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Need-to-Know Wednesday Looks Back!



As the sun rises on Kentucky Sports Radio’s fourth year in circulation, it prompts a teary-eyed reflection on the part of all the posters here at KSR. What a long, strange, trip it’s been. For those of you who have been supporters since the early days, the following extremely interesting tidbits will likely come as no surprise. But for those of you who are newer to the site, there may be facets of KSR that you may or may not have ever known. And though the crack team here in the NTKW office has been ingesting peyote since yesterday at 4:00 and kicking each other in the stomach as hard as we can, you should know we’re also introspective in our own ways into the many ways the site has developed over the past four years. We present some of our favorite moments today in a piece entitled Did You Know?: Kentucky Sports Radio Edition.


Did you know that Matt Jones initially grew the concept as a website devoted to Pepperdine Athletics? It was renamed and redesigned to feature the University of Kentucky after demographic research yielded the truth that no one cares at all about Pepperdine Athletics.

Did you know that Hubby’s frequent absences from the site may have other connections? Long time readers of the site may recall that Hubby’s writing participation on the site began to slow around the same time Alex Legion left the 2007-08 team. Could they be the same person? We’ll never tell! But no, they’re not.

Did you know that KSR contributor Thomas Beisner once spent a nightmarish night in a Peruvian jail after writing a scathing joke about Juan Manuel Vargas Risco? Thanks to some deft international law, Matt Jones was quickly able to find a legal loophole wherein Beisner would be released in exchange for precisely 725 of plantains, in accordance with the country’s laws.

Did you know that Fake Gimel Martinez is named so because he is an fully functioning robot built to the exact specifications of former Wildcat Gimel Martinez?

Did you know that Bryan the Intern’s famed “picks to click” are not his picks at all? He is given a list of approved items to share with this site’s audience each morning during a shadowy meeting with a robed figure in a Paducah parking garage.

Did you know that this site went through a period of readjustment in late 2006 where it nearly remained a website dedicated to fake-Southern-chef Paula Deen and her delicious and fakey down-home cooking?

Did you know that Kentucky head football coach Rich Brooks orders that each post on this very site be reprinted and delivered to him in a folder every morning with the words “a” and “an” removed by an assistant, because the coach can’t stand indefinite articles?

Did you know that beloved staff members Mosley and Evan Hilbert are both — unconnectedly — subjects of dual restraining orders by former Night Court star Markie Post?


Interesting, no? Perhaps these tidbits will serve you better in the upcoming months to understand just how and why this site maneuvers and operates. In the meantime, we all do sincerely hope you enjoy the content at KSR. We started it for our own tomfoolery, but since then have widened the net to include you, our family of readers, and we thank you for your support over the years.

We can’t think of a greater reward, to say thank you, than this:

Article written by C.M. Tomlin