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New James Young highlights

With all the malaise surrounding the football program, sometimes you just have to lose yourself in some basketball highlights. Today’s highlights come to us courtesy of James Young, the talented 2013 shooting guard who is considering the Cats, along with Arizona, Kansas, Michigan State and Syracuse. Young and his family are currently finishing up in-home visits, with Cal stopping by on September 15th and Bill Self and his awesome hair piece dropping in last week.

After all the visits are over, Young will schedule official visits, and his high school coach says he will definitely come to see the Cats. He’s said in the past that he would have no problem playing on the same team as Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle and the Harrison Twins.

Yes, please.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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27 Comments for New James Young highlights

  1. Pioneer
    10:43 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Didnt Matt say that JY didn’t have that great of “bounce” or that he didn’t stand out over other players after he saw him at the Peach Jam? Well Matt these highlights look pretty bouncy to me. Young sails through the air on multiple dunks and reverse finishes, as well as dropping a couple nice dimes. His jumper is smooth with solid range and from these highlights looks like he does something Cal loves, and that’s play above the rim! I sure hope we can land JY along with our other targets, twins, randle maybe a wiggins. Either way, these highlights continue to show that while Matt may be the law dog around these parts, his basketball talent evaluation skills are amateur at best.

  2. 84Cat
    10:43 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Can you say Doron Lamb? Awesome!

  3. RIP Mel Turpin
    10:44 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Is that Doron’s little brother? Love the nappy boy. For a shooting guard, he sure dunks a lot.

  4. I Say
    10:49 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    I hope he commits soon and then all of the pieces start to fall in place.

  5. UKBlue1!
    10:52 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    I hope half the hype about the 2013 class is true. I see a couple of players from this team returning next year. The Cats should be in position to hang #9 in 2013-14 season.

  6. that guy
    11:11 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    1) While Young does throw a few home, he’s far from having “elite” athleticism. He’s far more Doron Lamb than he is Eric Bledsoe, John Wall, or MKG. Nothing against the kid as I love his game and hope he becomes a Cat, but it’s not elite hops that make him great.

  7. barn
    11:24 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    5–you mean #10

  8. Typical BBN Guy
    11:27 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    “This guy is a LOCK for UK… because Drew Franklin said so.”

  9. Pete
    11:28 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    3) Did you just call him nappy? wtf…

  10. Pioneer
    11:29 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    #6 I never said Young has “elite” athleticism. My critique was of Matt’s evaluation. There is only one Jimmy Wall and likewise for MKG. Mr. Young has plenty of bounce and athleticism. Our elite athletes for this class will be Wiggins or JR. You gotta have other talents other than elite athletes. I like the Doron Lamb comparison, but Young is at least 3 inches taller and I cannot remember Lamb ever throwing one down in a game. Pretty safe to say Young may be a little more athletic than Doron, and that is not taking anything away from the nappy boy. I too hope we land JY! Go Big Blue!

  11. Bring em on
    11:36 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    His shot looks effortless. I like that. Dont think about it too much pull up and let it fly! For some reason i couldnt help but be reminded of Sparks shooting style

  12. ThatsAShame
    11:37 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    The coach reaction (probably to a lack of D) at 1:12 is awesome.

  13. Bring em on
    11:37 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Also. Thank you ksr for keeping me company during my history 109 lecture

  14. Devastation INC
    12:05 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    3) yes he did and whats wrong with that? That is what Doron himself called his own hair style.

  15. Devastation INC
    12:06 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    9) i meant you. The PC one

  16. Bryan
    12:18 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Love this kid, looks real good but I have one concern: Is this kid who has come out and said he wants to only play one year and leave gonna be alright sitting behind aaron harrison (assuming he comes)? I trust in cal, but part of me worries this could lead to chemistry problems.

  17. I Say
    12:23 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    #16 I imagine they would split minutes fairly evenly. Cal would find a way for him to get on the court some how

  18. Rich
    12:26 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Imagine Young and Wiltjer shooting those perimeter three’s and opening the middle for all the 5 star teammates? Nothing spreads the court like dead eye shooters!

  19. TeamNoSleep
    12:36 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    So he is a taller and more athletic version of Doron Lamb? Sign him up! He brings a different skillset that would compliment the other 2013 signees well.

    Randle & Wiggins will tear it up as slashers and post finishers. Harrison twins will anchor the backcourt and also attack the rim. Meanwhile, James Young and Kyle Wiltjer will drain 3’s from the backcourt!


  20. I Say
    12:44 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Young is a “glue guy,” does a little bit everything and does it well.

  21. Blueballn
    1:23 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Looks like a left handed Kobe Bryant!!!!

  22. tyrus
    1:24 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    With way too many “what ifs” for the 2013 recruiting class, a class KSR has hyped for months, I sure hope they’re right.

  23. I Say
    1:38 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    22 I hope so too. But after three years of watching Cal pull in the number one class, i can safely say im not worried anymore. Yea we may miss out on one or two recruits everytime but as long as we get the other three or four we’ll be fine.

  24. woody's barber
    1:40 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Young reminds me a lot of an Erick Daniels or Tayshaun Prince. Probably a little better shooter than Daniels though. I love his game. He seems like a smooth operator. Hope we get him.

  25. Jordan
    1:50 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    Cal does NOT like a specific type of player. He wants the best and that’s it. Wall, Knight, Harrow and Teague are all very different lead guards but what they all have in common is they all can play. What about our centers: Boogie, Josh, Davis and Noel all are very different. Cal takes talented players and puts them in a position to be successful on the court. That being said JY is a taller, slightly less athletic James Harden which is absolutely awesome. I stick by the notion that we will lose this entire years roster, including Willy and Kyle. We will also get 6 players (plus Willis) and a transfer or two. The only carry overs will be Jon and Jarred. Young, twins, Randle, Wiggins and either Gordon or Lee that’s what it will shape up to be. I love BBN!

  26. Your Prof.
    2:24 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    13- Pay more attention in your History 109 class. That way when you’re 30 and you wonder why you’re getting screwed by the government/corporations you will at least be familiar it, and it won’t be so shocking.

  27. UKneal7
    8:03 pm September 25, 2012 Permalink

    #1. While I think James Young is a great player I understand what Matt was saying. He isn’t the guy that will wow you out of the gym with explosive plays. I honestly see him as a Doron Lamb that dunks the ball. Smooth player that can do what he wants with the ball when he needs to. Will be a great pick up for the cats if he decides to come to UK