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Nets Interested in Coach K and Calipari


The New York Daily News has become the official “get the Commonwealth stirred up with its stories” newspaper over the last 48 hours. The latest is today’s story on the (soon to be) Brooklyn Nets’ wish list, which apparently includes Coach K and John Calipari. The story says that the Russian billionaire (who should now be a Bond character) likes K at the top of his list, but it also includes such notables as Calipari. The theory is that the move to Brooklyn, combined with the first overall pick and the potential to get Lebron, makes it a job that people will want. Of course that overlooks the fact that the Nets only have a 25% chance of getting the pick and Lebron may not come, but hey, we all have to have our hopes.

Two things this news points out:

1. The Nets are eternal optimists: Even though their last coach was a former Indiana student manager and they now are about to set the record for fewest wins in a season, the Nets brain trust are optimistic. They think they can get two of the best five coaches in college basketball to come and take over their mess of a team, and that shows the “can-do-it” spirit this country was built upon. I am using that same spirit for my upcoming call to Miss USA for a date to the SEC Tournament

2. Pitino is no longer elite: If this story showcases anything, it is that Ricky P is no longer on the top of the college basketball heap. Think about it….the Nets have Coach K and Calipari on their wish list. Pitino contacts the Nets and tries to get them to hire him…they decline. That shows the college basketball pecking order fairly obviously.

So what does this all mean for Calipari’s future? I would be shocked if he even fathomed going to the Nets for Round 2. But having said that, “Calipari to the NBA” rumors are going to be a part of life for as long as he is here. So we might as well just get used to it and remember…no one wanted Billy Clyde.

Article written by Matt Jones