others will follow, whether it’s to the weight room, the fields at Nutter Training Facility for drills or just to hang out.

“That’s a good thing, because everybody wants to stay together in this class,” Alexander Montgomery said. “With Stoops and the new staff, we want to bring something new here. If we’re all apart, we can’t be a team. If we’re together, we can build that team.”

Montgomery’s words reflect another characteristic shared by the UK newcomers: confidence. They understand the work that lies ahead for them, but they are unwavering in their belief that the “process” Stoops emphasizes constantly will lead to results.

“We all have to come out with the right attitude,” Montgomery said. “It’s all about attitude. If you don’t have the right attitude, you shouldn’t come to practice at all.”

After the past few years of doom and gloom that new attitude is a welcome change. Before you would look at the team and say “We’re Kentucky.” With a pained sigh. Now you can look out at the team and the future and say “We’re Kentucky” Football is exciting with a real chance to build something special for the first time in my lifetime. Even though it may never come to fruition it is fun to stick your chest out and have that winning mindset. It truly is a new day for Kentucky football.

[Newest Cats have confidence In Common]

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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9 Comments for Newcomer’s Biggest Impact? Swagger.

  1. BigBlue
    10:47 pm August 6, 2013 Permalink

    Alex Montgomery will be a great receiver for us. People here in Florida know how underrated he was. He did well against top competition. Blue will be great this year too. I hope Ryan can bridge the gap this year, but it will be more difficult for him. He did not play against quality competition in high school.

  2. Bobbum man
    10:54 pm August 6, 2013 Permalink

    Good article hopefully if we have a rough year they can keep their heads up, not gonna be a 1 year change like basketball

  3. SeaCat
    11:03 pm August 6, 2013 Permalink

    Swagger? More like stagger!
    SEC is NFL…

  4. UK Freshmen
    11:23 pm August 6, 2013 Permalink

    Lookin’ like Teddy will have a Heisman Day with the Cats. Yahtzee!!

  5. UK Freshmen
    11:25 pm August 6, 2013 Permalink

    A winning mindset with only two wins? Maybe? Yahtzee!!

  6. awaiting moderation
    11:57 pm August 6, 2013 Permalink

    4} either win your joke of a conference outright, or consistently beat UCON before coming here to talk shit…

  7. rj
    6:00 am August 7, 2013 Permalink

    are you and teddy dating, I bet your just his type, white, little, and male.

  8. dave
    7:04 am August 7, 2013 Permalink

    “Even though it may never come to fruition”

    That, in a nutshell, is what was wrong with Joker Philips. He never believed that he could do it.

    Stoops doesn’t have that issue.

  9. Ty
    9:29 am August 7, 2013 Permalink

    Remember that picture, that number, and Timmons for he is gonna be a special special player guys. I have coached many D-1 players, and I played against Craig Yeast for 4 years and was the corner assigned to cover him. Ryan Timmons is the most explosive athlete I have ever seen in person. Although it’s tough for any freshman to shine, whenever Ryan’s time comes, he WILL be remebered alongside Randall Cobb and Craig Yeast.